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I've just bought the game, I've gotten to the part where I've been able to untie Julian and put the blanket over him. I've collected the cold tea, but can't go back to heat it up. What did I do wrong? Or what do I do know? This is the 2nd Amaranthine Voyage game I've gotten stuck in, in just the very beginning. I have played two others all the way through with no problems. Can anyone please help?
I just bought the game, I have several of the other Amaranthine games and have played them but I must admit (after many tries), that I am having trouble right off the bat. At the very beginning you are supposed to pick up keys, fuses, a scoop, etc. Then put the fuses in and then the one key into the ignition in the power machine (where it breaks but manages to start the machine), And then pick up the grappling hook to put it on the large rock to move it and move on from there. I can't pick up the grappling hook. What have I done or not done wrong? Can anyone help me?
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So what do I do now? I got to the part where the numbers go into the chest and realized there was a part to the game that I missed entirely. Now I can't go back to get them. Is there another way? Or do I have to start the game all over? Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Cowsbird...
No, I don't minds at all. I think I did have her marry someone in my story, but at this moment I can't remember his name or what he did, just that they were happy, I haven't gone back to look yet. I have Fybromyalgia and have been trying to redecorate my apartment (moving pieces of furniture around and cleaning the years of dust and cobwebs that have accumulated behind those pieces {urgh} from when I didn't move them). And if you know anything about Fibro... this brought on an enormous flare-up. and I've been laying low for the past three weeks. down low. in pain, still.
So I don't mind if you incorporate my characters into your stories as long as you try to keep them as true to 'character' as they might have continued on to be. Of course they will change along the way being shape by life events that happen during the course of your story telling and that is where your skill as a story teller comes in. She, or any character in your stories, grow in what ever way they need to grow in order to cope with the circumstances they encounter in 'life'. At least that is how I try to do it. Others may see it differently and that is their prerogative.
If find it really interesting reading these stories and get a lot of really good ideas. I've said it before and will say it again.
It is such a great way for people to allow their creative side get out and do some creating. It encourages that in a safe, non-judgmental place. I love it, and if you want to invite a member of my family into yours, I'm sure they would love to go and have gone happily. Congratulations to the new couple may they live long and prosper (I always cry at weddings but they are tears of joy)
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So I go into my parent’s room, my room now. I have to put fresh linens on the bed, I am so tired but if I don’t do this I won’t be able to sleep well so I get a set out of the linen closet and make up the bed, the go and take a nice hot shower. Then make my way back to the room and go to sleep almost immediately.
The next morning I am awakened by a mockingbird singing, probably the same one from last night, maybe? And there are a couple of robins singing their hearts out. It’s a lovely way to wake up. But after I get something to eat, oh damn! I didn’t stop at the store last night, now I have to go out to buy food.
So I get dressed and go out to my van and begin to unpack it.
It doesn’t take all that long since all I just have my clothes and a few personal items, everything else I left with me ex and good riddance. So now I can go do some grocery shopping and get some decent food to eat.
I’ve been home for a few days now and have settled in. I went back to school a couple of years ago and became a licensed caterer and was going to start my own business until my partner decided for me that I wouldn’t do that. This is why he became my ex. Now I’m starting my catering business. I just got my kitchen at home certified so I can work out of my own kitchen and I won’t have to worry about finding another working place. When I have a catering job, I will be able to do all of the prep work here at home and then transport everything in my van that I bought and specially outfitted with refrigerated spaces and enclosed shelving so that I will be able to transport my food keeping it cold, or hot, and keeping it stable. I also have a special place that can be converted to transport a large cake.
Ariella called the other day and suggested that I sign up for one of those computed dating services, I laughed and said that I couldn’t do that. But she just said that I should just go ahead a do it, what was I afraid of? She said that they screen the people who sign up for their services. I know that she was trying to be helpful but…
Well, today I bit the bullet and signed up for that dating service. The introduction information I had to fill out was quite comprehensive. If they do their job right then maybe they will find someone who will be right for me. I will just have to wait and see I guess.
