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 posted in Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads Collector's Edition on Feb 15, 18 11:42 AM
I contacted the developers of this game via email. I received a reply back stating that they are aware of the freezing issue and are working to fix this bug.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads Collector's Edition on Feb 14, 18 6:52 AM
I have Windows 7 and this is the first time I've had trouble with any of the Delicious Emily games.

Thank goodness this is just the demo and I haven't bought it yet.

Every time I go to play it goes fine for awhile, then completely freezes up and I have to go into Task Manager and end it, then open it again to keep going. I'll just start playing again, and it freezes up after a few minutes. I did send the problem to the developers, and they're working on they say.

I've tried it in both full screen & windowed mode and it constantly freezes. My PC has all the System Requirements for this game so that's not the problem. Not buying this game until they fix this bug.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories on May 10, 16 4:52 PM
jorob716 wrote:Can't go back to previous sections to replay or purchase anything. Please help!!!

I wrote to the developers and when I sent them a screenshot that was not showing the Farm along with letting them know the problem, which has been going on for a year now, where you can't go back to previous restaurants. They immediately took it to their team as Big Fish had a wrong version. They emailed me back stating they had sent the correct version to them. That was over two months ago.

I sent an update to Big Fish and they replied two months ago...yes I still have the email from them promising to check for the correct version and post the update on this forum. Well, as you can see, nothing has happened which I expected.

Do yourself a favor as I did and seek out the game on another site. I was able to get the game very cheap too and it works great. The only problem is I can't post the name of the other game site as they replace it with asterisks as you are not supposed to put other game site names on the forum as part of the rules.

I'm extremely disappointed in Big Fish and told them under no uncertain terms when I emailed them over this past weekend. Why they don't have the working version is beyond me, but I got sick of excuses and decided to go searching around for a version that works and I found one. Good luck.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories on Mar 14, 16 10:19 AM
Kweenee wrote:Your issues are exactly why I will never buy a game from BFG again. I had been a customer since 2007, and I can tell you that they have no respect for their customers any longer.

Don't hold your breath for a corrected version - they'll just send more coupons as always.

I have to agree with you on that one. I'm starting to go to other game sites for my games from now on because BFG's customer support is terrible. They did send me an email stating that they will be posting the correct version of Delicious Emily's Childhood Memories and will announce it on the main Forum page for this game in a few weeks. I'm not going to hold my breath and questioned them as to why after one year of the same complaint they've done nothing. I also pointed out that they should be the ones to contact the developers, not us.

It shouldn't take them a few weeks to post the better version either. I'm am very disappointed with BFG. Yes they have good deals on their games but what good is it, if you constantly get problems and all you get is a coupon for another game, when you want the one working properly that you purchased.

Good point Kweenee!!
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories on Mar 4, 16 6:57 AM
I contacted the developers of this game about the problem and they had me send them a screenshot of the menu which does not show The Farm level at all. They forwarded it to their franchise team to check on which build of the game is distributed by Big Fish.

Big Fish have been supplied with a correct version of the game now but the developers have no control over when this will actually be available on the Big Fish website

I contacted Big Fish about this by replying to my incident ticket and received an email back yesterday. They told me that they will post at the top of the main Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories Forum page as soon as the update is added to the site, which should happen within the next few weeks.

So just keep checking the main Forum page for this game for the update announcement. Hope this helps.

 posted in Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories on Mar 2, 16 6:46 AM
I just received an email today from the developers of this game informing me that Big Fish have now been supplied the correct version of this game.

Hopefully Big Fish will make the correct version available soon.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories on Feb 25, 16 6:49 AM
Lazy_Storm wrote:Having the same problems with the navigation at the top not working properly. There's no way back to the first area at all.

Why are you still selling this game when it's not working properly? And you have been told this by numerous people? Why hasn't it been fixed?

I just purchased this game a few weeks ago and I'm having the same problems everyone else is having. No tab on top for the Farm so I can't go back. I finished The Garden hoping the Farm tab would appear, but it did not. But when I finished the Garden and went to the Campsite, I tried to go back by clicking on the Garden tab and could not go back into that either.

I'm very disappointed with Big Fish's non-chalant attitude as all they did was send me a free coupon towards another game and it's only good for a couple of weeks which is no good to me. I sent a reply tearing a strip off of them as I'm really tired of reporting problems and they do nothing except send free coupons for other games, when I want the one I purchased to be working properly. I'm seriously looking at purchasing my games elsewhere because I'm really sick of this.

