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 posted in Lost Amulets: Stone Garden on Jul 4, 16 12:48 PM
There are mini games in Lost Amulets: Stone Garden which are rather nice and I have not seen before - such as bingo. But unfortunately it APPEARS you only get to play them when you are fortunate enough for the game to select them via the spinner.

Does anyone know if and how you can decide which mini game you are going to play? Some of them I just skip and hope once again the spinner will grace me with a game I want to play.

Otherwise this is a very enjoyable game.
 posted in Flower Fiesta on Jun 30, 16 9:43 AM
I really liked this game for the match in hand aspect and the strategy needed to do the requirements within a number of moves, until I came to the garden mini game. I read the directions and tried everything I could think of and with the exception of the rocks, never determined how to do anything. So the mini game for me is run out of time 3 times and skip.

Later when I was considering purchasing this game, I decided to redo the mini game of the garden and just gave up. I admit I still might purchase it as I like everything else but would someone please give me a clue with the garden mini game.

I see the blue print and assume the colors in the upper left corner are related to the colors "available" at the bottom, but I am unable to place anything anywhere except the rock path. I can make no other moves except rock path.

Thank you for your assistance.
 posted in Nonograms: Wolf's Stories on Apr 15, 16 6:14 PM
I absolutely love this game - very challenging in the logic but I have some suggestions for improvements. After you have played a few levels, when you sign back on you are told (for example) you have 50 of 60 in the first group, 40 of 60 in the second group, etc., but the individual levels are not identified. The first group is levels 1-20, second group is 21 to 40, but why not just label it that way? As one gets higher in the levels, it can difficult determining where you are. I already know they are at least 120 levels. When I complete 120, I will find out if there are more.

In addition, while you are on any individual level, they are NOT labeled. If you leave the level, and had not written down in advance what level you were playing, there is no easy way of finding out. ONLY when you complete a level do you find out the number of the level you just completed. I believe a needed improvement would be to label the level you are one while you are playing it.

Lastly, I assume the reason for some of the colors is for the picture at the end. But for me being able to clearly identify the colors while playing is more important than any picture at the end. And having colors that are difficult to tell apart just adds another level of difficulty that is not really needed.

I find that playing this game is much more challenging than the Fantasy Mosaics. While I realize they have a large following of players, if people tried to understand this one I believe they would love it also.

Thank you for listening.

 posted in Nonograms: Wolf's Stories on Feb 16, 16 4:18 PM
I wanted to point out an item that I have found very helpful in this game.

As with other games of this type, you can change color by clicking on the different color itself, normally in the right hand margin of the screen.

But often in this game, I find the colors similar and therefore somewhat confusing. I noticed thou I could like on the numbers at the top of the column or on the outside of the rows, and change the color that way. This is most helpful for me, as that is the color I am trying to solve for.

I hope this information proves helpful.

An earlier post mentioned do not try to play this game immediately after playing Fantasy Mosaics (which I agree with) but I found that after playing this game (and getting better at it) Fantasy Mosaics is much easier to play. This game makes you see all the possibilities on one screen - whereas Fantasy Mosaics separates each color onto it own screen.

GIVE this game a try and if you keep an open mind I think many of the players who enjoy Fantasy Mosaics will love this one as well. And playing either one improves your play on the other.

 posted in Hidden Clues on Feb 15, 16 10:41 AM
I also own virtually all the Nonograms that Big Fish offers and this one is not worthy of Big Fish in my opinion. While having more than one color is good, the colors are too similar to one another. Also the push pins detract from the game, the music is poor and the sounds need to be muted. Disappointed to read the story line was not much.

I suggest the Nonogram puzzle recently released is far superior. It does take some getting us to but well worth the effort.

 posted in Nonograms: Wolf's Stories on Feb 9, 16 8:56 AM

Why place this game under Card & Board Games And Fantasy Mosaics under Puzzles?? They are basically the same games with slightly different lay outs. But this just makes it harder for people to find others like them.

[Removed by Moderator]

I admit this game is harder then the Fantasy Mosaics but a great addition to the collection.
 posted in The Book of Wanderer: The Story of Dragons on Jan 14, 16 11:25 AM
Is it Possible there are two versions of this game?

I purchased this game in 2015 from Big Fish and I notice the game I have is different then the video showing (on Big Fish ). Several of the comments talk of items in this game I can not even do. For example, I have no "classic" or "arcade" mode.

From reading other comments in the Forum another player mentioned having more than one name, which I commented on in another discussion, I can not do.

After reading other comments in this Forum - I think the game must have been revised somehow to eliminate the two modes but made harder. Please see my other post regarding lack of strategy - game is often just finding any move - not deciding between the best of all moves.
 posted in The Book of Wanderer: The Story of Dragons on Jan 14, 16 11:11 AM
I purchased this game and after multiple attempts on all the levels - I FINALLY finished. I wanted to start over, but the game continued to take me to the last level. I know I could manually click on each spot & if I was willing to make my own "map" I could keep track of where I was but I (foolishly) decided to create a new name so I could start over. My reward was to LOSE my previous name & history entirely!