A couple of days have gone by and I have been able to establish a couple of contacts for my catering business, no business yet just possibilities. But it’s a start.
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Preface: This is a continuation of the Michael and Ruth story. However, since I had made some continuations of histories for all of the children in this story, I will be taking some artistic license in order to now continue on the line. The oldest daughter, Anna, is now Annie and has inherited the house and is taking possession. And now her story begins.

My name is Annie. I have just inherited the house that I grew up in with my parents and five other siblings; my two brothers Michael and Brian and my triplet sisters Ariella, Sariella and Mariella. Due to the fact that they all have their families and are settled in their own homes, when dad passed away, we all agreed (thank God) that no one wanted to sell the old ‘homestead’, and no one else needed a home to live in but me. So I was able to pack up my things and move out of the house I was sharing with the man who had most recently just torn the heart out of my chest and stomped on it. I know, a little descriptive but that’s how it felt. I know that my siblings were also trying to look out for me in this way as well, even though I was the oldest.
They were all married and had started their families. Ah babies… So sweet, my little nieces and nephews, I had no children yet, had not yet been married, but was still young. I’d just turned 25, so I guess I still had some time, so they say at least.
After dad’s funeral, I made my arrangements and packed everything I owned into my van and drove straight away until I got back home. I pulled into the driveway and got out. It was early on a summer evening like the ones we used to run around playing tag or trying to catch fireflies. When I got out of the van I was greeted by the evens song of the crickets.
I leaned against my van and closed my eyes and let the sounds and scents take me back in time.
I could almost hear my sisters screaming in delight when they manage to get ‘home’ before one or the other of my brothers manage to tag them during a game of hide and seek on a warm summer night.
There is a mockingbird singing a little late into the evening. I love the varied songs he sings trying to attract his mate.
Well, this isn’t going to get my van unpacked, and I haven’t seen the inside of the house in a while, so I better get started. As I set up onto the front porch, once again I am overcome with memories, but I have to push them aside. It is getting dark and I have a lot to unpack.
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Hi, I'd love to talk to you about these stories. It was a great idea to try to get people to create stories for their people. I love it and think it is a wonderful way to give people a creative outlet. I am enjoying writing my stories and reading those of others.
I have another story on the way that is a continuation of the Ruth and Michael story but it has some artistic 'license' changes to it, since history was written that will be changed in the new story. It would be nice to hear from more people about how they bring their stories together.
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And once more, the years pass. Michael still mourned for Ruth, but not as strongly as in the past. He had been able to find some measure of peace and comfort in his children and grandchildren and in the unconditional love that always comes from an animal companion, Chance. She loved to wander around the house with Michael as he did the chores that a large house requires.
Occasionally one or another of the children with their spouses would come to help with some of the heavier chores, painting the outside of the house or putting in a vegetable garden, or getting the house ready for the winter.
Usually at one or another holiday, one or more family group would come home to celebrate the holiday with their father, especially as he grew older, and since they all lived some distance from him, they didn't want him to drive and he wouldn't fly because he wouldn't leave Chance behind, she had become too much of a companion for him.
Michael never got over losing his beloved Ruth, one never does, but the pain became less as the years went by. It became easier to bear, he remembered the good times, he had his children and grandchildren who, though they may not be right around him all of the time, are there none-the-less. They come to visit, they call to talk, they write letters, e-mails. And before too long the oldest of his grandchildren begin to get married and insist that he be there, because they love him and want him there.
So Michael made arrangements with his children so that he could be at their children's weddings because it is important to them and it is important to him. And for each wedding he attends, he brings a piece of Ruth's jewelry. Not as a gift, Michael always gives his grandchildren a gift from their registry, that way he knows that he is giving them something they want and need, no he brings a piece of Ruth's jewelry as a way of including Ruth in the ongoing family ceremonies. He did the same thing all along after his Ruth passed away, whenever he attended a family function, another wedding, the recognition of a new child. It was his was of including Ruth as the family continued to grow.
