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 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jul 16, 17 11:41 PM
really ticked on the not enough time given to acqu+ire long to cook items to get the 2nd castle piece. Went back in with what I hoped to be the remaining flags.... I would need. But as usual he was roaming around. By the time I found him, he disappeared. Well great.
 posted in The Island: Castaway 2 on Dec 29, 16 5:40 PM
I did the same thing. Had to start over but it actually went quickly to that point. Wasn't reading the chatter just click through.
 posted in The Island: Castaway 2 on Dec 12, 16 5:37 PM
I know what I did wrong. Was told to buy a new bag. Ran to do it and had enough to get the biggest bag Shaman.Turns out the quest was for the new bag and now that I have bought the bigger bag it won't let me buy the smaller one. Can't move on in game because of it. With the complaints I see below in the forum, wish I had not just purchased this game. grrrrrr
Come on Big Fish, take this one down. Not worth it to you.
 posted in Bubble Shooter Adventures on Dec 1, 16 6:24 PM
Game Broken
I would never have purchased this game if I thought it was one level. Now that is all I can connect with. The same game over and over. If there is a map, I cant find it. If there is a way to fix options save the music and sound, I can not find it. If there is an exit button, I can not find it.
Others say there are over 200 levels. I have no idea what level I am on as it doesn't say or I can not find it.
If there is a way to contact game support through the game, well let's say it together boys and girls. "I can not find it"

Windows 10
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jul 25, 16 1:09 AM
I have 8359 magic and have the evil guy saying he needs 8500 to decurse him. I have one last chimney to finish which will bring in another 25 magic. 8359 + 25= 8384 I think. Short of the 8500 I need. Just went from level 66 to level 67. Was hoping the lv up would add magic but it did not.
What am I missing?
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jun 12, 16 5:53 PM
Now it is not only tossing me and stealing coins and purchased inventory, it is now got some ad chick pushing the little castle I am building (level 58) which says tap here to continue. She will not go away. Found she would if I tap her 10 times and then hold my last tap!!! Can you give us back the previous update until they get their act together? I actually have my diver down and because I can't purchase from neighbors I can't send off my balloons. What a waste of coins, and time. Disappointed in you Big Fish. Have had an account w you for over 10 years. This is the worse mess you have sponsored that used to work, should work.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jun 12, 16 11:40 AM
Fairy_penguin wrote:I've noticed the difference too and have also stopped diving. But I have no idea where I'm going to get basalt and amber now that the castle site it back open

Start making books and framed art/pictures in the art studio. Eventually one of your roaming people of the village will make you an offer. They also take kite things and streamers. But books are the best.
I get lucky ever once and a while as I have a level 109 I follow and she puts it on sale. Right now she is building the new castle area they opened so I bide my time. Lol
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jun 12, 16 11:35 AM
Had a day off so at 9am sent the diver down carrying 7 green stones. When I turned off the light to sleep at midnight, I had made it to 3 islands! Not all 5 or 6.
Does turn out you get 3 hours for that 3400 but the guy who needs energy requires more time to finish than the 3 hours you just gave the diver. Dumber than dirt.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jun 7, 16 11:52 AM
Besides crashing, I discovered that when you visit someone asking for help, it does not guide you to their request like it used to do. Also when you are visiting used to take you directly to their market. Now you have to search all over for it. Makes a huge difference when you are trying to shop at followers markets.
Then at home, people offering treasures for your good - I thought it always told you how many of an item you had. Like they want cupcake and it used to have a circle w the amount you had in stock in the upper right next to the "e". I think they are still there in multiples. Extra work to have to either tap the good wanted or even worse, close that window and open your warehouse and paw thru.
Noticed you didn't lower that amount of energy the diver needs. Surprise!! I have a life and work and like to sleep. Impossible to actually visit that diver when he needs 3400+ energy per one hour. What a waste! Having that energy rise surprised me that you have not continued to rise the kronk removal energy. I am NOT suggesting that you do that..
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jun 2, 16 11:48 PM
It is IMPOSSIBLE!!! Used to be easier and then he needed more energy to 1100 something. So this last time I have been hoarding green poker chips so when down I can maximize building those so I get through faster. Much to my horror, my diver now needs 3400 something for one hour of time. NOT Going to play that game Big Fish and Boolat of Bddlat or whatever that icon says. That is frigging ridiculous and I am not going to do that. So I will pray another will put that gold on sale so I can continue to build my castle. Otherwise, I will uninstall.
Ticked off in CA
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jun 2, 16 1:11 PM
This is not so much a tech issue but who decided the diver needed more and more energy. First to 1100 something which took over 24 hours to complete a level. Now he wants 3400 something!!! Really! Only way to complete a level was to buy pearls to feed to the out of energy diver. Not going to happen with half my energy going to one hour. Stupid.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on May 5, 16 1:44 PM
Anyone having trouble with the game freezing - connection lost issues? I did an update on the Big Fish App yesterday. Now anytime I leave the main page it eventually gives me the connection lost error message. Sometimes right away sometimes not. Lost ability to give diver energy twice now. Can't run the friend board to shop. Any suggestions
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Apr 17, 16 5:47 PM
Thanks Vichrice.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Apr 17, 16 12:39 PM
I have been deleting, steadily. However slots deleted reappear w items needed at the anvil. It is not cursed in my shop which would indicate to me that I have uncovered it somewhere and then set something bigger in front covering it up. Maybe it is only available by purchase.
Limping along w two viable slots on my bulletin board...
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Apr 16, 16 8:18 AM
Short of buying the anvil, where do I find it so I can de curse the thing. My bulletin board is now only giving me things with nails and wire. I can't make money to buy the anvil if you don't give me something I can build!
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Apr 5, 16 11:26 PM
It has now happened twice. I have screen shots. I buy. money disappears, and I get back home and nada. I go back and look and yep, I have made the purchase and yes my money is gone but I do not receive the items.

Then there doesn't seem to be a way to get tech help without having to turn yourself upside down and juggle bowling pins. The id code -- could it be longer - I mean really!!!! Finally took a picture of the thing so I would have it in front of me but then could not find the info again on how to send in a help.

Playing this on my mini IPad so Felix does not seem to be available.

Other thing that is happening also seems to only happen when I am visiting friends markets. The game closes and I find myself on the desktop. All of this started when I updated to the new version in Feb.

Any ideas on what to do except delete completely and move on with my life?
 posted in Gnomes Garden 2 on Jan 25, 16 9:05 PM
Why is this the hardest level when the last two lands were a piece of cake?
 posted in Gnomes Garden 2 on Jan 25, 16 9:02 PM
Thanks. Finally decided it was for making the resources come back faster.
 posted in Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 on Jan 19, 16 10:16 PM
Windows 10. I can not find a way to exit the game without ctrl/alt/del. That can't be right!
Any suggestions?
 posted in Gnomes Garden 2 on Jan 19, 16 8:52 PM
Didn't explain the middle one. Do you know what that one is for?
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