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 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 24, 18 5:38 PM
I keep seeing references to Spring Room 2 in my friends' avatar's message lines. I know that were given a second Christmas room this past year. . . but I do not see a way to access a second Spring room. Am I missing something?

Also, I just caught up with reading the forum posts to see if I could get info on this topic, and am amazed at how many inappropriate messages have had to be removed. Some pages have no real messages, just a string of removed ones. Is there anyway to totally remove these so that we can access actual postings without having to download page after page of nothing?

Thanks, Marite
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 6, 18 9:45 AM
Gr375 wrote:I am trying to collect Stockings in the current challenge but I can not find one. Can anyone tell me where they are?

Hi Gr375,

The stockings can be found in any of the rooms. I usually click on morphing flowers as wait for either a snowglobe, tree, snowman or stocking to drift though the room. Click on it and pay one wand to capture it. There is no pattern as to which Christmas item will appear.

To the earlier question about getting diamonds, the most generous cache is the puzzles. One is rewarded 5 diamonds for guessing which hand it is in. But don't risk them by continuing to guess past the first wrong answer. I have amassed over 15000 diamonds from the puzzles. You can also win Destiny keys from the puzzles.

Finally, I have a quick question. Has anyone figured out a particular way to click on Butterflies in Christmas room to get the shards?

Happy 2018, Marite
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 7, 17 8:45 AM
The update has sped up the puzzle game and allows us to see the beautiful artwork of completed puzzle. i am looking forward to the winter event with new pets and items to collect.

When I first tried to download the MC update, I got an error message that directed me to uninstall the BF game manager and then reinstall it. It didn't seem to work but this morning, my MC is running just fine with all of my stuff intact. However, while I can see my purchase history, I cannot download my purchased games. Help please...
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 19, 17 7:45 AM
When I tried to finish the Castle Challenge yesterday, i was given the message that the challenge was over. I had nearly completed the final challenge. Is there not a day or two to finish? I don't recall previous challenges closing so quickly.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 18, 17 5:07 PM
Having recently been hospitalized and then having a major surgery, I was so touched that so many of my Midnight Castle friends offered good wishes. Thank you all so very much. I continue to recuperate at home and expect to heal completely with time.

With much appreciation,

 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 18, 17 4:59 PM
gameslvrs wrote:an anyone tell me what to do once a puzzles completed? What do you do with it?

Hi gameslvr,

The puzzles are a great way to amass cash, gems, inventory and eggs. They are free to play ... unless you choose to spend gems.

Prior to assembling a puzzle, you choose 3 items to play for in addition to the 50 gold pieces and 5 gems. I usually choose and egg and 2 expensive inventory items. Then assemble the puzzle and hit the next button at the bottom of the screen.

A little boy appears ..hit .play and he will hide the item to win behind his back. Then pick a side. The result seems pretty random. If you win, keep playing without risk,
If you lose, you can play again for free. However, you risk any item you may have already won. But even if you pick the wrong hand both times, you still get to keep the 50 gold coins. I have learned not to risk diamonds. I have won over 8000 free diamonds doing puzzles....not a bad return for my time. And you can play every 5 hours.

Lots of detail...hope you have lots of good luck. Marite
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 2, 17 1:52 PM
Jackie34918 wrote:Hi Marite. The best way to get the pet medallions is by doing the daily quests. Feeding pets may also help if you get the wood or iron chests. If you don't have a lot of medallions you can also craft the pet food.

Thanks Jackie

I did end up doing the daily quests after feeding some pets without getting any medallions.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 1, 17 6:15 PM
Okay...I have been playing this game forever, but am drawing a blank. I am working on the castle challenge which requires collecting 30 pet medallions in 24 hours but I cannot remember how to get them. Please refresh my memory.

Thanks, Marite
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 19, 17 10:28 AM
MissLouLou22 wrote:Seriously stuck. I cannot email Big Fish - it keeps bouncing back saying undeliverable. I cannot submit a help desk ticket as there seems to be an issue on that page. I get as far as selecting the type of issue and then nothing else on the page comes up. I have lost all my progress in the game and it has sent me back to the beginning on Level 1 - as if I was playing for the first time! How can I get this issue sorted!
Seriously annoyed!

Hi Miss LouLou22,

Sorry you have this's happened to me to me twice in the 3+ years I have been playing this game. Hopefully you know your game id number. You can contact Big Fish via the web if you are unable to do so within the game. They can restore your progress and inventory...however, you will need to regain friends.

Good luck, Marite
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 16, 17 8:31 PM
crystalwitch1955 wrote:
WrongAgain wrote:Hi. I started this game during the Fall Event, got frustrated and stopped. Started again during the Winter Event and again stopped out of frustration. I started playing in earnest during the Spring Event, got some friends, which helped. I am now at level 32 but I seem to end up frustrated with low coins, low diamonds, low stamps, low pet food and every time I "do the rounds", I end up spending more on the crafting for the people in the castle than I got on my rounds. Is this the way it keeps going? Or does it get better with time? I have read the many tips for playing, but nowhere does it say the frustration will end. Life itself can be frustrating and a game should be relaxing to play. If it gets better, I will keep going, but I don't know if I need this kind of frustration on a daily basis. Can anyone tell me that it gets better? Thank you.

