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 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Dec 29, 14 8:02 PM
Having problems with getting the bonus on Level 28 - something about only half are symmetric? Have tried various options but no luck yet...
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 12, 14 2:57 AM
Have 1.5 hours left and only at 4400/1800 - Dragon Michael expedition...
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 11, 14 4:26 PM
So over this *^$%*(( game right now

Fed the dragon, sent out invites to friends to get help - still had almost 4 hours to go. A couple of minutes later the expedition comes back as being ready to go, click on it and find that it has shut itself down - and I am now without the food I put in AND the necessary items to get another expedition to start running.

This is simply getting worse and worse. Obviously the developers don't give a dam about the players. Too many bugs - game should be removed.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 5, 14 12:23 AM
Finally get to join the elite
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Sep 24, 14 9:59 PM
Thanks for all the help. Very frustrating for new to the game players when this happens. I don't have many crystals atm so will just have to play on and see what I get from other drops
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Sep 24, 14 9:13 PM
On the left hand side I have the pirate skull with two crossed swords through it and it reads "offer" above it.

Click on this and it presents me with two options - organise an expedition to the pirate dragon and feed him. Then explore the pirate ship.

So I click on the explore part (little magnifying glass thingy) and it comes up with what you need to get on to the ship - and hovering over the items I don't have says to get them from Gnome the Perfumer. I don't have "cup with plasma", "gravitation beverage" or "vector diagram"...
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Sep 24, 14 6:27 PM
I cant get into the expedition. Im told I need gnome the perfumer to get the items but it doesn't appear anywhere???
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Sep 24, 14 1:44 PM
No I have the same as everyone else. However to get to the dragon it says I need to collect items from gnome the perfumer...
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Sep 24, 14 5:01 AM
I can't even get one gnome up - I have used 20 creature summoning spells and am getting very frustrated
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 27, 14 3:10 PM
Using Windows 7 - playing on either Firefox or Internet Explorer
Have cleared caches and everything else I can think of

Sick and tired of playing competitions or battles and not getting credit or prizes earned. Most of the time you can play against one other person and everything will be fine. As soon as you get 3 or 4 players (in competitions), the game freezes on exit and you don't get anything.

I have noticed this is a common thread and that NOTHING seems to be getting done about it.

Isn't it time the developers listened to the people who play the game? Without us, there is no them...
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 1, 14 9:26 PM
My issue is that since the update - I have one only quest on the world map and that is for something that is not unlocked until level 40 (I am only at 33).

This game used to be challenging but without new quests (at the moment I only have 3) I'm considering walking away.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Nov 6, 13 12:44 PM
I too am having issues - every time I attempt to buy any of the decorations the darn pop up for the store comes up and I have to hit ctrl+alt+del to shut the game down - and thus lose what I had been working on. I am at the point of not playing any longer if this bug can't/won't be fixed
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