And now, by now you know how the story goes. One day, Michael's children were notified local authorities that their father had passed away, he was 85 years old. The family arrived immediately to make the appropriate arrangements for their beloved father Michael, to lay him to rest next to their mother Ruth.
~ The End ~
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All of Ruth and Michael's children and their spouses and grandchildren stayed at home with Michael during the next few days while the arrangements for Ruth's funeral were being made and the days that followed. But when all was said and done, they all had to go back to their lives and Michael was left, though with many offers for him to come to live with one of them, he refused saying that this had always been their home, his and Ruth's, and he would remain there.
Yes, he was depressed. He missed her dearly. He retired from work as it no longer interested him and he didn't need the money, as they had always worked hard and saved their money. He knew he probably shouldn't be isolating himself, but he just didn't feel like talking to people anymore. When his children called to check on him that was different. He always loved to hear from them, but otherwise... no.
One day he noticed a tiny kitten wondering around the yard. He didn't know where it had come from but felt sorry for it so he started to put food out for it. When he bought food for himself, he started to buy cat food as well. It wasn't long before the kitten began to trust him enough to let him pet it, so he decided it was probably time to bring it to the vet to get it checked out. Winter was coming and he couldn't stand the thought of a little kitten outside in the cold snow, and he also didn't know if it was male or female and didn't want a lot of other little kittens hanging around. So he found a good vet and made and appointment and the brought it in.
It turned out to be a she and it was a good thing he brought her in when he did. She was just about 5 months old, the vet told him. So he had her spayed and given her shots and brought her home.
Michael began to feel a little less depressed as the months passed. He had his kitten he named Chance to take care of, and he made sure that she remained an indoor cat since the vet told him she'd live longer that way, she'd be less likely to get into cat fights, catch the various feline illnesses and won't bring diseases into the house for himself or any of his grandchildren to catch should they come for a visit.
So that part was all settled. Chance was an adorable black and white cat that he kept indoors. She followed him wherever he went inside the house wanting to be petted and payed attention to. She brought him a lot of comfort and after a time, he began to feel less depressed. Perhaps at times a little happy watching the playfulness of Chance.
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It wasn't long before Brian became a well known district attorney and rose up among the ranks of other district attorneys to be the 'go to guy' for the most difficult cases involving drunk driving, especially when the individual involved had already had been previously convicted before yet still, somehow maintained his or her driver's license or continued to drive without it regardless of the consequences. He was known for getting better results than any other prosecutor in the district or state-wide.
Ruth and Michael were extremely proud of all of the children. They had chosen their professions wisely according to their own interests and they all did well and got extreme satisfaction from what they did for they felt they were each doing something to make the world better in some way, for the next generation. Both Anna and Michael had found the perfect life partners for themselves and while Anna was still holding off on having children as yet, Michael had two young girls with his wife, Marie. There were now year old Anna (after her aunt) and 4 year old Sofie (after Marie's mother).
Ariella, Sariella and Mariella were still single by choice, working too hard on their professions and having too much fun together and with their friends, and while Brian was working extremely hard he did find time to meet a wonderful young woman named Anna whom he married to little fanfare just a few years earlier. Anna was now pregnant with their first child.
And the years passed by, with family reunions, families growing slowly, but also slowly growing apart as each took different jobs in different parts of the country. And then it was with sadness they heard that the illness that had plagued their mother earlier in life returned. Ruth fought it for as long as she could, Michael at her side all along the way, but she was no longer as young as she was back then. And all too soon, too soon for her children to get home to say goodbye, she passed away quietly in her sleep with Michael by her side at the age of only 61.
Michael was devastated. The love of his life, the mother of his children, the woman who was supposed to be his companion in old age was gone. It was too much.
