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 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on May 28, 17 1:29 AM
I went back several pages but may have missed the answer:

Why buy boosts if you can't use them anywhere you wish? For instance, I have some "swap" boosts which would help on Shivering Plains Level 88 but that boost doesn't seem to be available. Is there a way to get boosts from the "Play" screen (before you enter level play) or from the level itself? All I see is the hammer, the whirlwind and, I think, the rainbow.

Thank you.
 posted in Agency 33 on May 8, 16 11:58 PM
The cheetah is used in the Cemetery crypt. Not sure about the other.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Jan 25, 16 8:42 PM
This may be answered somewhere else so feel free to point me in that direction.

I have a new laptop. When I installed Gummy Drop I find I have lost all progress. I am signed on to the BFG app so that's not the problem. And all of my purchase show up on that page. Any help appreciated.

Thank you.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Jan 4, 16 11:07 PM
MarktheShark69 wrote:Hi,

I'm having a problem with Paris 95 on the second difficulty level. At no point did souvenir's ever appear, and you have to drop about 15 of them. Seems like a glitch. Not very happy as I had to waste a life on this. Please help!


Same here but apparently the problem has been going on for quite a while with no intent to fix. It really ticks me off when, as today, Level 95 is part of the Daily whatever. Another obvious point is they don't give a good you-know-what about people who are playing on a PC as all other players now have updates....but not us. Go figure.
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on May 29, 15 11:36 PM
Tzeitel99 wrote:I answered this earlier but my post didn't show up!

I use the coins to buy the things the *quests* want us to hunt for. I used to go look for them but now that I have amassed a good bit of coin I don't mind using it for that. Makes the game go faster. I used the gems only for clothing and office décor.

Good idea; thank you :-)
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on May 27, 15 3:00 PM
Thank you! I think I'm at Level 62 or 63 and have finished up all the last update's quests. Now I'm accumulating money in both interest-bearing accounts. Over $1,000,000 at last look-see.

Maybe I'll buy some of those airship goodies. :-)
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on May 27, 15 2:47 AM
....when everything costs diamonds?

Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help!!!
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on May 16, 15 4:07 AM
Have you tried using a ring? For 30 minutes you have a 15% greater chance of finding objects. The fish fountain is 5% for 30 minutes.
 posted in City of Fools on Sep 20, 14 5:07 AM
Was it "Who Am I?"?
 posted in City of Fools on Sep 20, 14 4:54 AM
I have entered the Park from both directions and cannot find the Holly needed for the Travel potion. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Sep 11, 14 10:50 PM
Thank you both. Much appreciated.
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Sep 11, 14 4:42 PM
New to game: Where does one find the magnet hint?

In the lower right of each scene the hints are a tuning fork and a flare but no magnet. It's supposed to attract items.

 posted in Another Case Solved on Sep 4, 14 2:58 PM
Don't know how to explain this but here goes:

Game is not crediting me with all the items I draw a line through. For instance, if I have 10 footprints, it will only show I've drawn a line through eight and credit me with one map instead of two. To make clear, this isn't only on footprints; it's everything.

Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks for any help.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jul 6, 14 1:06 AM
As I am no longer playing ART except to give away keys, can someone who's interested take over keeping and emailing people the spreadsheet I created? It's just a simple WTF; no bells and whistles.

I am on here so seldom that I'm not getting back to people who've requested the spreadsheet until days or weeks later.

When they get rid of the daily quests which require a winning bid I might be back; but I'm so disgusted with the prices people are asking for items I don't even look at the quests.

Thanks so much.

RussellShihTzu on ART

PS: And let me know if you need keys. I sign in four times a days and give away what I can.
 posted in Another Case Solved on Jul 1, 14 5:12 AM
Those of you who've reached Level 16, have you been able to solve the first case? Breaking the Bank? I'm stumped again. :-) All I need is a hint: Is the clue to the thieves before or after the detective has discovered they took a ladder to the street?


Just like before, as soon as I post for help I figure it out. :-) However, in my defense, I didn't get a "That's It" until my sixth or seventh attempt so there must have been a glitch.
 posted in Another Case Solved on Jun 26, 14 2:57 AM
I'm begging you, anyone know the answer? I'm tearing out my hair...well, not really...but I am bulding up quite a bank accoun.

I get to the safety deposit box with the bag, the check and the package. Do I need a tool to open the package? I can't figure out the logic in this one.

Any help appreciated.

Found it: Turned left when I should have turned right.
 posted in Another Case Solved on Jun 20, 14 3:47 PM
I can't figure out the location. Have finally given up so any help appreciated.

Thank you.

Nevermind. :-)
 posted in Another Case Solved on Jun 13, 14 6:59 AM
I need help. :-)

Am I wrong in thinking the statue is in the stacked boxes on the right? If so, do I need something special to get it?

 posted in Another Case Solved on Jun 7, 14 7:45 PM
Hi, Efi:

Discovered this game after ART got so boring and I must say I'm really enjoying it.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jun 4, 14 12:19 PM
I log on once a day to check my mail. Then I'm off to play "Another Case Solved" or "Midnight Castle."

I like the way they do updates with Midnight Castle. When you've gone as far as you can go in regular play, they send you on a quest and when you go to your destination is says (to paraphrase): Quest will be available with next update.

In the meantime there are several random quests in any 24-hour period. You'd have to play it to understand.
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