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 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 7, 18 9:00 PM
I have an additional glitch since yesterday after the patch.

(1) Feeding Pets, (2) Treasure Chest in Private Room, (3) Slot Machine in Tirina's Room and (4) Fortune Wheel are not refreshing, i.e. they are all showing maximum refresh time every time I log on (e.g. 23 hrs 59 mins for the Slot Machine and Fortune Wheel).

I did not dare try to do any of the HOS in case they are always at 59mins when I log on as well.

Is anyone else having this problem?
 posted in Rainbow Mosaics: Treasure Trip 2 on Feb 5, 18 3:20 AM
I didn't get the bonus punch either. When this happened in the past, did BFG eventually give the punches back to the players after some time? Or do they just say, tough luck, and we lost the punch forever?
 posted in Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire on Oct 31, 17 4:14 PM
lvl 86 is a real nuisance. But keep replaying it and replaying it and replaying it and you will get pass it.

And the reward for that is lvl 90. This is what I call the "gold mine" lvl. If you want to collect coins by replaying a "rich" lvl, this is the one.

For Jewel Match Solitaire CE, there is a relatively "rich" lvl very early at lvl 6 which you can replay again and again to collect coins early. But for Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire, you need to be patient because no early lvl is good for collecting coins. You simply need to get to lvl 90. And before that, you need to get past the patience test of lvl 86.

Also, if you are having trouble getting the "20 card combo" Trophy, lvl 90 is the lvl to do it.

Hope this little tip helps.

Note - what I consider a "rich" lvl is where there are alot of ice cards but with no other barrier cards.
 posted in Jewel Match Solitaire Collector's Edition on Oct 18, 17 11:30 AM
Valdy wrote:
The Zombie Solitaire games are by Rokapublish/Rokaplay, which is a German developer, and this "Jewel Match Solitaire" game is by a dev (who is new to me), called Suricate Software.

I think what she meant by "these guys" is referring to Big Fish, rather than Rokapublish/Suricate.

All the Jewel Match Match3 games are Suricate. Suricate has their own splash page for their last few games already ... although it's true you need to go into the credits section to find their logo way back in the past.

And you can tell it's their artwork anywhere they go. Their artwork is simply way above their peers.
 posted in Solitaire Italian Trip on Oct 10, 17 2:11 PM
Has anyone figured out a way to get 3 stars for lvl 34?

Due to the cards layout and where the ribbon cards are positioned, there will at least be 6 cards left on the table when you take the last ribbon cards and therefore you can't get 3 stars. I suspect this is a bug in the card layout design for this particular level.
 posted in 5 Star Rio Resort on Aug 22, 17 11:46 AM
Valdy wrote:
No, you definitely can't buy other backgrounds or card backs with your coins. The person who wrote the review got that one wrong. I just wish that when they do get it wrong they would amend their review so as not to confuse other gamers who read it.

The solitaire tutorial popup that we are all trying to get rid of has 5 pages of instructions. Click "continue" until you get to page 4 and that's where it says you can use coins to buy card backs and backgrounds.

I was curious and I went to check the game folder. There IS a folder for card fronts and solitaire powerup animations. So it looks like the idea was indeed scratched before the game was released.
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 11, 17 9:19 AM
I wish I've recorded ALL the quests when I was playing . I started too late. And I doubt I have the stamina to play through the whole game again to record it.

Level 197 is not a digging level. It's a bombing level haha. I only had to use bombs for the last two digging levels. Before that, it was fine. I credit the minimum lighting radius for getting me through all the previous levels.

I was playing in relaxed mode. And I think what helps me the most was I ignored the horse totally. That saved me a lot of quest items to upkeep the horse and I never ran out of anything. The difference between a healthy horse and a dying horse is only 20 moves per level. In relaxed mode, that was ok. (I can stand a dying horse but I want all the board tokens ... guess we all go after different things .)

Not counting the Puzzle levels, I was able to badge all levels in first try. Except for lvl 98. That one took me 3 tries. It was finishing the resource veins in that level that got me.
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 11, 17 6:53 AM
After I finished the last digging level (lvl 197), I went and do the two Lantern Upgrade quests to see what's further into those two quest givers' quest chains.

Dermot's Lantern Upgrade is his last quest. So you definitely don't need to do it.

The mountain climbing lady still has one more quest after her Lantern Upgrade. And that is one more Oil Can! So the choice is yours. Sacrifice a 20% increase in light radius to get 10 extra moves for the digging levels OR live with 10 moves less but keep your light radius at the lowest.

