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The strategy guide says use the hook to clear water spout, but they don't say where you find it. It's not at the water spout and the guide doesn't mention where you pick it up. Can't move on now
I have the collectors Edition but no strategy guide!
I have the compass in inventory, but can't use it. Evidence board up to date, nothing left to do. . . Haven't got a magnifying glass on evidence board either but that hasn' t affected play. Please any advice before I uninstall???
I can't progress any further in game because it won't accept the second half of the sun emblem on the door. It keeps saying I should use it somewhere else. Does it matter which half you put on first? The first half won't come off now. . .
 posted in Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition on Oct 2, 13 3:45 PM
In the skyward castle, when trying to collect all the runes, I clicked on and then somehow 'lost' the paper pinned to the pillar and cannot now proceed any further with the pen to draw the rune and so can't get any further with game
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