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 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 23, 15 1:08 PM
New: now whe "the server etc..." not only disapears the celestial obelisk but the mana drops as well. The game producers are improving themselfs!.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 22, 15 9:45 AM
They are offering somethings to buy (with real money), how can they expect that we are going to buy something with all the problems we are having?
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 22, 15 2:07 AM
TMGamer 99, thank you for the advice with the golden sheep. This morning ¡big surprise! my port was available again, the stone blocking it disapeared!, so far so good but... my just connected "celestial obelisk" was disconected for "server maintenance" again!. Really,is it a way that we can enjoy this game without so many problems?.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 20, 15 3:05 PM
Feed up of the "server maintenace". I just connected my mana obelisk and puff! "sorry for the inconveniences, server maintenance and error num. 2"" and my charged obelisk disapeared. It does it also when I click on the gold sheep to get my 5 coins. Really, the game is fun but it has too many problems. In my opinion they should test fully a game before puting it in the market.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 19, 15 3:43 AM
My port is gridlocked with stone, I sold one of the houses but it did not help for it does not need stone to build...I am in level 7 so I have not the right to construc the quarry store. I will have to wait until I pass to level 8....
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 19, 15 12:10 AM
Thank you TMGamer, I have done everything you said except the Cream and sour cream sciences. I guess I have to be patient...
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 18, 15 1:48 PM
How do you open the fourth territory, I have made a lot of quest and still I have no chance to open it. Thank you in advance for your help "fellow gamers"
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 10, 15 2:26 PM
I have been trying to invite former friends, Kikipit, Meedhi, FeeBee and others and they said that "user does not exist", very annoying.
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 10, 15 11:41 AM
I have lost all my friends!!! Why god Zeus, why?
 posted in Divine Academy on Aug 9, 15 4:12 AM
I wonder if we are able to choose the presents we want to send to our friends. I click on the gifts bouton and nothing happens.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jul 28, 15 4:02 AM
Thank you, how disapointed!!!, I thought it could stop the earhquakes or somenthing like that. Good game.
 posted in Divine Academy on Jul 28, 15 12:25 AM
Apart for the noise, when you click on Zeus statue, does lightning does anything on the game?
 posted in Divine Academy on Jul 27, 15 2:00 PM
Welcome to add me, I am Nim77. Good game
 posted in Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House on Jun 14, 15 1:40 AM
What can you do with old furnitures, they are taking a lot of space and I do not use them anymore? can you sell them? if so, how?
 posted in Wanderland on May 6, 15 12:29 AM
I think that we are "strongly encouraged" to buy diamonds, otherwise I do not understand how it can take so long, so many battles with the monster to get one miserable bottle or other things that you need for the collections. I think I am going to give up this game, at the begining it was fun but not anymore.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jan 21, 15 3:55 AM
I will not finish this challenge. It is boring, difficult and long, very long. You have to do the same quest several times, it is too much. I give up
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 23, 14 5:08 AM
I am really sorry for Beth and Sophie, though they are not my neigbours any more I wish them all the best and a very soon recovery. All my best regards.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Nov 13, 14 4:50 AM
For me the competitions does not work!!! Nothing has changed so far.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Oct 14, 14 12:03 PM
Elena, this is just a game! have fun and do not worry, some people take a game too seriously and are very keen on judging others. Do not pay attention, just play and have fun.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Jul 26, 14 9:12 AM
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