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 posted in Runefall on Feb 12, 15 1:13 AM
They all come up in due course. The side quest flag leads to a list, on which the items are checked off in green as you go along. Once they've all been found, the quest is done -- no action needed to "get them to her"..
 posted in Runefall on Feb 12, 15 1:12 AM
I can't play in windowed mode either, and since the game doesn't save within the-- very lengthy -- levels, that is a nuisance.

The main problem is crashing. I've played about 14 levels and keep getting runtime errors. The sound goes into a loop and then it all freezes.

I also have the suspicion that the tribute feature isn't working, which means I've only been able to achieve the first series of power-ups. The speed with which they were solved early on suggest a step in the game development is not clicking in.

Going to uninstall and re-install for the moment, but would appreciate advice. (Playing on my elderly XP, which may of course be the problem!)
 posted in Runefall on Feb 12, 15 1:06 AM
Thank you for the info. I've complete another four or five levels, and found a bunch of things and plenty of runes but have seen no list of tribute items or anything relating to the tribute except for the little message balloon plus arrow which quickly vanishes.

I'm going down the uninstall and re-install route, see if that helps. Or it may be a tech problem. It's crashed something like four times already.
 posted in Runefall on Feb 11, 15 10:54 AM
I'm on level ten and for almost every level have received a reminder to pay what's due to the king. The message arrow points towards a wagon with a pile of sacks. But there is no way to do anything about it -- no amount of clicking does the business.

It appears that new power-ups only become available following the payment, which means I'm also stuck in that respect and haven't been able to get beyond the first four purchases and their associated power-ups (done two side quests during play, which was roughly 3 hours).

Any ideas?
 posted in Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun on May 18, 14 7:19 AM
Had a couple of issues. Was unable to switch player, even after shutting down and re-starting the game. I had to delete the second player in the end in order to get back to the one I wanted to continue with,

Now I've completed challenge mode and have been in free play for a short while. Originally, the game offered all 100 screens to re-play, but after a couple of goes, it will only offer the first 16 or so. Neither arrow at the bottom of the screen works any more.

I've really enjoyed this game so it would be nice to get around these problems. Playing this on an elderly XP btw.
 posted in The Snow on Jan 17, 14 5:07 AM
The white edges around the sections tell you where they need to go in the finished image. The way to swap 2 sections is to make matches in first one, then the second you want to move. Make the match at the top first to avoid wrecking available matches lower down. Sections that are already in the correct place will not be affected by matches made in them subsequently.
 posted in Call of the Ages on Oct 24, 13 4:44 AM
It seems to me as well that the challenge level no, 15 (the first for England) is way off kilter. It has three sand pits of three squares each, and two of three pieces are at the top of the board. Earlier challenge boards keyed to number of moves allowed 30-50 moves on average. I consider this board unplayable in the current circumstances. Please fix.
 posted in Call of the Ages on Oct 24, 13 1:35 AM
The inability to play on while pieces are falling really is a disappointment, I agree with everyone else on that one. An improvement is that game pieces can be moved into empty squares if/when no new ones are able to drop down for various reasons.The player does not have "lives" to lose, so boards are replayable without penalty.

But the key here is surely that new types of challenges are introduced that earlier games like Around the World do not have. The wood, tumble-weed and sand are later joined by a sandstorm that can't be eliminated and so has to be kept at bay constantly, and by "bomb" pieces that have to be matched before they explode. Towards the end, a mix of these makes the game very challenging. I like to play without using any of the bonuses, but I didn't quite manage that!

A very few boards are either too small or not well designed (as in the very early Atlantis Quest) and end up being shuffled when moves run out, possibly more than once. For many later boards, the optimum approach isn't immediately obvious, and I did replay a couple because of a disastrous early decision. The game makes if very hard to do the smart thing in terms of unfreezing pieces when the sand is sitting in a corner somewhere! But it is quite possible to eliminate even three sand sources in due course, not least because the artefact pieces are able to stop it spreading. And matching bomb pieces at the earliest possible moment may not be the best strategy, I discovered. Timings are generous, and the hourglass provides ample extra time. There was only one board I ended up playing on the untimed setting due to the rampant chaos!

Match 3s are a great favourite of mine, and though I wouldn't put this in the top three (mainly because I prefer the type where matches create pathways across the board, like Jewels of Cleopatra or 4 Elements); I would definitely rate it above Around the World, or the more recent Imperial Island, both for variety and playability. Overall, a very decent and enjoyable eight out of ten.
 posted in Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire on Aug 23, 13 10:52 AM
I have been unable to change the avatar. It apparently accepts the alternative choice but then flips back to the harem lady within the game.
 posted in Patchworkz™ on Jan 14, 13 10:27 AM
Five crashes and a fatal freeze so far. I'll be making my way over to the tech guys then, shall I?
 posted in Hexus on Jun 22, 11 10:11 AM
I was looking forward to this game after the positive reviews. But it drives me crazy when developers can't be bothered to communicate in actual English. "Hyksoses"? Addressing a female character as My Lord? or King? The cradle of *the* civilization? Colour me a nitpicker, but it's simply sloppy.

 posted in Sea Journey on Mar 25, 09 10:55 AM
And does it allow me, as a left-handed person, to use the mouse as I prefer? Or does it force right-handed mouse use, as the original version does?

I really don't understand developers who do this, and it seems to be happening more and more.

Would I recommend this game to a friend? Absolutely not. Did I even bother to play it? No, deleted as soon as it took control of my mouse. Would I buy it? Don't make me laugh.
 posted in Annabel on Mar 13, 09 2:29 PM
This one sounded good, so I downloaded it. Two minutes later, and it's uninstalled. I never even got to the game play. Why not?

For one thing, it doesn't let you skip the intro. I find intros beyond boring.

For another thing, it switches your keyboard to a QWERTY. Which I don't happen to use. Long story. But maybe developers should allow for that. Almost all of them do. Why not this lot?

Worst of all, it switches your mouse to right-hand control. I'm a leftie, a south-paw. Ten percent of us are. Why would you assume everyone uses the mouse the same way? This happened to me just a week or so ago with the Serpent of Isis, and that game got deleted as well. If you can't be bothered to cater for everyone and think outside the right-handed QUERTY box, I for one am not going to be buying your game.

 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Oct 1, 08 6:35 AM
sixmilecoss wrote:ok, figured out that they only swap with the one next to them. just can't figure out the pattern. the colors don't seem to match the border.

Use the flowers to help you. The position of two is clear from the edges. The big one goes in the middle. It's true the colours don't always match, but there is a regularity to the arrangement nevertheless.

Good luck!
 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Oct 1, 08 1:48 AM
Has anyone else found this game buggy? It crashed on me twice, and when I got back in, part of the game had "forgotten" where I was, while other bits "remembered".

So I had puzzle sites available for play, but had lost all the jewels, etc. I'd won before, and had to replay them. I ended up in the last scene with two swords and two unicorn horns. Also, one of the "match images" mini-games didn't recognise a match (it matched 3 monkeys instead of 2), so it wouldn't come out, because there was a single monkey card left over. The story line was all over the place, with later events happening before earlier ones.

Not one to recommend.
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