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 posted in Vampire Legends: The Count of New Orleans on Aug 17, 16 8:59 AM
I'm playing Vampire legends But unable to find carter's house location in Map i accidently clicked on another location but now there is no location of carter's House ...
please Help
Same problem with me when i try to match the symbols the game automaticaly terminated and giving run time error
Hi there i'm using window xp with service pack3 as i start the game after getting magic mirror by a Jacque's Grandmother room. I put burnt note in the magic mirror bur game suddenly crashed on this spot.. i tried more than 10 times to olay again and again but the Problem is same... my graphic card is updated also but the problem is same please help me
i have same problem its acctualy in chapter 5 end when we have to fix the wheel and then go to ocene... em going to uninstall the game and then going to reinstall hope that works.. !
 posted in Fear for Sale: Nightmare Cinema Collector's Edition on Oct 2, 13 9:34 AM
i have the same problem but unfortunattly i have deleted setup :'( i cant uninstall my game what should i have to do???
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