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 posted in Farmerama on Apr 11, 18 2:10 PM
fernbounce is right, next time post the answer to your own question. It could help other fishies if the read this tread.
 posted in Farmerama on Apr 9, 18 6:26 AM
The Bahamarama trees can olny be seen if you go to the BAHA island first.
 posted in Farmerama on Apr 9, 18 6:25 AM
The TODO daily bonus is just an announcement to let you know that if you claim all daily bonus, at the end of the month you'll get a specific decor element. Since we're playing through the bigfish game manager, we don't get to be directed over the dev's website (with the announcement). So it wasn't a bug, just something that you have to look for directly on the dev's website.
 posted in Farmerama on Apr 9, 18 6:21 AM
ocarinalady - the Moonlignt Event is something that is trigged by the moon, you're right about that. I haven't played for long, but I've seen the moonlight event started for short periods of 24/48h. I would suggest that you check the even calendar on the devs website (sorry can't name it here).
 posted in Farmerama on Mar 1, 18 7:43 PM
Happy to help - happy farming!
 posted in Farmerama on Mar 1, 18 2:17 PM
When you send an invite, you'll see their crest appear in your friends list at the bottom of the list. Their crests will be kind of transparent. Once they accept, they'll move up into the side bar depending on their level.

You won't receive confirmation that they are neighbors, only when you see their cress in full color you'll know they accepted. Even if you have the 17 neighbors at first, you'll still have a few rumbles in the meadow. There's a rune on the Tree of Wisdow that allows you to gain 7 more Neighbors (you will need those to completely clear the meadow).

You do not need to send them anything to help clear the meadow, it will happen as you get more and more neighbors. Someone that opens the meadow with already his 17 neighbors active will have it cleared.

Try finding the forum directly with the devs, there's a section where you can see people asking for Neighbors classified per day with some old payers looking for new neighbors or newbies that what some too.
 posted in Farmerama on Feb 18, 18 4:13 PM
I'm not so sure myself but I think that they need to accept your invitation to be neighbors for it to count. You can have a list of 30 people but if none of them accept your request I don't think it will help clear your lot. You'll need 12 neighbors to completly clear the meadow.

You can add me, I'm Northy. Maybe I can help you.
 posted in Farmerama on Feb 16, 18 4:31 PM
Just joined it, user name : Northy

I'm not sure how it works - it's a hit and miss kinda game for me. I'm not even sure how to gift or how to ask for gifts? Do we actually ask for something, or it's friends that gift us something of their choice??
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 27, 18 12:51 PM
You will need to cast speels to active the gate. If I remember correctly, you'll need to cast 3 spells starting with the earth one, fire and water. The gate will change color as you cast them. Once you're cast the 3 spells, you'll be able to talk to the shaman.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 25, 18 6:21 PM
kuz48 wrote:Am I missing something or is the last level 23? Looks like I completed every one of them but I am a little disappointed if there were only 23. Especially with all the jumping back and forth that you have to do. Let me know. Thanks

You are right, there's 23 levels + 7 bonus levels if you finish them in gold time (they appear with a star shape marker on the map) making it 30 levels in total per twin (60 levels in total for the 2 of them).

You'll aslo get one more bonus level for Hika-Ri and 2 other levels (24 & 25). The paths of the twins will cross but they do not play together.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 25, 18 5:53 PM
Akhi fire sign is actually the fire spell. You'll find the speel right under the time on the left side of the screen. Below it, you'll see a green arrow that point to the right. Click on it and the menu will appear, giving you the possibility to cast the fire spell. It will cost you mana to do so.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 25, 18 5:51 PM
The timer is on the left side of your screen. You'll see a green line below a sun dial. Right below that there's a green arrow pointing to the right. Click on it and you'll see the fire spell apperar (blue circle with a flame symbol in the middle).
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 24, 18 8:47 AM
To be able to cast magic, you need to click on the green arrow that can be found under the timer. It is small, but once you click on it you'll see your magic spells available to cast. You'll need a 100 mana to cast the fire spell.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 23, 18 7:42 AM
You will find the altar to cure your workers on the upper right corner of the screen. You'll need to build it first and then cure them with mana. You can only cure one at a time, your worker will need to pray at the altar to get cured.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 20, 18 6:45 AM
Yarnalee wrote:I dug up all the pits I could find, but I'm 1 key short. Any suggestions?

To get the last key you need to exchange 50 iron bars at least 5 times with the women on the top left side of the screen, eventually she'll give you the last key.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 19, 18 2:50 PM
If you're have problems with your game, the first step is to uninstall and reinstall to see if it fixes the problem. If not, you'll have to contact tech support, they'll let you know what they need to help you with your problem. Good luck.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 19, 18 2:48 PM
ejhyde wrote:How do you use the Akhi sign in level 5?

To use agic you need to open the magic menu that can be found under the timer. You should see a small green arrow. Click on it and your magic menu will pop out. You'll need a 100 mana to be able to cast the spell.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 19, 18 2:46 PM
The strategy guide is included with the Collector's Edition, so unless you pay more you have to come up with your own. That's what you get with all the Time Management games now,
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 14, 18 2:47 PM
You are right, there is no well, you need to use magic to extingish the fires. By banishing the creatures that appear all over your screen, you 'll win mana which will help you cast the spell. It's the one that looks like two waves. You can locate it under the timer if you click on the small green arrow.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation on Jan 14, 18 10:59 AM
I usually agree with the reviews of penmom36 but this time I have to disagree. True, the game is quite challenging but it's possible to finish levels in gold time (there's no 3 stars in this serie). You may need to play a level a second time to see what you need in term of ressources, in what order you need it and how you can accumulate it. As the previous episode, it's a click alot game (it shouldn't be a new feature for the diehard fans).

The most frustrating thing for me is the magic that you need to active with the twin sister, it hides in its own arrow menu on the left side of the screen that you need to pull out in order to cast a spell. There's a lot of different producing buildings that can be build, so choose wisely. I also wished we could play with both twins at the same time and combine the magic and backpack upgrades together (I've finished 10 levels on the two different paths so far so maybe it will be possible somewhere at the end). For me it still is a really good game, one that will take a lot more time to finish too! The music and game play are the same as the previous versions. I haven't encountered thiefs/ghosts/birds that usually attack and destroys your buildings (yet...). There's some angry gods that destroy your buidings on the path to uncover the magic too.
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