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aowyn wrote:I am playing on a MAC. It's been going pretty smoothly until I try to make the potion for rust remover...I can't arrange the herbs correctly. I have done everything else, I checked the guide, but I cannot switch the herbs around into the correct of three containers... please fix or advise. Thank you!
same problem here
Parrotfish wrote:There is a problem with the bucket. I've collected all the parts and put the bucket together but it is not shown in the inventory. The only thing in the inventory is the bucket bottom. Clicking on the bucket bottom brings up the completed bucket but you can't retrieve it. Clicking on Hint shows the bucket bottom and we go round again. What happened to the completed bucket?
try to tie the ends of the rope together that worked for me
I have the same problem but guess what I can reach the hand but it just falls and is no where to be found nothing at the bottom and no way out of the game except go and end task from my desktop
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice Collector's Edition on Oct 11, 14 9:17 AM
eberwein80 wrote:could not find the feather in one of the hidden scenes. cannot go on with the game. has anyone else had trouble with this?

i have same problem and have uninstalled and reinstalled did not help really like game but can go no futher
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