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 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 29, 18 7:24 PM

You may not see this either LOL, but I did see your PM reply, and I'm so happy you saw it! (did that make sense?)

On PF last night it said you were also a new member. Just so you know, the first time I tried to send a message on PF, I accidentally deleted it, so maybe that's what happened to you. The second time is a charm!!! Once you get a few basics downpat (is that a word?), you can just stick with the simple things till you get the hang of it! It really is more versatile than here at BF.

I am very similar to you in this "commitment" thing, and I do have lots of "empathy".
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 28, 18 8:02 PM
I'm sorry you guys, I have been on PF and also out for a while today, but there sounds like a little confusion going on.

Mysti, I just left you a PM on Pond Friends, because I was so shocked when I saw that you were online! The only thing I said on the message was "reply to me if you see this" because I was trying to catch you before you logged off! If I'm not mistaken, I saw where you had in fact signed up as a new member?

If you log in, at the top you will see "Home" and other categories, but if you look at "Messages" and there is a number above it, that tells you that you have some waiting for you. Those would be the PMs that no one else can see.

Synth was talking about the **** game site where I occasionally pick up games that are not on BF. I pay for free access, so I don't have to buy them unless I want to. I already checked out whether I can "gift" a game to someone --- but no they don't have that available there. Sorry, but I just came in to the forums and saw the postings in this thread first, so I'm typing fast so that hopefully you will see this!!!

I found out at PF that the forums here at BF will probably be closing tomorrow sometime, instead of Monday.

SynthpopAddict: I left you a PM at PF. I thought maybe you were working today. (one of your 2 Saturdays a month?).

 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 27, 18 11:39 AM
mysticalla5 wrote:Not sure where to post this and likely it's kind of pointless now, but.... any suggestions from anyone about another M3 game, not with a lot of motion that I can play ?(and make myself stop playing Mundus for awhile)

And no, not Jewel Quest 7 Seas. I did it and it was painful to get through both times.

A 'tip' to myself that I notice playing Mudus , which I'm sure must be similar in other M3 Limited moves is as I'm about to make a match of 3, often if I look I'll see a way to make that a match of 5. Needless to say, given that the larger matches give the power ups, has been very beneficial Okay Mr.Puzzler, I'm ready for the your next game!

Hey Mysti,

I have a suggestion for you! I found an older M3 at another site some time back that I almost forgot about. BF doesn't have it, so I don't know if you're willing to demo it somewhere else (such as the "i" place). The name is Rainforest Adventure. I don't remember the developer, but I'll look it up. It's been a good while since I've played it, but I do remember that it became surprising challenging--yet doable and fun! I don't remember a lot of extra motion going on, so if you're interested, I'll pull it up and test it out again, if you want more detail!

I just posted in the Odds and Ends, so this is just a quick note to you! I wish I could "send" you a copy of this game if I could.....
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 27, 18 11:15 AM
Mysti, I'm still here (I think)! I told SynthpopAddict that I needed to work on my "time management" (and I don't mean the game genre).

Since you have explored the "new place", you know that it does take some time to learn your way around -- but it's getting easier....although there's still a lot I haven't explored, but that only means there's lots to look forward to!
It would be extra special if I saw your "face", Mysti, at Pond Friends, as I know everyone would love you there as well. And so far, everyone is so willing in helping you find your way around, and above all, of making the BFG refugees feel very welcome.

When I'm not involved with a good M3, I do like a good adventure game, and the group play is wonderful over there! This is a good example where I need to manage my time better, because some of these adventures can be very involved, but much better than reading a good book! It has been forcing me to use a different part of my brain that I hadn't exercised in a while -- so as you can see -- I've been forcing this "older brain" to take in more new data, without upgrading my RAM - yet! (I was overdue for an upgrade, anyway!)

And, in case I haven't mentioned it to you Mysti, you would love the animated smileys/emoticons/emojis (whatever the correct term is!) at Pond Friends.

