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 posted in World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages on Dec 2, 11 1:52 PM
comcruiser wrote:I am new to these do you use the hints? The eyes on the right of
the page???? Thanks.
 posted in World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages on Oct 29, 11 1:12 PM
I am new to these do you use the hints? The eyes on the right of
the page???? Thanks.
 posted in World Mosaics on Oct 19, 11 10:19 PM
How do you use the hints e.g. the eyes on the right when plaing this game?
 posted in World Mosaics on Oct 19, 11 10:15 PM
bfgErie wrote:Look for Patterns – Some of the boards are mirror images of itself. So if you solve one side of the board, the other side is easy. Be on the lookout for subtle variations though, sometimes each side will have slight changes in the pattern.

Take a Screenshot – Each board only allows a set number of mistake, once you reach that number, you will have the start the board all over again. If you are down to your last mistake, you may want to take a screenshot of the board that you can refer back to if you have to start again.

Dig Holes – If you are stuck, try digging holes around the tiles you know are correct. You can either switch between the shovel and the brush tools on the lower right side or you can right click to use the shovel.

Start with the Edges and Larger Numbers – Getting started is the hardest part of each board. Look for the larger numbers and work on those first. Also, try to solve the corners and the edges of the board and work your way towards the middle.

These are just a few suggestions that will help with World Mosaics. If you have any general tips to share, please post them here
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pixy12 wrote:
1963jennag wrote:I cant figure out the dials for the elevator. Help!!!!!!!!!!!
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brysweet wrote:i have the pick, pen, the mail container and the wrench. What do I do with these and where is the ice? I have also decoded the message and am still confused
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Sep 30, 09 6:55 PM
re: turning red into green.......What does it mean when a number turns yellow? I am working away at this but still can't get it....
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Gentlsong wrote:It's sort of like a form of minesweeper....or at least that's what it felt like to me. If the number on a tile is 1, it can only touch 1 other tile. Therefore, those would need to be put in the places where it would be least likely for it to need to touch another tile which would be toward the outside edge. If the number on a tile is 3, it can have 3 tiles touching it so it doesn't have to be as isolated as a #1 tile. Tiles with #2 can be bridges between 2 other tiles.

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lucysmith wrote:
grannnydee wrote:I must be totally stupid...I can't for the life of me get the red buttons to turn green..

I get down to one left an every time I move it all the red ones come back..
what is the concept in the puzzle. The instructions are not very good..But then
again it's probably me..can any help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese

thank you granny
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msymphony22 wrote:I also have the pearl, the gear, the card and dry coal (along with the wet coal) but still can't get all the numbers to turn green HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I cannot get past turning all the red discs green!
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tina20 wrote:any help with azazda game the device would helpful got stuck thanks tina
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prpldva wrote:

You are doing just fine! Have fun and happy gaming!
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prpldva wrote:
19mom55 wrote:THANKS PRPIDVA

You're very welcome! Glad I could help!
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fbmom4 wrote:I just got this game 2 days ago, and have gotten to level 7 and can't get past the map.
I found the numbers that i needed, but don't know what to do next! How do u "go to the coordinates on the map"?? I can go to one or the other, but not both at the same time. and nothing happens when i click on just one of them> anyone figure this out?

 posted in Azada ™ on Mar 17, 09 3:31 PM
When I was playing chapter six, I had two orbs....When I played seven puzzles and had one left - The Library - the orbs won't come up so I can use it to bypass this puzzle and proceed! I tried it twice and both times same thing. Then I lost the orbs! Whats up with that?
 posted in Azada ™ on Dec 26, 08 5:10 PM
Thanks! I just didn't notice the lights turning green!!! Have a good day! It is snowing cats & dogs here in B.C. Canada....
 posted in Azada ™ on Dec 23, 08 2:21 PM
Hi: Both posts are pushed in and nothing happens. If I click on each one of the posts they come out....when I ask for a hint it sparkles green on the posts....????I tried doing something with the necklace again but no luck.....?????
 posted in Azada ™ on Dec 23, 08 12:10 AM
almost to the end but get stuck - what to do with the necklace?
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picman67 wrote:Stuck? Need more help with this game?
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