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 posted in Les Misérables: Jean Valjean on Aug 15, 14 6:29 AM
Thank you so much for your reply. I'm confused as to the hammer and nails. They aren't grouped together in my inventory. I cant put them together either. Is the hammer they refer to the same one that you use to beat the metal bars? Maybe I need to find another hammer. And, I only got one nail.
 posted in Les Misérables: Jean Valjean on Aug 14, 14 5:33 AM
I can't seem to nail the replacement rung into the ladder to use to get the sausage.

Tried nailing it all over the rung and cant seem to get it to stay. Can anyone help with this?
 posted in Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden Collector's Edition on Jul 24, 14 5:34 AM
Thanks for bringing the fantasy always up. I thought of the same thing. I would like some games without the purple/pink haze, in this century and with no cute animals.

It has been a long time since we haven't had a collectors edition without external worlds. It's good if you like it, but there isn't much choice anymore.

Maybe something like "Murder she Wrote" for example.
 posted in Another Case Solved on May 27, 14 4:58 AM
It has been a long time since we have had a NEW game each day. I agree that us long timers have been dutifully paying our dues and have been gradually stripped of our birthright here. I was promised a new game every day, I could use my coupons and get a punch on my punch card.

First, the punch card promise went away, and is the new game promised every day gone too?

 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall on May 26, 14 5:45 AM
I am so discouraged that there isn't a new game today. I am disabled and can't get out easily so that new games are my reason to wake up. I guess that's too harsh, but darn I would like a new HOG at least on the weekend.

Even some of the new ones are recycled CE's that I already have. I have downloaded and bought 90% of the HOG and Adventure games.

Well, I didn't mean to be a downer but I wish Big Fish would crack open some more games for us.

 posted in Antique Shop: Book of Souls on Mar 26, 14 6:16 AM
The objects are a little tiny, but the screen is very clear and you can adjust the brightness to make it as clear as you want it.

Also, there are no monsters, evil things or darkness everywhere as in the newer games.
 posted in Treasure of the Caribbean Seas on Nov 11, 13 9:38 AM
It is not a super game, but then again it is clear and bright. There are no spiders or snakes or massive evil.

After a while, you have to support clarity. I'm buying the game based on that.
 posted in The Torment of Mont Triste on Nov 11, 13 6:14 AM
I thought we'd hear about a fix by now!

It looks like it would have been a good game too... shucks!
I was glad to hear others speak of the animal cruelty shown in the demo. I can't believe that someone would enjoy gluing a mouse to the bottom of a small cage and having an animal in a trap (even though it turned out to be the evil woman).

What if this sounded like fun to some teen boys or girls? Next week it would be on UTube.

I could not play this game any further, nor buy into this.

Please developers, think about this.

 posted in Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone Collector's Edition on Oct 26, 13 6:19 AM
I'm glad to hear that someone else has problems with constellations and horoscope stuff. I refuse to learn what I consider to be pseudoscience just to finish a game. It is appearing more and more in so many otherwise fine games. I hope developers see this and rethink the astrological stuff.

Thanks for bringing it up!

 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger on Jul 23, 13 8:27 AM
This type of game might be considered "old school", but I love them and I bet a lot of others do too. Nice bright colors, interesting locales, cute puzzles (no plumbing or electrical) and teaches us to be on the lookout for trash.

I bought this right away. I wish that more of these games were available to purchase as deals of the day. Most of the deals are games that I already have. I have downloaded and bought most of the hidden object games listed and a lot of the adventure ones (that are really HO's). There must be a lot of these HO games out there that would do for a weekly catch or a deal for the day.

Lots of fishes like the dark somber and scary games. Good to have them on Thursdays, but give us oldies something the rest of the week like this game.
This one made my rainy day enjoyable. Thanks!
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