Maximum Oil Cans available is eight. Three are from quests and five are from crafting (after you crafted your fifth, the shop will say it's sold out). That gives you a total of 80 extra moves maximum for each digging level. If you don't want to increase your light radius, then settle for 70 extra moves.

Personally, I won't increase my light radius for those 10 moves.
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 11, 17 12:48 AM
Here's the set of 3rd upgrades for resources:

3rd food - after finishing lvl 153
from lady who asked you to build the manor for slot machine

3rd potion - after finishing lvl 165
from old wizard who asked you to upgrade the forest and build a house at the edge of the forest

3rd stone - after finishing lvl 170
from Amadeus who built a house on the mountain top

3rd wood - after finishing lvl 184
from ranger in the woods who asked you to craft the first dynamite


Be sure to finish all the quests of the 4 quest givers above to get to their 3rd resource upgrades.

You can skip both lantern upgrade quests and still get all the resource upgrades. The lantern quests are from Dermot (4th quest) and the mountain climbing lady (2nd quest).

Again, the resource upgrades are not just for more resources. By this time, the only resource you really need is the potion upgrade to get powerups faster. It is for the final version of the resource board tokens that look absolutely lovely .
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 5, 17 12:50 PM
I found it. 2nd Stone Upgrade is from Dermot. His quest chain is: build moat > build tower > build wall. Build wall (his 3rd quest) is the 2nd Stone Upgrade.

I had 6 quests open which I did not do at lvl 110. I decided I must have the 2nd Stone Upgrade at this time so I picked 3 most likely quests to do. They are in order of the lvl they appeared: Dermot's 2nd quest, the Island Bards' 1st quest and the Dock Girl's 2nd quest.

After this, I get a new quest from these 3 quest givers EVERY lvl I finish. And the order they appear is: Dock Girl's 3rd quest, Island Bard's 2nd, 3rd, 4th quest, then Dermot's 3rd quest. However, if I did not do the Bard's 2nd and 3rd quest, Dermot's 3rd quest will appear after Bard's 2nd quest.

So the programme goes like this:

(1) Quest Givers do have quest chains and you need to do them in order.

(2) After you've finished a Quest Giver's open quest and you have gone pass the lvl of that Quest Giver's next quest, the outstanding quest will appear after you finish the next lvl whatever that lvl is.

(3) However, if you did it like I did, i.e. doing 3 open quests at once, the Quest Givers' outstanding quests will be given to you in reverse order, i.e. all the quests of the most recent Quest Giver will be given to you first and it'll work its way backwards.

So my advice is:

(1) Do the quests as early as you can so that you don't get locked out from the resource upgrades. Resource upgrades are not just for the actual resource. It's for the board tokens visuals too. I want the upgrades mainly for the visual upgrade .

(2) Build the moat and build the tower even if they look expensive. Because you need to get to Dermot's 3rd quest for the 2nd Stone Upgrade. From what I remember, the quests preceeding the 2nd wood and food upgrades are not expensive. So there's less of a chance you will leave those open.

(3) Exception to the rule is the Lantern upgrade quest. Do not do that one because you don't want a larger light radius for the digging lvls. So I am willing to sacrifice that quest giver's whole quest chain.

(4) The Island Bard's quests up to the 4th one are all expensive and useless so far. I'll report later if he has anything hiding deeper into his quest chain. If not, this guy can be avoided altogether.
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 4, 17 12:25 AM
What I am concerned about is, for example, a quest giver gives a quest at lvl 20. I did not do the quest. That *same quest giver* may have another quest to offer at lvl 40. But since I did not do the lvl 20 quest, the lvl 40 quest will not appear. And that may be a Resource Upgrade quest.

So my question is, if I do the lvl 20 quest at lvl 105, will the lvl 40 quest appear immediately afterwards? Or will I forever miss out on the lvl 40 quest and any subsequent quests that *same quest giver* gives before lvl 105?
 posted in Silver Tale on Aug 3, 17 2:56 PM
I am at lvl 105 right now but still haven't encountered the 2nd Stone Upgrade quest. The 2nd Upgrade quests for Wood and Food have appeared already.

I am concerned that I might have missed the 2nd Stone Upgrade quest since I didn't do some of the quests for Keys and Coins and that may have stopped the quest chains of some of the quest givers.

(1) Does anyone remember if the 2nd Stone Upgrade quest appear after lvl 105 or before? Or put it another way, does the 2nd Stone Upgrade come after the 2nd Upgrades for Wood and Food?