Their children began to arrive back home almost immediately, and were there to help with the funeral arrangements.
To be continued...
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Well, as these things go, time went by slowly for all concerned. Brian regained consciousness, but could remember nothing of the accident. Ruth and Michael had made arrangements with the college that all four of them attended, for them to be able to take all of their final exams, since they had missed out on taking them due to their initial time in the hospital... the girls were finishing their sophomore year and Brian was just ending his freshman year. Both Ruth and Michael wanted to make sure that their children got their chance to finish this semester in school so they would be able to remain on track in their school careers. So while each adult child was recovering, even Brian going through his more grueling physical therapy, they would be able to take the appropriate final exams under school supervision so that they would be able to pass for the semester, and go on to their next year up when the school year began again in the autumn.
Brian's rehab was going slowly, it was hard, but he was working hard at it and improving. He was still in the hospital, but the girls had been released home to mom and dad, even Ariella though she'll still be sporting a cast for another few weeks.
When Brian did come home the doctors weren't entirely certain that he would be able to return to school at the beginning to the autumn semester, but he didn't want to fall behind. So he worked extra hard on his therapy being careful not to over do it, but working a little bit harder and little bit longer and it was working. He was getting stronger.
And then, once again as the time passed, all wounds healed, and eventually all the children graduated from college. Anna went on for her masters degree in library science and was able to garner an excellent job in the library of the university she graduated from. Michael went on to earn an bio-engineer's degree and unfortunately was working way across the country so they didn't get to see him very often. Sariella and Mariella both studied climate sciences together and graduated with specialized degrees and the both worked for a company that built and maintained solar farms all around the country. They also specialized in converting government buildings to solar power.
And Brian went on to become a district attorney. He was always a strongly just person, but especially after being in an accident caused by a drunk driver, he felt that those who chose to drive drunk needed to pay stronger penalties.
To be cont.
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Mariella and Sairella were a little less alert but awake non-the-less. And all equally glad to see their parents. They all three started to talk at once. Trying to tell their mother and father what had happened and asking desperately about their brother. How was he? Where was he, was he going to be alright. Mariella began to cry.
Both parents tried their best to soothe their girls, children no more... They teenage daughters needed to try to calm down or the nurses would come in and give them a sedative.
Fortunately the beds were close enough together that Michael and Ruth could sit on either side on one girl and one would be next to another daughter. So they talked quietly, trying to piece together just how this drunken driver had hit them and what had happened afterwards. Then they got the litany of the girls' injuries.
Oddly enough, though less alert, Mariella and Sairella were also less hurt than Ariella. Mostly because they were both suffering from mild concussions and were still very woozy from the effects. Along with that Mariella had multiple scrapes and bruises, while Sairella did have her arm in a sling she assured her mom and dad it was due to a badly sprained wrist not any broken bones. But she too had her share of colorful bruises and a few minor cuts from broken glass.
And there sat poor Ariella, with her broken leg, she did not suffer from a concussion, thank God, but she matched her sisters' in their colorful but painful array of bruises and cuts. They were all attached to intravenous fluids, but only Ariella was immobile because of her leg. Once the other two were more steady on their feet they would be allowed to get out of their beds on their own, without the aid of a nurse to make their trips to the bathroom.
Both Ruth and Michael assured the girls that though Brian was still unconscious, the doctor had assured them that his injuries were not life-threatening and that he would recover. He would need a lot of physical therapy, given his injuries, but he would be fine. Of course the girls weren't buying it because they could read their mother's face, so they needed a lot more reassurance from their father.
To be continued...
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Michael told Ruth that both Anna and Michael were insisting on coming home, but since they were each in the middle of taking final exams he made them promise to stay. It wouldn't do any good for them to leave now. Their brother and sisters were in good hands and that both he and their mother would keep them informed as to their condition over the next few days. Then when finals were over they would be able to see for themselves. but that for now they just needed to do the best they could to focus on their finals. Either he or their mother would call them with updates until they could come home, but to rest assured that they had been told that all of them, Brian and his sisters were all going to be fine. It would just take some time.