Now I need not keep track of my progress because I have literally started over.

The biggest frustration for me with this game is how often the "strategy" is finding any move - not the best move. Strategy to me is choosing the best of all alternatives. Choosing the best of multiple options. Often in this game those alternative are only for the first few moves of a level, after that the job is finding any moves.

And if you do not score high enough on the level, you get the "opportunity" to repeat the level repeatedly until you do.

I liked the idea of moving columns (as in Fairies) and no time limit in this game but the frustration level is very high.
 posted in Mystery Mosaics on Dec 25, 15 3:13 PM
This is almost the same as Mystery Riddles, which I totally enjoyed.

I like the "minesweeper" game much more than the pic-a-pix game. Big Fish has several pic-a-pix games (Gemsweeper is the best imho) but this is only the second fill-a-pix type game I am aware of.

I wish the different colors were more distinctive. IF any game developers are listening, if different colors are difficult to do. What about colors that have dots in them and colors with little squares in them and one that is just all color. In that way you could have like 3 different whites in one game.

While Mystery Mosaics might be a good addition, for the moment I will just rather repeat playing Mystery Riddles rather than purchase this one.

BUT please come out with an improved version and I would buy it without hesitation.

 posted in Gizmos: Spirit Of The Christmas on Oct 27, 15 5:13 PM
I just found this game and immediately removed the game cursor for the system cursor. Then I was unable to get the very first level to open. After trying several options, I removed the system cursor and played with the game cursor and was able to play. I hope this helps someone else.

The times are very difficult for this one and I consider myself rather good at these.

I still wish someone would come out with another Gemsweeper, which I consider the best of these games. As for the Gizmos games, I believe Universe is the best of the 3.
 posted in The Adventures of Perseus on Apr 4, 15 8:29 AM
Very early in the demo there is a mini-game of matching symbols in the sand - which at first looked like a pleasant difference from other match 3 games but quickly turned to a total annoyance.

I was able to get the very first one right - period. I am 100% certain after getting the second and third wrong repeatedly where the correct answers were in the sand, but was never able to get the mini-game to agree with me. Even if you click on the same symbol for every question - and do it with every symbol - eventually even a blind monkey would get one right. Not true. I wasted almost 10 minutes of my demo on this stupid game.

Eventually I skipped it - but left me with a very bad taste. IF this is a mini-game this early in the demo, I could only expect it is going to get worse.

Then you find the instructions a very light font color on a light background, very difficult to read for these old eyes and that was enough to decide forget this. It might be a great game but too much effort and Big Fish has so many other games to offer. Even as a daily special - not interested.

It appears from the screen shots that one of the mini games was "picture differences" which I truly enjoy so disappointed overall.

 posted in The Adventures of Perseus on Apr 4, 15 8:18 AM
At the very beginning - under options - you have your choice of playing without a timer, with a timer and normal difficulty (explained at the bottom of the option) or difficult (longer hint recharge and unable to skip items.) Hope this helps.

I believe you can change these levels after begin, but I did not attempt that.
 posted in Elven Legend on Mar 9, 15 2:41 PM
For those of you who have obviously played this game - can some one tell me what the two icons at the bottom of the screens do please. One apparently adds a second player for a limited amount of time. I mention this primarily so you now know what two icons I am referring to.

My question is what does the second icon do? I was hoping it might make the workers run quicker but that does not seem to be the case. I have yet to determine what it does. The games "help" is exceptionally limited.

Thank you for the help.
 posted in Undiscovered on Feb 2, 15 10:47 AM
This is the $2.99 special for February 2, 2015 & even for free I would not want this game.

The TM building part of the game is a joke and early in the demo is a hidden object rock thing (?) where I am wasting my demo time waiting for the skip bar to fill - I am suppose to find something to fill the eye holes I assume but the hint takes too long to refill also. I could over look the hidden object portion if the rest was ok but to waste your demo for a "take too long" skip button is just plain silly.

I admit my "review" is based only on the demo but I suspect the reason the other folders are locked is management does not want any review for this game.

Save you funds - do not even bother to demo this game.
 posted in Starlaxis: Rise of the Light Hunters on Dec 24, 14 1:12 PM
I was told if I loved Puzzle Quest I might find this game interesting.

But I was sadly disappointed. The Sound effects might be ok for a child, but the game is too complicated for a child, so that misses the mark. But the instructions are not very good and I found myself spending much of the demo trying to figure it out. While losing in the demo might be good to show the game can be a challenge, if you get stuck repeatedly in the early levels I can only imagine the frustration I can look forward to in the later levels.

IF anyone knows of an adult game similar to Puzzle Quest please send me a message. I own both Puzzle Quests and Galactrix (sold elsewhere) and spend my time trying to find another.