I decided I'm not saying, see you later!
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 24, 18 5:30 PM

I hate saying goodbyes with a passion! And just when I was getting to know you!
I'll PM you before the 4/30 shut down, but you do know, Mysti, that you can always drop in as a quest at Pond Friends periodically, even if you don't want to join again. I'm at a loss for words, but I will talk to you again (whether you want to or not LOL)!

And SynthpopAddict, IF I ever take a Road Trip, (I don't fly anymore), I'll see you and Mysti at Amy's!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 21, 18 6:43 PM
Desertdruid, (whoever you are!)

I suppose you own this forum?! You sound like a very "unwanted" and "undesirable" person that I definitely would not want involved in ANY forum that I'm involved in! I happen to like to be around nice people. I am very happy that you're going to Delphi where YOU will be "welcomed". Good riddance! All the years I've been with BFG, I have never encountered someone like you!
I am happy that I'm going to Pond Friends, where they are very open and welcoming to us "foreign fishies".

How dare you insult someone that had only the best of intentions and has every RIGHT to voice their opinion. I am absolutely astounded you have the NERVE to think you have more rights. Who made you G..!??? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Moderator: I hope you know that I've been respectful to everyone here at BFG, and this person happens to be a one-time exception. I have loved BFG for a long time and of course I'm very sad to see the forums closing. The ONLY reason I INVADED this forum was because my friend (as well as a friend of BFG) was insulted. You have every right to delete this post -- but I hope you reconsider. Thanks.

 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 20, 18 11:12 AM
I, as well have registered at Pond Friends, and I really hope that we all can make that work out to continue similar game advice/sharing. When the "word" gets out more and more that you, SynthpopAddict, are going there -- there will be a big following. It's just a shame that future newbies to this site may not realize where they can go for the best M3 advice!

I also appreciate the fact that "at least" BFG is giving us a little time to figure out alternatives. As I have stated in another post, things can't stay the same forever, and we need to keep ourselves open to change, and somehow it all works out in the end. One thing that is good so far out of this bad news is that we all have been able to tell each other how much we appreciate them and how important our connections are.
 posted in Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collector's Edition on Apr 19, 18 12:21 PM
I registered at Pond Friends yesterday, and posted a "hello" message, and somehow I hit a wrong button and lost the message LOL! I decided to post again later, after I have my mind on what I'm doing. I would like to explore how things "work" over there, and how they will be able to accommodate an unknown number of BFG refugees. It was nice to see some familiar names.

I feel the same way as SynthpopAddict, that things could always change here at BF. But it is nice to know there are options on where to go, depending on what you're looking for. It's just hard to know exactly what to do when you're (we're) still in a state of shock.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 18, 18 10:03 PM
Hi turtle (or is it "snapping turtle"),

To answer your question... nope! If I'm not asked then I won't volunteer! How's that for "sour grapes"? Actually, I'm just being silly, but I wouldn't be very honest if I didn't say that it did hurt my feelings a "little bit", especially since we all have invested a lot of time in this game. I would like to think that my original post regarding the game sparked more interest in others playing the game. But this just sounds like I'm feeling sorry for myself, since so many things are somewhat "unsettled" right now.

Vent, vent, vent!!! Everything will be alright! That glass is half full isn't it?
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 18, 18 9:23 PM
Mysti, It's clear as mud! I don't know what happened to my post to you but somehow when I was quoting you....I ended up including what I was saying to you.

A friend doesn't make a friend explain themselves and that is what I am guilty of....I guess I'm not myself after hearing the news of the forums closing down.

Just forget that I ever mentioned it, OK? The beer emoji was the closest I could come to a good cheer! I should have used the .

I found out that you and our other friend were asked to participate in something, but I was ignored....if you understand my drift? I guess I must have not made a very big impression. But... I will survive ... to quote Gloria Gaynor!!
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 18, 18 8:00 PM

I just noticed your review and I hope you come back to this thread again. But in each new profile you select, the option for each mode should come up. When you select the profile, level 1 should appear, and when you select it, then the popup should appear to select the mode you want to play in. I hope you try again. Good luck!
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 18, 18 7:33 PM
mysticalla5 wrote:
You mentioned the time writing a post but you know what? I don't edit, I don't rehearse, I don't spell/grammar check and I often don't have a clue what I'm going to say until it's on 'paper' (damn these so cute emojis that will not longer be 'ours' )

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you're getting at. I know you said you weren't offended very easily, but it sounds like I accidentally offended you. I would never do that!
I love your posts because you write as if you're talking to me or anyone else. I don't have that knack, so I'm very envious of your talent. I'm very detail oriented, so please forgive me. Friends?

