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 posted in Fairway™ on Nov 23, 13 6:50 AM
Today the clubs are bouncing in the bag, suggesting what I should use. Why? I don't need hints; in fact they ruin the challenge. Come on, I have been annoyed also lately by the frustrating and, for me, impossible 30 sec challenges. Anything below 45 is unattainable for me and I'm a good player. Getting to the point where I may just delete the game. Also, the bonus deck, which is 5000 golf bucks, right next to the playing deck, has cost me many golf bucks because of accidentally clicking on it.
 posted in Fairway Solitaire on Nov 5, 13 7:10 AM
I loved this game but lately it has become impossible. Timed games below 40 seconds are too hard, particularly for people my age, 72, and prices have gotten too high. I really like challenges where I have to play perfect games or get minus something without using mulligans etc but the alternate red and blacks or playing a certain color # of times are boring. I don't consider those a fair challenge. I have been playing for several years and have spent a lot of money and have won almost every trophy but I am now considering quitting entirely because the creators of this game have been making it almost impossible to win. When you play a game a dozen times you know it is designed for failure. I am a good player. I know when one has been designed to lose.
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