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 posted in Zhu Zhu Pets on Jun 20, 10 10:00 AM
This game is horrible-

It is supposed to be for CHILDREN and there is no way that they cvan finish the gane themselves, on easy. and no way to bypass the game, so I just have a crying child EVERY time.

RIP OFF- should be posted for adults that feel like wasting their time, not kids games.
Well, I am the first one to jump on a band wagon when i have been ripped off- but this is an issue to take up with microsoft as well- why haven't they come up with a way for things to run on 7 that can run on other operating systems? The game states what microsoft systems it will run on. If you have XP and it won't run on that- absolutly right in demanding $ back but 7 users- we've been Gates-ed.
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