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 posted in Dog Unit New York: Detective Max on Mar 31, 15 10:40 AM
The game malfunctions at the Brooklyn Bridge. When I need to use bolt cutters to open the power box, the bolt cutters (which have been used before in the game) are gone from my inventory. It is impossible to cut the lock and shut of the power as the game instructs, and therefore, impossible to proceed to the next task.
I exited and re-entered the game, and I worked my way back through again to where I am instructed to turn off the power (so I can fix the wires and turn on the lights at the Bridge.) BUT when I go to the area where the power box is I cannot access the power box at all STILL because there ARE NO BOLD CUTTERS. I will have to delete the game, as it is impossible to do anything further. It's a shame, too, I was enjoying it up this point...
 posted in Dog Unit New York: Detective Max on Mar 31, 15 10:21 AM
The game malfunctions under the Brooklyn Bridge. You remove the bolt cutters from the inventory and it makes it impossible to cut the lock of the cabinet and shut off the powerpower. I went out of the game and came back in and then my entire inventory disappeared, but I had a list to re-do under the Brooklyn Bridge, which was also impossible since the hedge clippers were removed! So I could not retrieve the items hidden by the hedge. Ahhhh! It was a waste of my free game.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition on Aug 11, 13 2:46 PM
Hello there I had the same problem - kept going to the balcony to climb down the way I came, but the game wouldn't let me. I almost gave up, and then, by accident, I noticed that when I hovered my cursor at the bottom of my screen just above my inventory it turned into a back-up arrow. Viola! Back down in the street! Evidently, the balcony takes us to a different part of town, once we have acquired the rope ladder. Hope that helps, happy gaming!
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