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 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jan 15, 16 2:00 PM
Well I'm not sure what is going on as I lost track of things trying to figure out the "Starve the Beast" bit, but my 4.1 is at 8500 to open. The only thing on my land is one walker and that old train station thing. Everything else is in inventory.

This is my tenth manor and when I opened the first scene 1.1 I thought - okay I'll see how fast I can complete it. I just started a manor where I am doing it for the "joy" of playing these scenes rather than opening land, amassing juju etc. Anyhow, I blew it big time and then realized that 1.1 opened with the older scene from two years ago rather than the newer one (which is on manors 3-9) so I got confused. Yet the train station is the newer version.

I've given up figuring out what DM is doing when it comes to this type of thing! I think it might have something to do with which of their servers that you play on. Will be interested to see when the other scenes start opening!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Sep 16, 15 4:15 PM
I have seven manors and a FB account for each. It is a pain as I had to develop email accounts for each fake one which was all seven. I did this in case I lost a manor so it could be retrieved. One of the most amusing aspects is that FB wants you to have friends so desperately that they keep suggesting friends sometimes ten or more a day. I finally friended myself with the manors. So each FB account has six friends. But it is a pain. Seven new email addys, seven FB accounts and passwords to remember. And now since DM announced they are no longer developing new items and chapters--all for naught.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Aug 5, 15 11:28 AM
I just don't understand why Big Fish or Churchill can't just say this is it or more will come. they don't have to be a downer about it if "this is it." Just state (as other HOG type games do) - that DM is a 17 chapter game, but you can go on to collect gold/silver/juju/XP and continue to decorate your lands. I think those of us who have been playing for the last two years could accept that...we might not like it, but we could accept it. Or if they want to invest minimal money then change out the free and premium gifts at times, add a new item here and there, Change the rewards for levels 55-99 so the rewards are more substantial (some gold or more silver and an exclusive object every five or ten levels). I don't know the time/labor/cost involved in any of this and am not a programmer, but what about moving the objects around on the HO scenes occasionally. That way it would keep the game semi-fresh for those of us who have played long-term. It would give us something to look forward to knowing that there was some challenge left in playing.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jul 27, 15 1:28 PM
When my silver booster banner came up it said it was Fan Appreciation Week. So this probably means six days of sales.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jul 10, 15 8:41 PM
Eli--sorry it didn't work for you! I may have just been having a weird DM night. One time THREE of my ??? gave me gold bars at once...13 of them. Stuff like that. Must have been DM hauntin' me
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jul 10, 15 11:37 AM
Last night I noticed for the first time that my other manors started appearing on my neighbor invite list on the same device. I would play one manor then go to the next and there would be the previously played manor. This has never happened on the same device. I stayed up to 4am and each of my iPad manors (6) now all "neighbor" one another.

Don't know if this is a glitch or what, but if you want to check it out for your manors on the same device...go for it!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jul 1, 15 7:54 PM
When the straw men and alien circles are on sale for 40% off--they are a good buy because you can sell back the straw man for 5k more than you paid for them and the alien circles (40k XP) can be sold back for what you paid. I keep the straw men in my inventory (upwards of 50 or so at times) and take them out for juju whenever I need them and then put them back in. All my manors are decorated with a lot of space so I always have room for the straw men when I need juju. Garden of Lurves are also great to hoard until you reached the final chapter!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 23, 15 8:15 PM
eli173--what level are the invites that remain pending? Like many others in my older manors I rarely look at the invites and those that want to be invited. I do go through them around every ten days, but after two years of DM--quite frankly I'm done with adding new neighbors. With my other manors during the Gemini "challenge" I got them all up to maximum silver and energy gifts and I accept mainly "younger" manors so that I can help them level up. I keep telling myself to quit, but don't listen--keep hoping for a new spark whether it is a chapter, new "stuff" or a scavenger hunt. It just seems like DM is now in the vast wasteland of BFG and being ignored.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 18, 15 9:53 PM
Wow after reading the initial post I decided to work the slots for the first time in weeks...won 16 gold and the jackpot on a 100 spin. Second time on this manor winning the top prize. Of course I've only won 8 jackpots since the slots were introduced over 7 manors. I wish we could win silver or something to add to our silver totals. Would make the mindless spinning more worthwhile.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 17, 15 6:52 PM
Totally agree. This used to be a very lively and caring community, but most of the folks that made it so have left.

