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 posted in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition on Dec 23, 14 8:09 PM
The point in the game where you need to get the fox figurine you are supposed to pull out a nail with nail pullers during the HOS. Well I've done that several times (I even looked at the guide to check I was clicking the correct things and I was) but I put the pullers over the nail click and...nothing. no animation, the nail doesn't come loose and I'm just unable to complete to game now. I even reset my data and played from the start all over again and it happened AGAIN. I was loving this game up until this point and I now feel crushed.
 posted in Dream Chronicles on Apr 18, 14 12:01 PM
its sorted I bought the games on ****. so if you want to own the games just buy them on **** because they don't sell them on big fish anymore
 posted in Dream Chronicles on Apr 13, 14 10:16 AM
Has bigfish deleted this game? I've been searching and searching for it and sadly I have no way to contact them to them that I'm unhappy if they have. I wanted to buy it in the 2 for one sale but its nowhere to be seen.
 posted in Dream Day Wedding on Feb 15, 14 8:26 AM
Hey could anyone give me an example or guide me to a guide which can tell me how many of each are in each scene?
 posted in Who Am I on Feb 2, 14 5:15 AM
Yes I did do that before the post
 posted in Who Am I on Jan 23, 14 10:23 AM
I got the artist his lightbulbs and everytime I go to take the paint (hovered over the paint and its the hand icon and not the speaking one) he just says 'You may take the paint' everytime I click on it. This is driving me a little crazy as I've been trying to take it for the past 10 minutes. Please someone help. Is this a glitch or something or is there something I haven't done yet?
 posted in Success Story on Dec 16, 13 12:18 AM
I really want this game and before anyone suggests it. Yes I am 100% logged in but still no buy button.
 posted in Aveyond on Sep 13, 13 1:54 PM
After I found Devin I was told to meet him and Talia at the sun temple. I went there and nothing happened. I could ask Devin and the oracle questions and Talia just goes on about seeing her old friend but nothing happened. Am I missing something?
 posted in Aveyond on Sep 13, 13 7:59 AM
I'm on the northern isle and I'm supposed to take Talia to the sun temple. (I'm near the start of the game) and I've found my way to the sun temple but I spoke to the Oracle and Talia tells her she'd like to keep traveling with the young people in case they need her advise the oracle said ok and that was it. Every walkthrough I've looked at has said they are supposed to have a big discussion about Ahriman and then another once they leave but that hasn't happened. I went back in to try it again but I can ask her 4 things and that's it. I don't know what the hell is going on. Is this a glitch?
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