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 posted in Riddles of Egypt on Jan 13, 18 6:17 PM
I like puzzle heavy games with an adventure flavor and minimal HOPs. Azada, Flux Family Secrets, the Drawn games...are there other game series like this that I'm missing out on?
All of the tokens next to the achievements are colored in (not greyed out), and I have three stars in the 5 categories that give up to 3 stars (as far as I can tell). Has anyone else gotten all of the achievements to tell me what I'm missing?

Odin's Other Eye
- Find 6 objects in 8 seconds (three stars)
Mind of a Seer
- Find 200 objects (three stars)
Meticulous Adventurer
- Finish a HOP without any mistakes
An Epic Raid
- Finish three HOPs without using a hint in 60 seconds (three stars)
Out-tricking Loki
- Solve a mini-game in under 30 seconds (three stars)
Strength in Wisdom
- Solve three mini-games without skipping (three stars)
- Use fast travel via the map one time
Hail the Creators
- Watch the entire credits
The Wild Hunt
- Collect all morphing objects
Ever Vigilant
- Collect all Yggdrasil tiles
Glory Quest
- Achieve gold medals in all HOP scenes from the Extras menu
Worthy of Valhalla
- Collect every illustration segment
- Collect all trophies
- Read every journal entry
None of the links I click on to go to download send me to the game, just back to the BFG main page. Was this a limited edition game? I couldn't DL it from the Eipix website either.

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