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 posted in The Flying Dutchman - In The Ghost Prison on Jul 11, 11 6:35 AM
I found this game to be kind of unique - It plays fast as you have to watch for what you want to get while stopping what you don't want to happen! I know that sounds like "Misha-marsh" lol - But when you play the game you'll understand what I mean {I just don't what to give too much away} This game goes on sale tomorrow for $2.99 - great price for a nice match 3 game!

This is a 'Go Get It'{tomorrow} for me!
 posted in Love Chronicles: The Spell on Jul 11, 11 6:14 AM
Was Looking forward to getting a great game at a bargin price - But there are too many problems written in here to chance putting it on my computer when I just played 4 other games that are really good ! Why waste my $$ and chance it screwing up my computer?!
Sorry to say this is a NO BUY for me.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose on Jun 10, 11 3:11 PM
I came here first to read the remarks before putting out my hard earned $2.99 and was so happy to see all the good remarks from those of you who love and play these games all the time. I BOUGHT IT - without playing the demo - I BOUGHT IT -NEVER AGAIN
PLEASE if you get anything out of this post remember that everyone has their owe taste in the things they like to play!!!!
I hated this Game!

It's one of those hog that you have to find the little pieces of things - not an axe but a handle of the axe then the top of the axe , then the decoration on the axe - then you have AN AXE!!! I found the pieces small and too hard to find and would have married the hint button if it would have talked me through want to do next!

It you're the type of player that likes knowing where you should go - If you like to know what to look for when you're playing a game - If you don't like to have to go back 4 scenes to put something into someones hand that you don't know why you have to do it for Then this [b]ISN'T THE GAME FOR YOU!

I FELT AS IF I TOOK MY $2.99 AND THREW IT OUT THE WINDOW! [and I would have had more fun doing that!!!!!!
This is a should NOT HAVE BROUGHT IT FOR ME!!
 posted in Flower Mania on Apr 21, 11 11:04 PM
OK, Maybe I like the punishment but I thought this game was cool! When I first saw the game [like others before me] I thought it was meant for children. The graphics aren't that nice, there are a lot of misspelled words in the intro - But because you have to use 2 hands to play the game AND keep in mind what you're trying to accomplish - The game is a really challenge!! And I do like a challenge!!

Each mode is a little different from the other. So as you change modes you have to make sure you're going for the correct thing To Win because it changes. If you're in Game 2 and you're playing to win - as if you were playing in game 1 - you're going to run out your timer and fail. Now put that together with what each hand and mouse button does and man you have a real hot game!

This is NOT you're play to waste some time match 3 game! This is a 'Jewel Quest' kind of make me crazy type of game...I guess I'm just that crazy kind of gal! I bought it!

This is a Buy for me!
 posted in Soul Journey on Apr 16, 11 6:01 PM
what a horrible horrible game!

Some people called this 'cute', 'bright,''cheery' - I said it sucks! The premise is stupid! The game is Stupid! It leaves you having to guess what you're suppose to do next! No guide to Help!
I and the 'Hint' button felt as if we were going to get married! I kept hitting it hoping it would tell me something besides - go to another area and do something!' WHAT!!???

I wouldn't even give it to the kids to play -[that's who it looks like the game was meant for.] The premise is pointed towards a kid's mind but the game is not!

It's just a Mess! NO Sale

 posted in The Hidden Object Show: Season 2 on Apr 12, 11 11:16 AM
I thought this game was cute and way out side of the usual HOG - and I really like that! There are times you just want to do something without thinking. I usual go for a match 3 game for that purpose but now I have another type of game I can use.

Most HOGs you have to really watch the game - look for the things around you to see if you need them later on in some room 4 or 5 scenes down the road. With this game what you see is what you have to worry about. No hiding in the 2ND street on the left or under the owl standing on that far wall over there by the master's house.

This is just a fun easy way to play! That's not to say that the objects are easy 'cause some of them aren't easy to find at all. That's nice too. You would think because of the type of game it is - That it's going to be too easy to find things -Well it's not!

