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Huffpatsy, Fix worked for me too. Thanks
I would really like to purchase this game, but if I cannot move forward from the serpent, what's the use. Please help.
I cannot pick up the sixth item in the necklace, a leaf. Therefore, cannot get the strawberry and thus cannot get rid of the bugs. Just purchased the game. Please help.
 posted in Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 on Jan 19, 16 12:09 PM
After playing the game intermittingly for several weeks, when I logged back on after a short time away on the same day, the game went back to the beginning. Now what? Is all my game play erased?
 posted in Knight Solitaire 2 on Oct 26, 15 2:41 PM
I performed all of the suggested fixes with still no help. I also sent a Dr. Felix report as well. Still no solution. Would appreciate any other suggestions.
 posted in Knight Solitaire 2 on Oct 25, 15 2:38 PM
Can anyone tell me why suddenly the game will not play on my laptop ,but it will play on my desktop.
 posted in Hyperballoid 2 on Mar 23, 15 1:59 PM
For whatever reason, I can not get the bat to completely go to the left side of the screen. Can anyone help?
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Sep 22, 13 12:35 PM
I successfully placed the valves for the water shut for the cave, but when I went to the cave, the water was still flowing. I may have inadvertently completed HOG game before I should have, but now, I cannot stop the water. Can anyone help?
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