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 posted in Fables of the Kingdom on Jan 31, 18 5:49 PM
Does anyone know how to get this award? I got gold on all the levels and I've figured out all the other awards. This one has me stumped.
 posted in Rescue Team 6 on Nov 3, 17 7:09 PM
I've never played this before so I downloaded the hour free to try it out. I can't get past level 4. There is a glitch in the game. I looked up a tutorial on youtube and when they play they have the option to choose a restaurant, gas station or house but in the game I downloaded it doesn't give you a choice. The two buildings at the top center are both gas stations and I run out of food. Too bad, I think I would have really liked this game.
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: Bridal Pursuit on Jun 28, 16 8:01 PM
I found where someone posted the scores you need to beat the developers records. I've beat half of them but failed to write down the ones I beat so now I'm going through and doing them again. I've finished the game and gotten gold on all levels but I can't figure out how to beat the Developer's Record on Level 1.15. Can anyone give me any hints? No matter what I do my score is always the same: 39640. Help please.
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