Ruth just nodded slowly, a tear slipped slowly down her cheek. Michael caught it on his forefinger then lifted her chin and made her look him in his eyes. He then told her sincerely that they all would be fine, that the doctor had assured him of this, and soon they would see their daughters.
He slipped his arm around her shoulders and held her close while they whispered together and to Brian. Whispering encouragement and prayers to him and for him.
The door to Brian's room opened, startling them. One of the nurses came in, she smiled at them and said it was just the routine time to take Brian's vital signs and to and check his fluid bags and change them if necessary. They could come back later if they wanted to. Ruth and Michael took this hint and went on to see where there daughters rooms were.
Of course Michael already knew where they were. The hospital had been able to put all three girls in the same room since they all had similar injuries and needed similar treatments it made it easier for the staff and much more convenient for the family. The hospital staff understood that from the beginning and were happy to be able to make that happen. So when Ruth and Michael entered the room it was much larger than Brian's room. It was also quieter. It didn't have the beeping and whooshing machines, since none of the girls were as seriously hurt, thank God. In fact, they were all awake and waiting to see their parents.
Ariella practically jumped out of bed to run to her mother when they came in, but she couldn't. She, like the other two, was tied to her bed with an intravenous line and the fact that one of her legs was broken didn't help either. But, though she was in some pain, she was alert. To be continued...
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The doctor brings them to Brian's room first, since he had the most serious injuries. Michael stopped Ruth at the door, he cautioned her not to be afraid of all of the medical equipment. The doctor had already explained to him that this was necessary for Brian's treatment. Ruth nodded, she remembered that Michael had come into the emergency room with the doctor and the police officer while she talked to the emitting nurse so he had more information about that than she did.
Brian gave her a kiss on her forehead and hugged her, then told her to go on in, he was going to call Anna and Michael to let them know what happened. They were still at their perspective colleges but should know what was going on. Once that was done he would meet her back in Brian's room.
Ruth entered the room to the sound of many beeps and the puffs and sucks of the ventilator. She stood for a moment just inside the door. The room was semi-dark. Michael was the only occupant, looking small and sad in the bed with all of the various tubes and machines helping him to breathe temporarily, and bags of fluid with tubes running into his veins. She closed her eyes and bit her lips trying in vain to keep the tears at bay. But they poured down her cheeks anyway. Her arms had been wrapped around her stomach but now she had to bring one had hand up to her mouth to stifle a sob. She was trying so hard. She knew what the doctor had said, that he would recover. But this was her baby, her youngest child laying here... a mother's nightmare. His face was black and blue, what she could see of it. His arm, his leg...
Finally she mustered up her courage and found the chair next to his bed and sat down. She kissed Brian on his forehead and told him that she was there, that she and dad were there for him and that everything was going to be alright. She was sitting on his right side so she could touch his right hand, feel his skin, stroke his hand and hold it lightly, even though she had to take care not to interfere with the area on the back of his hand where the intravenous feed line was taped. Her poor baby. What had been done to him. Who had done this to him.
Just then Michael came back and entered the room. He found a chair and came and sat next to Ruth after kissing Brian on the forehead and telling him he loved him and they were both here for him.
To be continued....
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Both Ruth and Michael checked on their children, who was gone, who wasn't home? What was going on? The hospital had only said to get there fast.
Where was everyone?
They threw on clothes and flew to the hospital as fast as they could. Ruth ran into the emergency department and up to the desk as Michael was still parking the car. She was nearly hysterical still not knowing what was going on. None of their children, what was happening?
She was finally able to get the attention of one of the nurses and tried to ask her where her children were, but was having trouble breathing. The nurse, concerned, came around from behind the desk and helped Ruth sit down and asked her name. Just then Michael entered the room, along with a doctor and a police officer. Ruth's eyes grew big and tears began to fall and she began to shake uncontrollably. Michael hurried to her side while the officer talked to the nurse.
