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 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 27, 18 3:23 PM
It would be REALLY nice if the pets and the dice game would drop items for DQs and DestinyKeyQuests. Mostly the DQs.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 12, 18 11:35 PM
Aurora378 wrote:I like the ability to choose a missed avatar in the Castle Challenge. However, when one of the options is a beautiful new avatar, it is almost impossible to forego the new avatar in favor of a missed one. Perhaps offer the option to choose a missed avatar or to receive your choice of a boatload of diamonds, coins, or airship items if you already have all the avatars, without offering a new avatar on Day 30?

Or possibly add a bonus challenge on the last day so that you can get a missed avatar as well as the pretty new avatar. If you havn't missed an avatar then you would not need to do the bonus challenge.
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Amber Maiden on Feb 13, 17 8:07 PM
Actually The Fifth Kingdom is the Lost Kingdom. The lost kingdom was the working title for the survey before the actual game release. There is an eighth in development as there is also a survey for that one.

Additionally storyline wise it falls between Chains of Promise and Family Lies.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 13, 17 8:58 PM
Just got gold from the Bat at the Source Gates on two different accounts. Used his tell.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 7, 17 10:42 PM
LethalLee412 wrote:
"How do I restore my ID and progress on a new computer? My old laptop's screen is giving up so have purchased new laptop. However when I install the game it gives me a new ID. I have tried installing from within the Big Fish game manager but that makes no difference.

Try going to c://users/<username>/appData/roaming/elephant games/midnight castle and move the files from old to new. Might need to be able to see hidden files to get the appData folder to be visible.
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