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 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 8:26 AM
From 2 to 3 CE's a week, reducing prices, daily sales - I'm not surprised about less quality. BFG ruined a once brilliant game format. Who can produce more for less money and within shorter time?

I've never posted a lot. The sheer negativity here over the last months and weeks made me stay away. Why should I pay for something I don't use and don't enjoy?

Of course I've met many many nice people here and will keep in touch with them, as we already have established means of communication.
Especially for FTP games, there turned up many privately run forums and I wish all the players the courage and stamina to run new forums for their favourite games.

Feel sorry for the mods, hopefully they will get different jobs within the company. At the same time I feel happy for them, the daily spam hunt will soon be over. This ongoing problem was never resolved, in spite of all the promises by BFG.

Wishing all of you the best! Good bye, see you in different forums!
 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 18 10:04 AM
Pleasant surprise!
What first looks like a motif that has been used over and over and over again, turns out to be a delightful, at times slightly creepy, journey through Ancient Egypt.
I'm in no hurry to free Auntie Dawn, who has been abducted by a demon, hoping he will take her to many more places.
Absolutely beautiful scenery, fantastic atmosphere, very fitting tunes, great HO's with morphing objects (indicated in a different color), terrific details and great varieties, puzzles no overly difficult, but very entertaining.

I'm enjoying it!
 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 18 2:38 AM
Or: Wrong kind of leaves on the tracks?
 posted in Myths of the World: Love Beyond Collector's Edition on Feb 8, 18 4:13 AM
What a stunning scenery! Ooh, yeah, just right now my husband has been abducted, I should go and help him.
But I find myself sitting on a cliff and admiring the gorgeous views on the river winding itself through the valley beneath the rocks, wondering if a boat passes by.

Ok, have to tear myself away, Theodor, I'm coming to your help!
Game doesn't open on Mac Yosemite, iOS 10.10.5.
No reaction, no error code, nothing.
 posted in PuppetShow: Poetic Justice Collector's Edition on Oct 5, 17 3:42 PM
Sorry, but this game is a new rank of "low".
As fun as it might be to choose your gender and your looks, I didn't experience any fun during the trial.
Just boredom, a story that couldn't hold my interest, (wife terminally ill, doesn't tell her husband, seeks remedy in an obscure clinic - NO THANKS - Husband puts her in a cage of ???, but she escapes and follows the strange calls of the clinic ... NO THANKS!!!)
The title of the game reminded me of Dana Knightstone, such a great series!
As Brave Donna might be, she can't hold a candle to Dana.

Dana had wit and guts, I thought Donna is rather boring.

Strangler? All I've seen in the trial is a "marker", strange runes appear on his victims and another shadowy ghosty supernatural appearance. And a gadget.

I'm still a fan of well done HO's, but the ones I got to play here were not very captivating.
Nor were the puzzles.
No option to block pop ups.
I prefer to play with "inventory unlocked", the constant swaying every time I got or used an item was really off-putting.

Sorry, another pass.
Happy Gaming to those who like this game!
judy, this IS the last one in this series.

Quoting from Eipix facebook:
"Get ready to travel to an alien world for one last time in the thrilling conclusion to the series, Amaranthine Voyage: The Burning Sky CE, out now!"

Just finished the trial, have not checked the extras yet.
I liked the game a lot so far. Well paced, at least for me, very colourful and a good story. The dinosaurs are fun, hopefully we get to know, how they were tamed.
The plot thickens towards the end, a great cliff hanger.
I enjoy the humour in the game, for instance, it says "No need to try to bless the artifact twice, that would be pushing my luck."

Bought the game, have to know now how the story continues.
 posted in Love Chronicles: Death's Embrace Collector's Edition on Jul 1, 17 12:12 PM
iOS 10.10. Yosemite

Haven't been able to play a game from this dev in the last 18 months. Have written to CS several times.
Apparently still no change.
 posted in Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt Collector's Edition on Jun 27, 17 4:04 AM
Hi Boris!

Good to see a developer here!
I already bought and played the game from another site. Loved it!
The story is great, HOP's and puzzles as well. It's a bit difficult to find fault, the only thing I can remember: the black text bars disappear very quickly, sometimes before I had a chance to read them. Sometimes it happens that I click the screen (must have nervous fingers) and dialogue disappears.
There are hardly any good journals or diaries anymore, so I seem to miss parts of the story.

Again, a very very good game, congratulations to the Brave Giants!
 posted in Nevertales: Forgotten Pages Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 17 12:00 PM
tsenones, have you watched the cut scene in the house? Something gets thrown out of the building and you can pick it (the phone card) up from the zoom in of the old printing press.
That's interesting, as I could switch off hint and skip completely in "Valkyrie" (custom) mode. The hint button was still there, but it didn't have the ring of fire anymore.

ETA: The hint button gets even less obtrusive when inventory is locked. Fantastic to have so many choices. Plus the option to block pop-ups for achievements which can be a real nuisance.

Almost finished the game now. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!
Something very different to the usual fare these days. Engaging story, well researched norse mythology, interesting characters, fantastic Hidden Object Scenes.
Nice touches, as the "runic" inspired font in some written text, probably not meant like this but for me another puzzle.
 posted in Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector's Edition on Mar 19, 17 11:55 AM
I'm swimming with you, angelfish106!

I haven't finished the game yet, I have l lot of fun playing it and don't want to rush!
The atmosphere in the scenes around the mill is so mesmerising, so many new elements in game-play.
I know it has been used in other games, but this is the first game of this dev where we use the feet as well.
And the HO's are very well done. Hope I'm not spoiling too much, but the one with the brook, where items float by is one of the best I ever played!

Something else I appreciated a lot: in Options you can switch off pop-up notifications. I find them rather annoying, so I am very happy to see this option.

Now I've got to go back to the game and find morping objects, already missed two of them.

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet Collector's Edition on Feb 25, 17 1:37 PM
Sorry, this is not a review, just a few remarks from a gamer who still likes HOPA's, but not this one.
Although I've found this game quite innovative in one aspect: you have to use a shoe to unscrew a wheel!!!

Forget about coins and screwdrivers - nowadays it's a shoe! WOW!
Warning: Don't try this at home: your shoe might get hurt.
Or your wheel. Or your coin. You might have lost your screwdriver scenes ago, oh dear!!! Better than having lost your marbles.

This game is just not for me. Happy Gaming to those who like it.
Thanks a lot, jaldeer! Have just finished the main game and once I've finished the bonus I will click the empty spaces as you suggested.

Had a really great time with this game so far! Very challenging!
jaldeer, I got this achievement for reading all "books" in Chapter 1 in the house of the candlemaker.
But I've missed a few parables, so I won't get this achievement. Never mind, it's a game and a great one!
 posted in Midnight Calling: Valeria Collector's Edition on Jan 19, 17 5:32 AM
I'm afraid Valeria had a valerian effect on me.
Night, night ...
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: A Test of Fire Collector's Edition on Jan 15, 17 5:55 AM
Mac Yosemite here.

Not even trying this game. Couldn't finish the last Vendel game. So frustrating! Got a replacement coupon from BFG, fair enough.

LunaNik, you have my full support!

 posted in The Wisbey Mystery on Jan 13, 17 12:58 PM
Well spotted!
Just google Robert Taylor Longmire and you'll find a picture in a very similar pose as in the first minutes of the game.
 posted in Lost Island: Mahjong Adventure on Jan 11, 17 4:45 AM
And it looks exactly like the F2P Lost Lands: Mahjong.
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