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 posted in Farm Up on Jul 15, 13 8:52 PM
willdrag wrote: I am trying to get some help.I got the game I think by the free version. I started to play it and as soon as I got to the school building Ihave had no quests and can't build any buildings. I can't do anything but farm,buy and sell and clean up I have nowhere to tell me about quests. I have no help buttons. I don't know what to do.I keep asking and asking for some help. Do I uninstall it and reinstall it or what? I'm on Windows 8. Does that make a difference, I have no husband, grandma,or grandpa I have no idea abut these recipes etc I keep seeing on the forum or what they mean. I have no guide at all as to what to do,I can't just keep on farming. I keep getting lots of money and up to level 24 just by farming but can't do anything else. So please please can someone help me. My name is willdrag. Thank you so much ifc you can help me.

Thats not good You may have to uninstall it.... I ended up with husband and grandpa before i got the school. It might have lost a couple files when it was downloading, I've had this happen to me before. Hope this helps
 posted in Farm Up on Jul 15, 13 8:47 PM
Yes I was wondering why I cant go to other cities? I have 3 unlocked but it says I have the max number of quests? Am I doing something wrong cause i tried going when I only had 2 quests?
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