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 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love on Dec 21, 15 1:03 AM
I wish I downloaded the Collectors Edition - that's the demo I played and it was way more fun!! There were hidden objects to find, which made it a much better and more interesting game. Usually a Collectors Edition gives you more levels to play, more wallpapers etc. so I didn't expect this standard edition wouldn't have this part of the gameplay.
Still enjoying it, but reeeeally like the additional hidden objects in some of these TM games so a bit disappointed about that.
Oh good, it's not just me... I tore my hair out for a while!
I also haven't found anyone in my web searches who has beaten the Developer's Record on 3.1 (and evidently I will have the same problem when I get to 3.7).
In my best effort, I finished with so much gold time left on the timer and popped so many birds as well, that I thought I must have reached the record for sure! Shocked to see I was still around 2000 under. ?
Knowing no-one has managed to beat it - and from the sounds of it, some of you have tried much harder than I! - I can now move on... (to the next level lol)
I'm inclined to think this must be some kind of glitch and not a genius Developer behind that Developer's score... Bit of a shame, feels like I won't have properly completed the game.
 posted in Viking Saga on Sep 21, 15 4:25 AM
Annoyed with this ep. because I couldn't get 3 stars on "normal" (which will make it impossible when I get to "hard" mode!).. Thanks redrosesdz et al, couldn't have done it without yas!
 posted in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition on Nov 6, 14 2:37 AM
thanks amminnc, I ran through it a few times with your instructions and once I got into the rhythm I made it with time to spare!
 posted in Green City: Go South on Sep 8, 14 5:21 AM
That level was soooo hard!!
But your method worked, thanks so much for posting )
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