He pulled her to her feet and hugged her to him and whispered to her that it was alright, that everything was going to be OK. The doctor came over to them and asked them to come with her into her office. Both Ruth and Michael followed her and were shown into a sparse but comfortable room. The doctor introduced herself simply and Isabella, that she was a surgeon and that she had performed surgery on their son Brian. He had been in car accident. A drunk driver hit and run. Brian was in serious condition but she expected him to recover fully. Then she paused. She told them that their three daughters were in the car as well, but though they were injured, their injuries were not as serious as Brian's. However they would need to remain in the hospital for several days until they could be stabilized. Ruth was still shaking, as she looked from the doctor to her husband. She asked about the drunk driver. Michael told her that he had evidently side-swiped Brian's car, forcing it off the road and then continued on, hitting parked car before running through several red lights losing the police. No one knew who this person was. Ruth wanted to see her children. Where were her girls, and where was Brian. She needed to see them NOW. Please. She needed to know, to see for herself that they were alive, would be alright. The doctor cautioned her that Brian was pretty banged up and was unconscious, that he was hooked up to oxygen, and had a broken left arm. His left leg was also broken in three places and was put in traction. To be continued...
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As time went on though she recovered well and the children all continued to grown well and healthily. Anna was entering middle school and Michael would soon follow. The girls were still in grade school and Brian was just beginning. So now that they were all settled in school, Ruth finally felt comfortable about going back to work full time. She had been working part time from home but she could only do so much, only advance so far in her career working that way. Now she could get her career back on track. Not that she begrudged the time spent with her children while they were growing up. This is what she wanted to do, she loved them and had always wanted to be with them when they were younger, no matter how many children she had. Although she had never dreamed she would have six children, when she first married Michael, she was delighted with all of her children, as was Michael. They both enjoyed as well as fretted over homework problems with their children, often learning new things along the way.
All too soon Anna was graduating from High School and had already been accepted by three of her top favorite college choices. In the fall she would be leaving for her first year in college. She hadn't picked a major yet so was going to start with just the basics and wait until at least her second semester or maybe her second year before picking a major. Michael wasn't far behind.
Ruth and Michael were wondering what they were going to do when it came time for the triplets to go to college. They both worked hard and had made good advances over the years, they made good salaries. But my goodness, three children at once going to college? They'd have to wait and see. Fortunately they had a little bit of time
Also fortunately Ruth's health remained good, she had recovered well from her surgery years before and was continuing to do well. Michael's health had always been good and remained so.
When the triplets turned 12 they joined the drama club at school and thus began their acting careers... much to the delight of their teachers, and all those who got a chance to see them acting in their school plays. Their brother Brian joined them a couple of years later and was just as talented if more along the comedy lines.
What wonderful children we have, Molly kept thinking. And Brian would back her up.
But one night, a parent's worst nightmare. A phone call late a night, a doctor from the hospital calls and they should get there as soon as possible.
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(After some personal health issues I have finally been able to continue with Michael & Ruth's story, Thank goodness I put them on pause....)

Soon the time came and Mariella, Sariella and Ariella were born. They were the three most adorable babies in the hospital. Everyone agreed, (of course). Michael and Ruth were elated at their birth. They all had light red hair and baby blue eyes and were identical.
When Michael brought Ruth and the triplets home from the hospital, Anna and Michael could hardly contain their excitement. It was hard to keep them from making too much noise and upsetting the babies, but they did understand, finally, that they needed to stay calm and quiet so that they wouldn't startle the babies.
Of course when Ruth and Michael came home they brought not just the new babies but also special toys for Anna and Michael so that they would know that they were very special to them always.
As the days and months past, the children got used to having the new babies around and the new babies finally got into a good pattern of sleeping so that mom and dad were able to get some much needed sleep. Michael was able to return to work. While Ruth continued to take care of all of the children full time. She loved caring for her children and enjoyed this time while all of her children were young.
