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 posted in Weird Park: Broken Tune Collector's Edition on Sep 29, 13 4:33 PM
Hii guys, so I'm pretty new here um the reason I signed up was actually to find this post! So I downloaded the game for iPod and it started crashing and freezing just the slightest wrong tab or a notification for another application that would come up while the game is on freezes the game up! I uninstalled it and then re-downloaded it to my device and that didn't work. I even went to the support page here on big fish and I took all the steps necessary to supposedly fix it from crashing and it still freezes and crashes. Fortunately I gave them a review on the App Store with one star because of it crashing and the website not helping but if they fix it I can take the bad review down And put up a good one. So when can we start fixing it?
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