 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 18, 18 2:21 PM
Hi Mysti,

I thought maybe you had missed a couple of my posts to you, and I hope you didn't think I was ignoring you....which would be impossible!

How am I? Well, it sounds like I feel pretty much the same way you do . Which means that I am going through all kinds of various emotions at the awful news. But mostly I don't want to lose my friends at BF and I will do whatever it takes to see if we can do something to prevent that.

I'm like you as you stated in the "bad news" thread, in that I don't care if I'm not on the subject of the thread or game, so it doesn't matter if I discuss what I want here.
I felt the same way you did last night when I was playing a few levels of Mundus, and I couldn't get as excited when I won one of the hard levels better than before.

I'm not going to start saying goodbyes, yet! So....Mysti.....please hang in there....this fight isn't over yet! Talk to you later. Oh, BTW, did you receive the PM I sent you a couple of days ago? You don't have to respond to it, but I just wanted to make sure you got it!
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 18, 18 1:48 PM
I also want to "thank" SynthpopAddict for informing us of this bad news (even though we didn't want to hear it), and apologize that I didn't respond right away. I did, however, write a post yesterday in the "sign-up" thread that pennmom36 started in the new game forum. I also just posted in the "saying goodbye" forum that she started today in "Zombie" --- and that was because I wanted to voice my opinion that I don't want to say goodbye.

I have been depressed over the end of the forums, but at the same time I'm trying to stay optimistic that with all the wonderful people on the BF forums, we WILL find a solution to this problem. This is a major life issue for so many, so where there's a will, there's a way.

I was thinking (again), and the old saying that you don't appreciate something (or someone) until it's gone. Well...for me that definitely does not apply...because I have always appreciated the wonderful forums, and felt very lucky to have met such fantastic people...and I am not one to necessarily participate in social media. Never in my life would I have thought that I could have such a "connection" to people I've never met in person. I don't want to lose any of you that I have "met" in these forums, and each of you have touched me in one way or another, and I am very grateful for that!

PS: Mysti, I did write you another post that you missed a couple of days ago in the "Odds & Ends" thread, (this was before the devastating news, and it kind of ironic in one of the comments I made in that post).
 posted in Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 3 on Apr 18, 18 1:00 PM
When I saw the title to this thread, I almost didn't want to "come in here", because I don't want to say goodbye , although I appreciate pennmom36 starting many of these threads--so thank you for that. However, I don't want to give up hope!

SynthpopAddict, I haven't posted yet in the other thread you started in the Mundus forum informing us of this bad news -- I was too shocked initially, and didn't want it to be true, but I've been reading all the responses there and in other threads, and although it brings tears to my eyes, it's reassuring how we all feel basically the same way.

So many thoughts have been going through my head since the news: I thought "is BFG testing us to see our reaction"; or "are they seeking solutions through these reactions"; or "do they not see that we all depend on these forums for many reasons, as well as boosting sales and maintaining the popularity and success of this site". I also thought "does BF not realize that their decision will cause the loss of so many loyal customers and lead to the end of BFG. OR is that what is really happening that this is just the first step to that end.

I don't like feeling depressed -- which I am -- because underneath my depression, I do feel that "when one door closes, another one opens up". Things can't stay the same forever, but I really thought the change would be for the better and not just the end of the old.

For whatever it's worth, I am here for whatever support or help I can give to find solutions. This IS a big deal for everyone.