And if BFG is done with Dark Manor why not just tell us? There are plenty of folks that are new and potential newbies to keep the game alive for BFG. I think us old-timers deserve a little consideration here for the money we have invested in the game and for the time we have spent playing it.

I play many other games and generally speaking you are aware of how many levels/HOG scenes etc there are and you know when you have reached the end. There is no reason not to let us level 99'ers (and anyone else who has completed the chapters) know if this is it. I would venture to say (and please correct me anyone out there if I'm wrong) that those of us who have reached the higher levels and completed the chapters and purchased all the land available...well to put it bluntly I assume none of us are paying for gold anyhow.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 12, 15 9:22 AM
I'm buying Straw Man to up my Juju...60k silver and I think they sell back for 65k. What a deal
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 7, 15 12:37 AM
Thanks for posting this. I have 7 manors and this neighbor appeared as an invite for all 7. One of the many mysteries of DM!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 2, 15 11:28 AM
Alien8d - oh wow Alien8d - I started a new manor yesterday and I'm at level 47 already. I wouldn't recommend this method for newbies as it would destroy the fun of the game, but for us oldies who are hanging on in hopes of more chapters etc., it was a fun thing to do. I have basically nothing but walkers on the land available with some land "cooking" and it was fun in that it was for me at least a timing challenge. I'm going to get up to level 51 so I can gift newbies the entire silver or energy gifts.

Also Silver_Hawk - I played my five manors on the iPad while I played my manor on the iPhone...and it worked...I now have all five iPad manors connected to the manor on the iPhone. I wonder if this would work for others. If I, for instance, PM'd you or Alien8d to play at say 10pm--I wonder if you would eventually show up on the potential friend list? This explains I think why certain people show up all the time. I have several people friended on multiple mansions. They tend to always show up on top on the most recently played list. Something to ponder LOL.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 20, 15 12:13 AM
1am 5/20 - the bull seems to have disappeared so maybe the twins are coming up.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 12, 15 10:27 AM
Well I figure that they are assuming that we players who have been playing since the beginning are dropping out of the game and the newer players without our history don't know that there were better deals in the past!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 11, 15 11:31 AM
LOL eli173--

I was thinking the same thing. I have five manors and have 13 neighbors on three of them--I chose the most active in terms of gifting to/from me. The other two are level 99's and I have 48 neighbors. I git the lower levels once a week and the upper levels so far three days a week. AND I'm wondering WHY I am doing this! On the level 99's I have so much gold and silver and gifts that they'd have to go up to Chapter 100 and open every plot of land available for me to use it all! Sigh. I have so loved this game, but I think it is about time to do a painful break up.
Northman Lane
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 11, 15 11:26 AM
Thank you WaltzingFish--the popup disappeared so quickly that I couldn't get a screenshot of it...and could only remember 2pm PST today! So much much appreciated.
Northman Lane
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 8, 15 9:20 AM
Second Abbietweets--thank you to all that served!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 8, 15 9:18 AM
A lot of folks just do something else while the neighbor visiting is going on, i.e., let the scene run through while watching TV, working on the computer etc.

I just figure DM is trying to teach us all to have patience...lots of patience.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 5, 15 11:56 AM
You've given me an idea for a new decorating scheme...something like Journey to the center of the earth or The Lost World.

Part of the problem with decorating though is DM doesn't follow through on items for a theme. For instance there is one dinosaur and no others. You have the Indian Village (premium scene reward) with large teepees, yet the teepees that you can purchase are not to scale. You could add things like a campfire which would go with many different themes or say a T-Rex for "comic" relief. Imagine him poking out from behind one of those humongous and ugly circus tents. Then for instance they throw in that (I think ornament) of the father in a lounge chair for gold that doesn't really go with anything. It would be nice if they would offer more objects to go with themes and to scale them properly.

I know the devs say the "proper" people read the suggestions for DM thread, but they never seem to use any of the suggestions. There are some really creative suggestions in it!
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