(2) If I didn't do a quest from a very low lvl and then do it like 50 lvls later, will the quest giver continue with his quest chain even if it is way past the lvl for his next quest?
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 27, 17 12:02 PM
Re: Pet Chest - Quest Item Drops

I can now confirm that the Bronze Chest drops 30 coins quest items. So the max value for quest items from the Bronze Chest is 30 coins and not 25 coins.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 11, 17 12:05 PM
Jenifer_Rule wrote:
One option is to NOT open the areas.

I always open a new HOS, but thanks to the puzzles I don't have to open all the Zoom Zones. In fact there are at least five that have been sitting unopened since the fifties (level 61 was such a bear).

I use pets or puzzles to get the item the character is asking for without having to fork over 10,000 coins to open that ZZ. Just jot down the names of a few high diamond ZZ items and with a 5000 coin egg added to the list, you should have the item you need after the diamonds. Good chance of winning it.

Glad to find someone who play the game just like me

I started playing MC when it first started (and went through the original version of the "Bow Figurine") but I stop and start for long periods of time, sometimes for over a year.

When I came back at lvl 31, Pet Chests have started bringing back quest items. So I did lvl 31 to lvl 58 purely with Pet Chests. Then when I came back again at lvl 58, Puzzles came in. And now I do all main quests with Pet Chests and Puzzles only. Currently at lvl 73.

I do "mortgages" of both HOS and ZZ like you do until a quest giver forces me to open them. If you're willing to spend some diamonds on the Puzzles, you can get cash from Eggs and re-pay the "mortgages".

Annelliegram wrote:
There are "boosts" that have been provided by the Developers that help get you through some rough areas ....but using the Puzzles, Amulets, Pet Chests and even crafting for profit.....will eventually slow you down because you will not be able to craft the items you need for lack of stamps.

Due to my special case of having played a long time, Stamps are not a problem for me. I have 1500 to 1700 blue stamps and white stamps stocked up.

I definitely agree this "alternative" method of playing the game is not something new players should try because they will bump into problems eventually. But if you're adventurous, you'll find it a lot of fun in its own form .
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 8, 17 2:49 PM
For the three times you need to do the Keys of Fate for the main quests, the 1st and 3rd time you can use pets or dice game to get the Destiny Keys. For the 2nd time (the "bubble" area) pets and dice game don't work.

So the strategy for the 1st and 3rd time is, don't do blue side quests. Wait till pets bring you up to 50 keys. Dice game (every 12 hours) and puzzles (every 5 hours) can also help.

The other trick is, minimize the blue keys you get from Crow quests before you get to the Keys of Fate quest so that more Destiny Keys are allocated for pets to bring back. i.e. when there are two concurring quest givers, do the Keys of Fate quest giver first and don't do the other quest giver yet. This way, the other quest giver's quest keys will count toward the next Keys of Fate and not the previous one.

The logic is, make the pets bring you as many Destiny Keys as they can. Since the pets will stop at 50, the lower number of keys you already got from quest givers the better. Do remember that this strategy doesn't work for the 2nd time (the "bubble" area).
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 16, 16 4:39 AM
After Christmas update:

Debbiemeg (who posted above) and me have our games kicked back to level 1. Our cases are similar. Played Christmas update smoothly for a while before this happened.

My game ID before and after are the same. So it is not the same problem as the Halloween event. I did get the msg that the save game file is corrupt before logging in and seeing the level 1 game.

Please make the dev team aware that this is happening again.

I have submitted a ticket to BF customer support. But I doubt I'll hear anything useful from them anytime soon. If others are having this problem, please post and let the moderators know the extent of the problem this time.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 15, 16 7:53 PM
My game went back to Level 1 while I was in game playing. I understand it is due to a corrupt save file.

What is the procedure to get back my old save game? It is a PC game ID no. 208717. Thanks.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 15, 16 4:42 AM
I know eggs for NEW pets come from (a) chests after finishing daily quests and (b) fortune wheel. But where are the eggs for the OLD pets from?

Also, does the airship drop any Christmas specific items at all?
 posted in Jewel Match Royale Collector's Edition on Dec 5, 16 1:51 AM
SynthpopAddict - thanks ... it was the screen resolution. I increased my screen resolution until I saw a corner of the "Rebuild" button jutting out from the bottom right hand corner of the screen, re-did my 1st castle and went back to my old resolution. I prefer a lower resolution for other things on my PC. But now that I know how to get the "Rebuild" button when I need it, I am fine ... thanks again for figuring this out for me.
 posted in Jewel Match Royale Collector's Edition on Dec 4, 16 10:24 AM
SynthpopAddict - there is no "reset" or "rebuild" button anywhere in the Wallpapers section. Perhaps they took it out from the live version?
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