I love all of you guys here..... and I'll say again....I do not want to say goodbye yet to all of my friends.
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 11:16 AM
I would definitely sign up to keep the forums active! This will devastate many, many people who look forward to the games every day and sharing their gaming experiences. And the key word is "people" -- live wonderful human beings -- who make the games come alive for themselves as well as others. People are the ones who are losing here, and technology (or lack thereof) appears to be winning and taking priority. The reason that Big Fish Games is (was) my favorite game site is BECAUSE of the forums -- because of the human connection we can attach to the games.

In my opinion, when the forums shut down -- that is the beginning of the end for BFG.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 16, 18 9:52 PM

It seems like we've been playing this game so long.....that now I'm now sure, but I think on his thread I recommended that both options of replaying or paying the shaman should be on the same popup. But, if you have a different solution, I'd love to hear yours. It may be better. The reason I said that the popup should have the choice at the same time, was that I accidentally accepted the deal a couple of times -- thinking I was hitting the replay! that I know how you've said in the past that you're weak and get suckered into the deal, maybe you would prefer that there's another way to quickly restart without being enticed by the shaman? That does sound better, doesn't it? If you can describe that in the "next Mundus" thread, that would be great!

As far as the next Mundus....I'm looking forward to it....that is IF the devs take our advice and develop a "normal" mode that is in between the current normal and easy modes. And with the other suggestions, along with their new challenge may be a really great game. (I just hope that MrPuzzler isn't mad at BF for removing his review, along with some of the others )
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 16, 18 6:04 PM
Mysti, I was just thinking.... if we had animated emojis...this thread would really be rocking and rolling!! How can we get some new ones? I think BF should provide us with an expanded/upgraded version! Then it would only take an hour to write each post!

IMHO, anyone who has a sense of humor AND questions their sanity does not have anything to worry about (as far as losing it). Do you happen to know anyone who meets those qualifications?? If so, tell them they're OK and they'll live a long and relatively stress-free life -- as well as bring joy to anyone around them!
How's that for a former psychology major who only ended up taking psych 101 and abnormal psych, then switched gears later on? Freud was a little too far out for me, but I did like Pavlov's dog.

You are so right about "our" different brains and how well (or not so well) we play these games. That's why a "team" works better sometimes. I think everyone has something to contribute -- and that's also why these forums are great! The older I get -- the more I realize that we're capable of "seeing" things in lots of different ways, if we keep ourselves open to it.
 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 16, 18 3:43 PM
mysticalla5 wrote:
Two questions before I forget again.
Is there a quicker, easier way to exit a level that you want to replay but don't want to wait for time/moves to be up? I go to the gears thingy, then click on the home button and then in the lower right corner there's the level to click on and begin again.

In a lot of games, there's been a kind of 'refresh' button that you can quickly start the board over when you know you can't beat it and want to start again.

Clear as mud yes? And yep, I forgot my other random question.

Mysti: I know you didn't ask me specifically....but I'll answer you anyway! You got it!! That's the only way to do it! I can't help you with your second question because so far I haven't quite learned how to read minds. BTW, your description is spot on!

BlueStarFish: I forgot in my earlier post to give you the well earned: Congratulations for completing the game!! I originally just told you that it was an accomplishment and then proceeded to try and get you to play again (in easy mode)! But, while I've got your attention....BlueStarFish.....I want to thank you again for your earlier suggestions in this forum -- when I was struggling with the first version of Mundus! I may not have deleted all the files from whatever version I had from "that other site", and started over here with the BF version, if you hadn't given me the idea! And.....I may not have had the pleasure of "meeting" this Mysti character. It's been fun and extremely enlightening!

And, of course, it's always a pleasure to have SynthpopAddict's participation in any forum!

 posted in Mundus: Impossible Universe on Apr 16, 18 3:00 PM

You are right on! I discovered last night that it was level 172! Didn't you find that one easy as well? That is if you just let 'em ride!
SynthpopAddict was close (she said 160 or 170), but the triangular hex board is level 173, and it does have several conveyor belts and masks. I am still impressed with her memory, as well as yours!

I believe that the other center tile level Synth was referring to was level 184. That one has the box with a bow in the center, but you only need to "jar" it one time, and you get the surprise in the center. Have you gotten there yet?

BTW, thanks for the chuckles! I missed them while I was gone!
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