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 posted in Bubble Shooter Adventures on Nov 15, 16 6:06 AM
You say that, but what you don't say is that there is no gradient of difficulty. I bought this game after the first few levels assuming (my fault) that it would increase in difficulty as I went through the game.

And it doesn't. At all.

Really quite disappointed and annoyed about that. Why would you make a game of over 250 levels that are basically the same apart from the shape? It's not even as though there are any power ups or tricky bubbles or anything. Nothing...
 posted in Fruit Lockers Reborn! on Feb 25, 16 1:36 AM
Starting a 'new' game and finding that it works best on OS three generations ago is a little worrying.

Also, after a few minutes every time I clicked on the game, it took me to my desktop.
 posted in Antique Shop: Lost Gems Egypt on Jan 12, 16 11:14 AM
Got a random access violation error and it closed.
 posted in Minion's Inn: Jewel of the Crown on Aug 19, 15 2:11 AM
I have finished all 200 levels in this game and I loved it. It does say that more levels are coming soon. Is this in the form of a new game or an update to the original game?
And, of course, when are they coming out?

 posted in Minion's Inn: Jewel of the Crown on Aug 19, 15 2:09 AM
I really loved this game too
I've been changing computers recently, so I had to build my hotel 3 times and I was more than happy to do it!
 posted in Minion's Inn: Jewel of the Crown on Aug 10, 15 7:17 AM
I might be a bit late here, but you need to activate two of the rippled pieces together, giving you the vertical and horizontal burst. And you need to do it 3 times.

I hope that helps.
 posted in Minion's Inn: Jewel of the Crown on Jun 28, 15 8:33 AM
I like this game, but why are 99% of the wallpapers brown?
As many people have experienced, the game will not open, just returns to manager page and says thanks for playing, when it's not actually opened.
Very disappointing.
I'm perplexed by finding characters in a game using a Ouija board (a game which can be bought in a toy store. A toy store.) cause for offence.
And even less cause for obtaining a refund.

These games have demos for a reason, perhaps you could expand your use of this function in future.

Oh, and full disclosure, I own this game.
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Twilight World on Apr 6, 15 4:12 PM
I've just restarted the game and when I got to the key puzzle, I picked up the fish keys first, which was the one I couldn't pick up before.
Once I'd done that, I could pick up all of the keys. I hope that helps you.
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Twilight World on Apr 6, 15 3:56 PM
Yes, that's exactly why I'm here.
I can't get the last two keys to match and I wondered if anyone else had the same problem.

It seems there is....
 posted in Fear for Sale: Endless Voyage Collector's Edition on Apr 3, 15 11:34 AM
Fatal Error when trying to start the game.

I actually got to the loading screen once.
And then another Fatal Error.
 posted in Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town on Feb 25, 15 10:08 AM
Just to let you know that in the viking torture chamber a script function is showing when you try to chop up the chair with the axe, instead of saying that the axe is too blunt.

 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Feb 16, 15 6:39 AM
There is loads to do and even though I've finished the storyline, I'm still working on finishing the collections and completing each location.

I really hope that this game does better and I will try and spread the word because so many match 3 games are just basic match 3 with no innovation at all!

I really want to see more games like this.
 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Feb 16, 15 6:35 AM
Sorry, but I think I should clarify.

The frog can only move to a space that is the same colour to it and is either above, beneath or to either side of it.
The idea is to use the counters with the colour drops onto them to change the frog to the colour you want it to be, so that it can move into the direction you want it to go.
Sometimes more than one colour will be matched and you have to either work with what you get or work to change the colour of the frog again.

You can also move the frog to make a match next to it, allowing the frog to move and the match to be made. The frog itself cannot be matched.

So, doing this, move the frog to the pond.
It's tricky, but now I've got the hang of it, I'm finding it quite fun. I don't manage it every time for sure!
 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Feb 16, 15 6:30 AM
I figured that out with a bit of trial and error, but thanks for the info. I understand what you mean about being hard to explain!
 posted in Mana Crusher on Feb 2, 15 8:15 AM
I can't believe there isn't a profile button. That seems....weird.

Maybe they will do better next time.
 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Jan 11, 15 10:50 AM
Not specifically a tech issue, but in the Library levels it says 'Hell Done' instead of 'Well Done'.
Something that was remarked upon by my 5 year old daughter :/
 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Jan 11, 15 6:27 AM
When I'm playing in the Warrior Academy, I have noticed that the challenges for the level don't always reflect what is stated.

For example. It will ask for 1 blue and 1 orange power up activated, but sometimes it's not actually orange. Sometimes it doesn't change for orange, but will work for red. Or green etc.

Anyone else having this problem?
 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Jan 11, 15 6:24 AM
Well, I liked it.

I've been playing it over the course of the last week and I haven't even got all of the locations unlocked.

It's challenging, without it being infuriating.
It doesn't seem to punish people using a track pad over a mouse, which is nice and I find the story lines's both big and fantastic to small and indepth. I know more about the characters in this game that in any other match 3 I've ever played in my life.

I play a lot of match 3s and I'm constantly looking for someone doing something different and I've found it.

Really enjoying it, well done.

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