And then all too soon her little girls were two and grown enough to be on their own. It wasn't long before they were running all over the house chasing there brother and sister, wanting so much to be able to do what they could do. Chorus' of 'I can do that' and 'No you can't' were heard over and over again and then there would be tears when someone would either have their feelings hurt when told they couldn't do something or find out that they couldn't do it because they'd fallen down and actually gotten hurt. Ruth was busy following them around with tissues and bandages, stories and tickles to make them feel better. And when Michael came home, he would bring special treats for everyone. When the triplets turned three Ruth told Michael she was once again pregnant. A full house. And soon enough their sixth child was born, another son they named Brian. It was at this time that Ruth had a health scare.
After Brian was born she was told that she could have no more children, and would have to have a hysterectomy. She was fortunate in being able to not have to take hormone therapy just yet since she was still very young. It was very traumatic non-the-less.
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I thought I had commented on your story Effie, but I don't see it. I've had little children that have been adopted into my little families, before Recreating Life Stories, I never would have thought of such a situation, where a 'born' child of the family would have a conflict with an 'adopted' child. This is so interesting, as it does happen in real families, even if supposed adopted child isn't really adopted, if you know what I mean. Since I've always been different from the other children in my family (2nd born of 5 children, 4 girls including me and 1 boy), I used to be called the adopted one. Of course I knew it wasn't true so it didn't matter, but in stories like these it is an interesting plot development because these children are adopted into the family and older children do know it and sometimes, as in your story, that older child might blurt it out in a fit of pique. I'll be waiting to hear what happens next.
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I was just browsing through some of the older questions, something I haven't done in a while and came across a question about a 'secret path' and a 'red ball'. What in the heck are these things. I've been playing this game (several at a time) but have never heard of them nor come across them. And are there any other interesting things that are to be discovered that aren't immediately evident.
Can anyone help me with these questions?
I mean I love playing these games as they are, but if there is something else going on that is hidden, yet to be discovered, I'd like to know about it.
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Then Michael called his boss, and thanked him for his promotion and told him that Ruth just found out that she was having triplets and just told him, and that her doctor had ordered bed rest for her. He asked his boss if he could work part time for the next couple of months. Just until the babies were born. Internally, he was afraid his promotion would be revoked. But his boss, being a father of several children himself, understood and told Michael that it would be alright for him to do what he could to take care of his family and then work when he could and there would be no repercussions concerning his promotion. He had worked for it and deserved it and, his boss added that he was sure once he was back to working on a full schedule again, he would continue to work his way up through the company. Michael thanked him, he was very relieved. Then he logged onto the computer to start researching baby formulas for newborns and the best diapers and what they would need for clothes.
During all of their discussions the night before, Ruth and Micheal had decided how they would tell Anna and Micheal about the new babies to come.
So when Ruth woke up, Michael had a wonderful breakfast made for all of them, and listened to the children chatter about the day before and what a good time they had last night. Then he quieted them down and told them that their mother had something to tell them. They turned wide surprised eyes to her. Ruth slowly puts her cup of herbal tea down, and looks at both of her children and tells them that she and their father have a big surprise for them. They will be having 3 baby sisters to play with in a few months. And then she chuckled as their little eyes grew large and their mouths formed little 0's. Michael had to cover his mouth to suppress his laugh. Ruth looked at him out of the sides of her eyes, giving him a warning look (playfully). And then she explained to the children that she had 3 little girl babies in her tummy. That both Anna and Michael were in her tummy before they were born as well. It didn't seem possible but Anna's eyes opened wider, Michael's eyes grew suspicious, looking as if he was waiting to see if he was being told a joke or something. But both Ruth and Michael assured them that it was true. It would be at least a few weeks before the babies would arrive, and at that time they would be able to see them, but would not be able to play with them just yet.
To be continued as the story progresses...
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