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 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Nov 10, 13 8:05 AM
Well that it for me!!! The new update was a bust...I can't even get my quest givers on the screen anymore nor can I even get to the quest cities. If you wanted to lose your players you've succeeded.

Just a few words of the forums! Listen to your players! Make the changes they suggest in a very timely fashion!

So long folks!
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Nov 10, 13 7:50 AM
This is the first time that I've played any of the Antique Road Trip games. It has my interest to an extent. But there are several things that are real negatives about the game. First of all, the amount of energy that it takes to perform a task is greater then the accumulation rate. So basically, I spend all my energy with in fifteen minutes of sitting in front of my computer and then I don't get to play the game again for at least 24 hours after that. If you want this game to be a success then you should do some adjusting because right now it is very frustrating. Second, you should have a search when you go to the auction house. I want to play this game for hours not search for items on the auction house. So to encourage people to play this game, please work on the amount of energy that is used and the rate it accumulates and to encourage people to use the auction house, provide a search.

Thanks for reading!
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