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So,I've gotten "Shopkeeper" -technically assistant shopkeeper- a couple times..."Bride" once, "Assistant cook" once,..."Dancer" once.."Fairytale Wedding" once..and so on..but anyway back to my point..
I don't even remember which ending I was shooting for..but I was in the dungeon alot went with the birth month of the girl that loves to fight and adventure...I had the shop keeper job alot..and I think my originaly goal was better dungeon stuff and a really strong I was in the slums alot killin monsters and what not..and I dunno how many of you have heard bout this but the gaurd guy says that you're too sinful to get out of the I was stuck there that's when I met Jareth the gang leader..I was thinkin I'd probably get the " Thug" or whatever its called ending..because of how much time I spent with them..but -and again don't know how many of you have heard of this but the way they say to get to the real princess involves either defeating the wizard or searching through the garbage and volunteering with the doctor until she shows up-..well that happened and I was so suprised..but I thought the Princess the real one finding her was supposed to be an ending...I talked to her alot and it seemed she was convinced to go home...and I made it back to town the king announced she was home..then nothin.
I ended up getting the "Partners" ending with the librarian becoming her sidekick and being a real "Cute knight"..I'm wondering though if anyone else who got the princess ending..I don't understand what happened maybe tell me what I did wrong mostly confused at the moment..
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