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 posted in Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger on Feb 14, 17 12:37 PM
I hate they lock up the answers so we can't see them. Maybe they need to just stop the comments, but still be able to see answers to questions
For some reason they decided to lock the discussion about the location of the dog bone??????????????? I can't find it and the strategy guide doesn't help with the location, the only place I see a mention of the bone is when it tells you to use for the dog. Thanks for any help
 posted in The Veil of Mystery: Seven Little Gnomes on Aug 7, 15 11:47 AM
The hint tells me to do something with the grave. I assumed it was to use the pick axe on it. But I can't get it to do anything thing there. The magnifying glass shows up like you are supposed to get a closer look, but it doesn't go closer.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jan 18, 14 1:29 PM
Wow I haven't been to the forum in a long while. Wow look at everyone in the 100s! Now there are a couple in the 300s and a few in the 200s. Crazy! Congrats to everyone!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 21, 13 7:32 PM
I still can't get a competition going. It just keep searching for opponents, is anyone else having this problem?
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 5, 13 10:48 PM
Yep big glitch. After 2 successful expeditions it won't open artist studio ugh!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 24, 13 12:24 PM
I have plenty of candies now. Thank you!!!

But could still use lanterns if you're so inclined. Also in need of my wish list items especially energy rocks.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 24, 13 12:00 PM
To all of my wonderful neighbors, you have all been so generous with the mint candies, that I now have all of my holiday pumpkins plus a few extra. Thank you!!!

Since I already have what I need of them, I am now more in the need of what is in my wish list especially energy rocks.

I would also like to know who of my neighbors still need mint candy, so I can gift some to you. If you still need them plz send me a message to the game so I can make sure you get some from me. You can also let me know if I can send you wish list items instead.

Thanks again for the generosity!!!!!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 22, 13 6:28 PM
I have found a few things in Paris. a couple of hats with feathers in them. In the bouglarie (bakery). But I can't find the mint candies to buy or gift my neighbors. where are they?
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 22, 13 6:22 PM
I use to have trouble with freezing until I switched to Firefox. Usually the freezing has something to do with flash. Try Firefox before leaving.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 20, 13 6:02 PM
WOOHOO!!!! I just lucked out. I went to play runes since I figured I would just give up on being able to play the expedition. And I won some gems in there! So I can buy the other bags I needed. Try playing in Runes and maybe you can get enough gems to buy those metal things.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 20, 13 3:29 PM
Exactly. And if I'm not mistaken you need 50 of those things you're talking about.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 20, 13 3:19 PM
I am this close to being able to do my first expedition. And that little twerp Billy won't give me the bags of dry. I only need five! I could buy them but you have to have 10 gems and I only have 8!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm out of conjuring to get him back. UGH double ugh!!!!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 20, 13 3:15 PM
Yeah don't sweat it.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 16, 13 9:46 AM
Yes I have the same issue with sleeping neighbors. Sometimes they wake up sometimes they don't.

I have over 100 neighbors, and you're one of them. I visit and gift each one everyday. I don't mind because it helps with experience and coins etc.

I think this game has lots of issues, and I don't think it was really ready to launch, but was pushed out by overzealous developers. It happens all the time. Just like Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. The version for computer player wasn't ready but they put it out anyway. So it doesn't have a lot of the features that the Ipad, tablet etc players have.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 14, 13 6:15 PM
I'm playing now in the Hobbit Hut. But for some reason it won't show graphics, just the background.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 13, 13 6:19 PM
Glad yall were able to get on. I keep getting the server is down error message. My game loads, I play for a few minutes then get the error message. Restart the game and repeat. So far 4 times. Evidently I'm the only one with this problem. I came to the forums to see if anyone else was having the same problem. Guess not
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 13, 13 2:14 PM
you're welcome, and thank you to you as well for your help.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 11, 13 1:18 PM
THANK YOU spocalina!!!!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 10, 13 8:13 PM
I've noticed it too. I'm also a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan and noticed the hat tip to the Tin Woodsman, Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow!
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