This game has so much potential but misses the mark with the Cartoons, sounds, poor instructions - I just lost interest.
 posted in Quest of the Sorceress on Nov 14, 14 1:25 PM
I want to compliment Valdy for an excellent review.

I own Puzzle Quest 1, Puzzle Quest 2 & Puzzle Quest Galactrix. All of which I find truly exceptional games & I believe Quest of the Sorceress is attempting to mimic these games. But because of all the flashes - it is difficult to see the effects of your moves and virtually impossible to see the effects of your enemy's moves. I was not even able to see my opponent's moves.

For me, the most challenging part of this game is attempting to figure out what if any strategy there was. There is no help and the instructions were of little value. I want to enjoy a game because I understand what I am doing and enjoying it. The struggle to understand what-the-heck the game is about should not be the only challenging part of the game.

Puzzle Hero is a good game, but for me Puzzle Quest was more of a challenge. If anyone knows of a game as "worthy" as Puzzle Quest for a Match 3 chess game - please PM me. I saw others mention Puzzle Quest in their reviews of Quest of the Sorceress so I immediately downloaded it, only to be disappointed.

To know why I was disappointed, please read Valdy's excellent review.
 posted in Fairies on Oct 30, 14 6:09 PM
I have been playing this game every day for months. Each time I start at the beginning, which might sound boring, but it is because when I finish forest and start mountains, the game is OVER for me. I have tried "continuing" the game from where the previous game ended (at level 1 in mountains) but losing ever game every time over and over is no fun whatsoever.

I really wish there was a way to add more time to the upper levels. Just a fun game that gets unreal difficult so very fast. I have tried the classic mode, but have yet to lose so I have no "high score" -- I can only guess I must wait until I get "no more moves" for the game to end. But that is not the point of my comment.

I believe that if Big Fish could modify this game someway -- a "Retired Person" modification so one could advance in the Adventure mode but with more time per level, I for one would be willing to BUY the new game already over again -- for multiple credits even -- just so I could advance in the game.

Curious why all the other discussion folders in the forum are locked? While I realize this in an older game, people still buy it and enjoy it. At least we can start new more recent discussions.

I know that Big Fish owns the rights to the game, as the original "developers" are now out of the picture. Thanks for listening.
 posted in BurgerTime Deluxe on Mar 6, 14 8:47 AM
I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I finish the game and then discover that my final score is not remembered. IF I run out of men on the last level, my final score is remembered. But if you complete the game and have a life left as if you are ready for the "next" level, the final score is not remembered.

Now I realize my version of the game was downloaded 3 years ago. I was hoping perhaps someone has purchased the game in the last year and now this problem has been corrected.

I realize I could attempt to reload the game but I do not wish to lose all my history.

Please reply to this post or send me a message.

Thank you for your help
 posted in Christmas Griddlers on Feb 20, 14 12:38 PM
I truly love this game and I own several of these type games offered at Big Fish but one thing I would really like to see the Developers fix or improve on.

Once you have selected a level - and you are now "in it" or playing the screen, you have no way of knowing which level you are on. IF you decide later you would like to play it again and you did not write down the level BEFORE you entered it - you may never find it again.

When you finish the level - at that time you can replay it - immediately after you finish it. But if you do not do it at that exact time, if you go to the next board or come back later, you have no way of knowing where you were. The lobby does not highlight which "ROOM" (or level) you exited - so once in the lobby or once you exit finding an enjoyable level again is rather difficult.

That was my main complaint. It is also virtually impossible to play a level without hints as almost always at the end of a "difficult" level you can end up with multiple places where the final few squares have a 50 - 50 chance of being in multiple places. I read another review of multiple solutions, and now I understand what they meant and agree. I tried to solve all the levels with no hints but for this you must use hints or the system says your solution is wrong unless you can get a 50-50 solution right multiple times.

Overall this is a very enjoyable game from one who still believes Gemsweeper is the best of these type games. IF anyone knows of another game that has the ARCADE mode that Gemsweeper has please send me a message - that is a truly amazing game but unfortunately stops after 12 (?) levels. In this ARCADE mode of Gemsweeper, as you complete a row or column, it is removed from the board and replaced with another row or column - adding strategy to the game as well.
 posted in Tiny Token Empires on Dec 25, 13 7:50 AM
The tutorial could have been much more helpful if it would help you when you got stuck. So often it would tell you to do something, but NEVER repeat HOW to do it. I do not doubt I might have read it ONCE along with a whole bunch of other instructions, but now if I am unable to figure it out for myself - I can go no further?

Never able to determine how to go back in the tutorial so spent the entire demo trying to figure out how to do things that the tutorial said once upon a time. I did figure out how to delete this game thou - shame because has the potential to be really good.

Suggestion - after get the same error message 3 times remind reader how to do the step. OR give reader the option of going back in the tutorial.
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