Hi. I've been playing this game for around three years now, and it does get frustrating at times but I enjoy it enough to persevere. Coconuts is right, keep doing the rounds to build up your inventory and you will find that when the next update does come, you will have the items you need. Also, every new update brings new hidden object scenes and these usually cost a lot of coins to open. It is also worth logging on every day to get the daily bonus - after you have completed a certain amount, you get a cute little elephant pet which you can't get anywhere else (check your achievement list). As you are on level 32, you must have a lot of the areas open now so if you are bored with the opening scene and castle , go to the town or one of the other areas; you will also find you get different inventory items in the other areas. Another thing I learned a long while back, is that when you are asked to craft something for a quest, (unless it is a specific item) craft the simple food. It only costs 200 coins plus 5 medallions, and you often get the higher value foods as the 'free gifts' as well. It is a relatively cheap way of crafting, saves and adds to your inventory and ensures that you have a good supply of food for your pets. Enjoy!

Don't let inventory items drop below 20 ... and don't forget to do the puzzles which recharge after 5 hours. I have piled up thousands of diamonds as well as lots of eggs and expensive inventory... I never pay to play it is all free

Happy gaming, Marite.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 10, 17 8:44 PM
Brenda187 wrote:Can anyone please advise me on how to feed spring event pets? Thanks

Hi Brenda187,
To feed the spring event pets, go to your inventory bag on bottom right side of screen and click on the paw icon. Choose any of the spring animals (mostly bunnies, with a baby chick and a butterfly) Click on the chosen pet who now appears sitting on the lower left corner beneath the daily quest figure. Click on the animal after it blinks its eyes for better rewards. It then naps so you will need another animal to continue to feed the spring event pets.

Have fun playing. And don't forget to do the puzzles every 5 hours for free diamonds, gold and inventory items.

 posted in Midnight Castle on May 8, 17 1:32 PM
oMelody wrote:SO: I have even Muddles through parts that i probably should have asked FOR hrlp from....and now there is this Spring Quest, "GET 4 GOLD CHESTS FROM FEEDING PETS".

*****I feed myevery chance i get...but the GOLD??? wtheck, people?

Hi oMelody,

In my experience, the pets who eat Unique food are more apt to give out gold chests. But one must wait for a tell...usually after blinking the eyes...before clicking on them. Also, some have preferred locations. For example, the bunnies and the butterflies like the Forest Palace in the Elvyn Forest.

I know that it's been awhile since you posted this question, but hope it helps someone.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 28, 17 5:46 PM
Jackie34918 wrote:
dragonfly29488 wrote:Though that I am happy for the new update, now I am again stuck. I am now on level 76 and can't go any further. The only thing that I don't like about the update is that we can no longer choose as many eggs to win with the puzzle games. This is not fair, what harm does it do to be able to do this. This was helping me to build up my gold coins with the tablets. Please bring that option back.

The harm it did was that players were not purchasing gems or coins anymore which is detrimental to the purpose of this game for the devs. They need to make some money for the game to continue being updated so I completely understand why they had to change the way the puzzles were being played.

I am also enjoying the puzzles and hope they are here to stay. Even with the change limiting items and increasing down time, I have at the least been able to restock my diamond supply to more than 1000...

Happy gaming, Marite
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 27, 17 6:34 PM
Jackie34918 wrote:Hi MariteB,eThe puzzle piece is not giftable even if you s on the wish list. It will be removed with the next update.

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the response. Actually, now that I have filled in all of the puzzles, I no longer receive puzzle pieces from the HOS's.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 26, 17 8:46 AM
Just want to thank the Dev's for the new puzzle games. I have managed to put all 6 of them together. It is possible to play the puzzle game every 3 hours for prizes: 50 gold pieces, 5 diamonds and 3 items we get to choose. What a great way to amass diamonds without spending any real cash.

I was wondering if friends can put puzzle pieces on their wish lists?

Happy gaming, Marite

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 22, 17 9:08 AM
My computer died just before the Christmas event started...ugh. It took awhile to get a new PC and then customer service must have been busy as I only had 2 days of the event to enjoy. They were nice enough to gift me 100 diamonds.

My old number was 620611 and the new one is 642797. While I did get all of my game progress returned to me, my friends were all gone. So I am seeking more friends to gift and I do try to be generous.

So add 642797 please.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 17, 17 8:55 PM
To all of my generous friends....I finally have my game progress back but my number
has been changed from (PC) 620611 to 642797. While customer service returned my former level and accomplishments, I have lost every last friend save John.

Please friend me ... I try to be generous.

Also, I am new to the Christmas event and there is very little time left ... any suggestions on what to concentrate on?

Thanks, Marite
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 12, 17 1:15 PM
Jackie34918 wrote:
MariteB wrote:I am still waiting for customer service to reload my previous game...I gave them the old number and the new restart number. Does anyone know if this is something I can do on my own or if customer service needs to be involved?

Marite...formerly 620611

IMHO, I think it is safer to wait for customer support to do it for you.

Thanks Jackie. I guess I will have to miss out on the Christmas event this's just frustrating as it is a straightforward problem and I have heard nothing since the initial response. Mari
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 11, 17 3:26 PM
I am still waiting for customer service to reload my previous game...I gave them the old number and the new restart number. Does anyone know if this is something I can do on my own or if customer service needs to be involved?

Marite...formerly 620611
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 8, 17 1:35 PM
Dear Friends,

My computer died in mid-December and I have just gotten a new one. I am dealing with customer service in the hope of regaining my old game. I apologize to all who have gifted me without return and hope to make up for it when I get my game back.

I am disappointed to have missed most of the Christmas Event.

Happy New Year Marite
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