This is a BUY for me!
 posted in Treasures of the Serengeti on Apr 7, 11 4:45 AM
A Lame game not for true match 3 lovers! Turn the pieces to fit into each other is a fine spin off but they make it way to easy to play. They even have it where the 'files' will turn themselves to fit in the puzzles! The play screens are small so you don't get much play before your out of that screen and into another one doing the same thing.Then you get to 'fix' part of the village - No big deal there - click and it's done, WOW that was fun!! - NOT!!!
Go find a good match 3 game and stay away from this one - It will fry your brain with boredom!
 posted in The Crop Circles Mystery on Apr 7, 11 4:28 AM
What a boring boring game this was!!! I perfer HOGs with lists but this game was ONLY list after list after list! No story line that could hold your interest the graphics are too dark to find things in, and the darkness is the only reason you would need the hint button because everything else is oh so easy to find! I couldn't even finish the demo - I had to go find me - 'cause I left along time ago!!!

Stay away from this one - it's not worth your time - or mine!
 posted in Letters from Nowhere 2 on Apr 3, 11 8:35 AM
I liked the first one and when I saw this as a DD I just started the download!Then I came here to see what everyone had to say about it. I'm was not pleased when people didn't seem to like it - well I like straight HOGS - finding little items in a picture time after time is just what I'm looking for!

This is for the older people - you younger on people probably won't know what I'm talking about...[lol]. Remember the books in the Dr's office when you were a child?! "Hidden Pictures", I think that was the name of it. I used to want to stay there in the pill pusher's office even after the needles and the tests. Just give me that book and I was fine!

That's what I thought HOG's were suppose to be - Finding items one after the other. This is like that book but with good graphics and a story line too. They give you a Hint Button that comes back up fast, so who cares if the items are small and hard to find, I like a challenge. For me this is a buy - You can beat the price!!!!!
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince on Mar 27, 11 2:04 AM
OK I'm back after playing the demo of this game - You'll never get me to like these FROG games better then the List type but this one didn't leave me sitting somewhere with nothing to do. The graphics are beautifully done [as everyone else has said] and the FROGS aren't anywhere near as bad as they could have been. If you look at the scenes you can pretty well guess what parts don't belong there and the hint button helps you take care of the rest. I was surprised I didn't need the hint button all that much either, and the button regenerates really fast!
Don't skip the "in story" scenes - they're worth the time it takes to watch them even though you want to move past them because of the time factor. They just make the game and the story line so much more interesting.

The map could have been more helpful. It shows you where you have to go but you have to foot it there you can't "jump" to other places with a click.
All in all a real nice game. If you want to try your luck on a hidden object game without the lists in the "find it scenes", and pieces instead of full objects; this is a good one to try.

Go ahead - Don't be scared if I can do it - You can too - I usually stink at these kind of games!
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince on Mar 26, 11 7:22 AM
I saw the graphics of the game - (I liKe frogs, in real life) So I started it down loading while I came here to see what I was in for ( and I means that just the way it sounds, lol) I don't do well with HOG's - I get stuck in rooms with no way out. Standing there like a fool, glad this is a game and that there aren't any real people watching me, waiting for me to do something, ANYTHING!
But I read that you all love the game - So here I go! - I'll get back to all the gamers like me who may like the "list" typed of HOG's better, and crosses that show you where to go next. With a great big "HINT" button!

(P.S. If I go in and run and around in circles, and can't find any frogs or crows to click on - I'll be honest and tell you that too [well maybe!] )
 posted in Letters from Nowhere on Mar 22, 11 10:00 AM
This is a "Playrix" game. The same maker of Gardenscapes and the Fishdom games.Big Fish lists their games as "kid's" games - But I find most of their games are clear, easy to use and have good instructions that don't leave you hanging out in the middle of no-where with nothing to do but suck on your thumb 'cause you don't know what to do next! I haven't played that many HOG games because the ones I have tried I had found too difficult for me to go anywhere in them. I hate getting involved in a game and then go through a couple of areas into it and getting stuck somewhere with no directions, no hints that help, and no way I can find to go anywhere - but backwards! That makes me feel stupid - and that's not what I want when I play games - I can feel that way while trying to do something important! lol...

I played [i]"The wizard of Oz"
game -(great game) and found out that not all HOG were as scary to my Ego!

I started looking for the games by certain manufactures that know that not all the people that play their games are 18, 19 yr olds that seem to be more in depth with these games then I am (I'm 58). I used to like the " fine the picture within a picture books they had in the doctor's offices when I was a kid and that's what I thought the HOG games were.- NOT!
If I wanted to be in a Haunted town that acts like I was there in real life - I'd go there in real life! I'm looking for some fun - and this game gave it to me!

