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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 10, 15 1:49 PM
Put unique stamps on your gift list even if you don't have any friends. I have gotten more stamps from airship and fortune wheel since I did that.

Another idea is to start a second game. You may get lots of stamps in that one, and you don't use them much at lower levels. Then you can gift them to your main game.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 6, 15 5:39 PM
Being a devious sort, I opened up some of the program files. It turns out the four kinds of chest are gold, silver, IRON, and wood. So I guess they really are rusty!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 20, 15 2:49 PM
Sheesh, sorry to duplicate threads. I could have sworn I read every day but I missed that one.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 20, 15 2:41 PM
Believe it or not -- I got a red card from Just John yesterday!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 31, 14 4:09 PM
Thank you, thank you Apollogold and AussieGirl1 -- my cute little penguin just brought me my very first gold chest! On level 18, but hadn't played "fetch" much because I could never get any so-called simple food for my previous pets. But I stockpiled plenty of special penguin chow.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 18, 14 10:06 AM
I recently changed from the steampunk girl (name?) to the Snow Queen. It seems like I am getting much better odds at the dice table!
For frustrated iPhone/iPad users: There is definitely a technical problem with this restarting all the time. It has been pulled out of the App Store. It was pretty simple to get a refund:
(1) Open iTunes.
(2) On the menu bar, click on your name (Apple ID) and select Account Info.You may have to enter your password again.
(3) Scroll down to Purchase History. On the right side of that section, click on See All.
(4) Find the game under Previous Purchases. Click on the little arrow at the left end of that line.
(5) On the details page, make sure it says Full Game Unlock, $6.99. Just to the left of the price, click on Report a Problem.
(6) That should open a web page. Briefly describe the problem and click Submit. Click the button to Request a Refund.
Boom, it's refunded. I got the confirmation e-mail in minutes.

Alternatively, if you have your email receipt, you can go to and follow the directions there.
For Mac users: I could not get demo to start on my iMac using Mavericks, however, it does work on my 2008 MacBook Air using Snow Leopard. It would probably work better with Lion on a 2010-ish Mac. I think the developers are using an old system when they make the Mac version, and a new system breaks it. This happens with a lot of very new games as well as very old games (e.g. Madame Fate). Anyway, it is a bit slow with the custom cursor but tolerable and has not crashed during demo.
I am playing on an iMac with OS X 10.9.4. Today I encountered the same problem as others complained of. When I quit, I had freed all the prisoners, removed Stephen's curse, killed the birdman -- I was ready to fight Morrigan. When I came back, it started with the bird man saying "You're too late" and there was the bear again! But when I did a close-up on the bat, it let me join up the dots and gave me the last item to complete the amulet.

Wait, it gets weirder. When I went back to the upstairs hall, the bear yanked the door shut and it was like I had just walked into the hall the first time. So it went back even more than when I started it today. But I still had the complete amulet, so when I close-upped on the dot-to-dot, it backed out again because I already had the badge. It's like CinW said — part saved and part not.

At this point I give up, I'm not going to go back to the beginning in order to sort everything out. I plan to report this to the tech dept and get my coupon. Bummer!
 posted in Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death Collector's Edition on May 22, 14 5:18 PM
You will have a chance to play all the HOPs again in the extras. Look on the right side of his back, just above the octupus.
 posted in Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death Collector's Edition on May 22, 14 10:51 AM
At some point you will get some scissors… I think in the basement under the chalk drawing. Then find the suitcase close up at the left side of the stage, and cut the ropes on the luggage tag. You will get a matching game and receive the "Mayor's Speech" cylinder. OK, he was frozen before he spoke, so…
 posted in Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death Collector's Edition on May 22, 14 10:41 AM
Have you lit all the candles in the tomb?
 posted in Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death Collector's Edition on May 22, 14 10:39 AM
You have to move some things, and use some shape keys, to find the other parts. Start by clicking all the pictures.
 posted in Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death Collector's Edition on May 22, 14 10:29 AM
Thank you so much for this tip! It worked for me.
 posted in Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death Collector's Edition on May 22, 14 10:23 AM
As I recall, you place the stone eyes in the skulls according to the beads on the chalk drawing, not according to the colors on the wall above the skulls. Swap the blue eyes to the big skull on the left, yellow in the middle, red on the right. Each skull has two matching eyes. Then the colored lights above the skulls will light up. Now press the eyes in the skulls in the order of the lit-up colors from left to right. Each light will go out as you press the corresponding eye. That should get the skull to open up!
 posted in Namariel Legends: Iron Lord on Feb 22, 14 5:36 PM
Thank you, Rebeccak. The tip about clicking on the book did it for me. Loving this game!
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