I researched the developers of the game and emailed them myself with the problem. They replied immediately and asked me to send them the forum link to see what problems people are having and a screenshot of the tabs page. They have forwarded the screenshot to their franchise team to see which build of the game is distributed by Big Fish. She will let me know as soon as she hears back. She said that indeed there is something amiss with what they are supplying. I'll post again as soon as I hear back from them.
 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 31, 15 3:59 PM
maru_quintana wrote:I just created an account to get this game. I have XP in my computer and the game just won't open. What can I do, Big Fish? I don't want to cancel my account within the very few minutes after I just created it. If there's nothing that can be done, I'm just cancelling. Good thing is that I used the coupon (thank you for that!) but I'm really disappointed. Does it have a solution? Thank you!

(I think I'll have to cancel and uninstall the app!)

Well, I had all of the same issues with XP as others. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but still didn't work.

Now tonight I just decided to install the game again today (Dec. 31st) after a few weeks of all of the problems and now it works. Go figure. I never got any indication from Big Fish that anything was updated either. But it's working okay, so I'm not going to argue. I'm just enjoying the game.
 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 27, 15 8:55 AM
mamajambo wrote:I waited all year for this game, I have all the others and Windows XP...the game will not load.
I get a message that flashes by so fast I can't read it and the screen goes back to where I started. I hope someone takes pity on us old XP users and gives us a fix...
Someone out there please help!

It has nothing to do with XP because I have XP and couldn't get the one on Big Fish to work. I either got a quick flashing dos box, then nothing, or a dll error.

Yet I downloaded the game from another site and it worked perfectly with no problems at all. If it was an XP problem no gaming site's download would work. I did contact the developers (Casual Arts) on this problem and they assured me they are working on it with Big Fish. I don't have too much faith in a fix being done, but I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway.

 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 18, 15 6:25 AM
sftoeire52 wrote:
pita1234 wrote:OK, this is interesting. I also have XP and couldn't play. However, it was available from another gaming site today and it plays just fine - so it's NOT because of Windows XP!

I've been waiting for a week to hear back from Tech, so I'm not hopeful. I don't suppose you could post the name of the OTHER gaming site that has a version of Christmas Wonderland 6 that actually works? (Only partly joking)

The person could have posted the website where they got the game that works, but it gets edited to just show asterisks in place of the other site's name. I know because I stupidly put the name of the site where it worked and when I checked my message the next day it showed the asterisks instead. I should have known better because after all, it's taboo to post the name of their competitors on their site. Sorry Big Fish. So I just deleted my message.

A fix is in the works from what I'm told and hopefully it will be soon.

 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 11, 15 4:59 PM
Just to let everyone know who are having this issue who have XP, I sent a message to Casual Arts via Facebook and got a prompt reply. I told them the problem with the W32 dll problem and also with the dos box just popping up, then nothing. I put their reply below. I'll put a message in this forum as soon as I get any resolution from them or if us XP users have no choice but to upgrade in order to play the game.

This was Casual Arts reply:

Sorry to hear you are having problems and unfortunately I think the issue may be down to Windows XP compatibility problem. I will pass this on to our coding team and see if we can find a solution for your problem (other than upgrading your windows).


I got a reply from BF with a free coupon for another game, but was not happy with that and let them know. They are also going to pass on this issue to their technical experts who will be able to provide further help. It could take up to 10 days as they are a little behind the usual wait time for technical issues.

Hopefully with both Casual Arts and BF trying, we may get the problem resolved (fingers crossed).
 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 10, 15 6:58 AM
sftoeire52 wrote:
JCPennys wrote:I'm having the same problem. Has anyone had any luck?

I'm wondering if any of you are using Windows XP. This may be the reason that we're having problems. We need to be able to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or better. I've heard that it was all coming to a head by the end of 2015...looks like it's possibly a bit early. Bummer!!

I don't know why XP would be a problem because the System Requirements for the game states for the OS (XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc.). So if XP is one of the OS's for the requirements, people with XP should not be having a problem. I think they need to update the executable.

I stopped getting the entry point error after reinstalling the Games Manager, but it still just opens a quick dos box, then closes. I sent a ticket and hopefully someone can help.
 posted in Christmas Wonderland 6 on Dec 9, 15 4:31 PM
LosAngeHell wrote:Hi,

I got an error message,

"The procedure entry point inet_pton could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.dll".

I have downloaded and removed Christmas Wonderland 6 four times now. I still keep getting this message. The game tries to launch but halts, then the message appears. Any suggestions to try another way of getting this game to work?


I get this exact same message, so there must be something wrong with the executable file for this game. Bummer because I really wanted to play it.
 posted in Awakening: The Sunhook Spire Collector's Edition on May 22, 14 6:37 AM
Big Fish has a survey right now of this game, like what they had when Sunhook Spire was about to come out. It takes you through the first chapter of the game. Then you can fill out the survey if you want to rate the game and mention any problems encountered.

I was told by Boomzap when contacting them that the game will be released some time in May which should be soon.

But if you want a sneak peek and download the survey game, the link is:
Go to:   
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