For me this is a BUY
 posted in Yucatan on Mar 22, 11 9:22 AM
Interesting game!
I like games that challenge your mind! Yes - there are very little instructions so you have to wing it in the beginning,. But it becomes clear how to play the game very quickly - The cracked tiles ARE the challenge to the game! If you understand that you have to take out the game pieces underneath at the same time as you're taking off the tiles on the top, then you've got the game licked!


But isn't that what you're looking for...Why spend money on a game that you can play in a couple of minutes and then just get bored playing the same old thing over and over again!
I liked the game and give it a BUY!
 posted in Jewel Keepers: Easter Island on Mar 22, 11 9:01 AM
OK I read the other comments and maybe it me!

I play a lot of match 3 games just to pass the time - "Don't want to think - play a match 3 game" - But I keep some "higher skill" match 3 games encase I'm looking for a challenge too. Those are my "Jewel Quest" type of games - Today was a non-thinking day, I was looking for something just to pass some time. I found this game wasn't it! The "blocks" they used made the game more difficult because you had to move your game pieces into holes that are made when you clear out the game pieces under the "blocks"- So now you had to think about what to move into the empty areas. Then you get it all set up - And the Bombs blow it all apart - and you have to start all over again! [LOL]
The first couple of levels the timer give you SO MUCH time it was a joke to have it, then all of a sudden I was running out of time?! - I was surprised to say the least!

I liked this game and was surprised when I came here and started to read the forum's reviews....

If you like a game with a challenge - that you have to think about what's happening on the board - This is a good game! It's not pretty - it's not beautiful jeweled pieces that are all shiny and pretty. It's kind of dull and the "story line" is a laugh - But the game itself is worth you're time. I say play through the full hour on the demo and see for yourself if the challenge of having all your well laid plans being blown to bits and you having to start over again with a timer at your back your kind of game- I found it was mine!
I give it a "BUY"
 posted in Farmscapes on Mar 9, 11 12:53 AM
I tried to play this game but it just stood there - with the stupid people telling me that the game hasn't started yet - i waited and waited but nothing happen! you get to watch the ugly boy and the just as ugly farmer walk around speaking to each other for what seemed like forever. I got so bored I canceled the game for it even got started. What a joke - and a very unfunny one at that!@!!!
 posted in Farmscapes on Mar 9, 11 12:48 AM
I tired to play this game but it just stood there - with the stupid people telling me that the game hasn't started yet - i waited and waited but nothing happen! you get to watch the ugly boy and the just as ugly farmer wal around speaking to each other for what seemed like forget. i got so bored I canceled the game for it even got started. What a joke - and a very unfunny one at that!@!!!
 posted in Gardenscapes on Mar 6, 11 3:34 AM
I loved this game! During any demo you're watching your time so you have to keep moving to see what the game is like - Well I would have liked to have taken my time and watched the butler in the garden. He's entertaining walking around reading the newspaper, answering the phone , and playing with the dog. In the "Garage Sale" rooms you have enough hints if you need them and the objects aren't too hard to find. All in all it's a good game to relax and just play.
 posted in Fiction Fixers: The Curse of OZ on Mar 6, 11 3:15 AM
Short though this game is I liked it. I don't do well with these HOG that leave you standing somewhere with no way to find out what to do next. You hit on "Hints" and it tell you to keep looking or check another area and you just keep going around in circles.This game always lets you know where you are going if you need it. It may be too easy for some but the story is good and the graphics are cute. This is a good starter game if you're coming over from the HOG that give you a list of items to find (and that's all the game entails) and the HOG that leave you standing in a room and you have to click your way out of it with no hints as to where to go next. I've tried games that I couldn't get out of the second scene - what fun is that, lol!
 posted in Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star on Mar 6, 11 2:51 AM
I have most of the Jewel Quest series and love to play them over and over again. Most of the games give me a challenge, which is good, that's what I buy them for! This one is too easy and not up to the quality that the rest of the series is. I find in this one if you watch the board you can see the moves that the game maker wants you to make. I played 4 or 5 boards and was bored out of my mind with this game. Not up to the standards of the Jewel Quest series. I'll pass this one up. I hope the next one they put out is back to their old style of being a challenge!As others have said, it would be nice to have a untimed version in the game too so you could relax and build up your score and get at those gold coins.They also need to watch their music, I noticed in some of their games the music skips it's very noticeable in this game.
 posted in Big Kahuna Words on Feb 9, 09 12:40 PM
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