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 posted in Katy and Bob: Way Back Home on Apr 16, 14 6:59 PM
Hi, Honeyvee! You earn fireworks by number of same activities. Try giving all the menus at once, then serving all at once, and collecting the money all at once. You should be able to get three fireworks with no problem!
 posted in Gourmania 2: Great Expectations on Mar 12, 11 3:02 AM
I like this game. *Touch wood* I have not encountered any technical difficulties -- just user error and fatigue. Yes, it will definitely make you crazy if you are a Type A personality (which I am), but I enjoy trying to train myself to relax. This is, after all, a GAME -- Games are supposed to be fun, which even Type A's are allowed to have (and I think we should have some). Secondly, do not play this game after you have been cleaning all day, it really makes you want to throw something. But I really, really like this game -- Type A's never back down from a challenge.
 posted in Gourmania 2: Great Expectations on Mar 12, 11 2:51 AM
Hi, Jean1406!
You must have found the spool, magnet and fish food. Feed the fish, and then use the spool and magnet to get the keys. Hope this helps!
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 21, 10 3:36 AM
You're welcome! It was driving me crazy too. There are other levels too where wheat is asked for and it's really flour they need. I still really like the game, though. The directions are lke an added mini-puzzle. As for the mansion, Megan. You need two mansions. One upgraded, one not. That had me stumped until I looked at the task bar closely whie I was trying to figure out the wheat thing.
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 18, 10 6:18 PM
I have solved the Level 23 problem: Manius will ask for two shipments of wheat. The second shipment of 150 is FLOUR -- not wheat. And you will need to build TWO mansions (estates) not one. Hope this helps! (Personally, I am happy that I figured this out!
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 18, 10 5:41 PM
OKAY! I found the answer to the wheat problem ... It's 150 FLOUR!
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 18, 10 5:33 PM
I had 1800 wheat and the "yes" was still greyed out and would not work when I wanted to give to Manius. It is frustrating to say the least!
 posted in Mystic Emporium on Nov 6, 09 3:45 AM
Hi, Oreo!
To stack up tasks, when you have had Lilly collect her two items, click on the cauldron or the person the items from the shelves are to go to, to empty her hands, and just click on the next tasks you want her to perform. I hope this helps!
 posted in Winemaker Extraordinaire on Apr 25, 09 4:46 AM
I have a similar problem: I only have two goals to complete and they both ask for cases of Rose. HOWEVER, I do not have the Rose recipe in my blends, so I cannot fill the requests. I have visited every country several times over thinking that there is an exclamation mark that does not show up, but nothing ... I have scrolled down but I have only the two goals, I have restarted (six characters to be exact) and get stuck in the same place. I know it is just a game and I shouldn't complain, but it is somewhat frustrating. How do you get the Rose recipe?
 posted in Westward III: Gold Rush on Jan 15, 09 6:05 PM
The water tree is north east of the bandit hideout. (It's a tree surrounded by water.) Hope this helps.
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