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 posted in Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Collector's Edition on Oct 24, 15 7:37 PM
Hi, can anyone tell me what and how do I get the glass case with the artefact to open? I have the highlighted symbols on the book but nothing happens after that I still have the crowbar am I missing something? IT SEEMS LIKE I NEED ANOTHER CODE BYT WHERE IS IT?
 posted in Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call Collector's Edition on Dec 16, 14 10:23 PM
I hate this new version of the game and now I find I cant play it because the safe wont open when it should!
 posted in Forgotten Kingdoms: Dream of Ruin on Oct 26, 14 8:32 PM
Hi, If you picked up the gauntlet then you have the power to boil the water in the spring next to the dragon just select fire and point it at the fountan
 posted in Forgotten Kingdoms: Dream of Ruin on Oct 26, 14 8:29 PM
sand51 wrote:Well hello, I began the game, and it is interesting and the graphics are nice.,but I am stuck already. at the dragons entrance. I have a dragon scale and a quartz which are to be melted and poured into the spring to create a potion. the problem lies in melting the items. parchment directions show a caldron or pot to melt items in then to fill the bottle to pour into the spring..No pot no cauldron nada anywhere. walkthrough says use fire. thats it no pic is of spring with water changed . Of course went backwards to see what I missed. Cant figure it out Hmmmm? Any ideas?
Hi I'm stuck at the bean stalk I have to help Jack out from behind a bolder but nothing I have seems to work, hint says the boat next to hip again nothing on the boat works?
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog on Jan 24, 14 1:45 AM
Im also looking for that elusive 5th Jem I dont remember getting one from the marker at the gate so I will go back there, I must say I have asked the hint in that location it is not showing anything in fact in this game the hint is almost usless
 posted in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen on Nov 23, 13 7:43 PM
I am stuck, I have a problem in the stone Queen I have a fishing net and am supposed to get a diamond out of a waterfall but the only waterfall so far is in the fountain of the kings head but the net doesn't seem to work? should I do something else first?
after collecting the ruby key from the water level puzzle I seem to be stuck and the hint is still pointing at the solved puzzle am I missing something here why does the hand not show something?
 posted in Botanica: Into the Unknown on Oct 22, 13 9:46 PM
I wish I could help but I have the same problem I think it is a fault in the game as there are no clues as to the combination of colours, be nice to find out what the end scene is?
 posted in 100% Hidden Objects on Jul 16, 13 5:16 PM
Hi I am trialing the new beta hidden object game and I have reached the talking tree and I know what I need to find to free the animal trapped in the vines but seems to me another object search should pop up some where and it does not . Is this where the trial ends or is this a fault in the game?The Game is called (Revived legions Road Of Kings) I think this game needs to be a little walkthrough perhaps.
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