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 posted in Weather Lord: Following the Princess on Jan 24, 16 5:19 PM
Never mind - I figured out how to drab the wind storm over the gold mines to increase production.
 posted in Weather Lord: Following the Princess on Jan 24, 16 3:23 PM
even though I'm collecting all of the gold that i can find - I end up 10 short for the 4th frog. is there some hidden somewhere I'm not seeing?
 posted in Enlightenus on Jul 20, 09 9:24 PM
I totally LOVED this game and these fun facts are truely icing on the cake. thanks so much - and I look forward to the sequel!
 posted in National Geographic ™ presents: Herod's Lost Tomb on Nov 29, 08 1:50 PM
lisa4862 wrote:leesmusic, did you learn any Hebrew in your travels? If so, you may have noticed that when the Hebrew letters are combined to form the word for the newest location, it is actually spelled incorrectly. This is something that only people who can read Hebrew will notice but I'm actually surprised that this error occurs in a game from NG.

Hi all,

I wouldn't want to swear to this - but I think it was actually Aramaic - so the spelling may have been different than Hebrew. which ever - it was SO fun uncovering the letters. i thought this was a great game.
 posted in 4 Elements on Sep 26, 08 3:57 PM
well - LOL maybe I am the only dummy out here
 posted in 4 Elements on Sep 26, 08 3:36 PM
Just in case I am not the only dummy out here I want to share something I figured out that makes 63 more doable (can't say that about 64 because I am SO stuck). If you hold the left click down - then just release it on the last tile, instead of clicking on each tile - you can pick up some speed. but apparently not enough for me to get through level 64. this game should come with those wrist support bands. but other than that have totally loved the game.
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