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 posted in My Singing Monsters on Aug 17, 14 2:47 PM
I have games on both PC and Kindle. Only the PC game crashed when clicking on the updated castle to gather XP on Plant Island. My Kindle Plant Island castle upgrade went just fine. No problems.
It seems BBB may not have shared quite everything with BigFish connected with the update. Something lost in translation?
I also support BigFish by purchasing items with real money. Love this game. It is worth it. I want it to keep going for a long, long, long time!
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Aug 17, 14 2:31 PM
I also am experiencing the castle XP crash. I deleted the update files and tried to open the game again. It re-downloaded the same files, apparently, and I am still not able to open the game. How sad! I was so looking forward to updating all of my castles. Now I'm not sure I ever will. If Plant Island castle crashed the game, will others? I bought diamonds with which to do it, too. Dang.

Also, does anyone but me miss the look of castles that are closer in appearance to real castles? The fantasy one will be terrific on Ethereal Island, but looks sort of out of place on Plant. It looks lost and confused. No wonder it refuses to allow the game to open. It's ashamed.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Apr 26, 14 9:08 AM
I agree with redcloud33 that the game is dependent on providing us their virtual coins, diamonds & food in exchange for our very real money. However, when people stop spending money while playing this game, the game is gone. They make no profit, they make no effort to keep the game going. Sad but true fact of life. So I hope folks WILL keep spending for a long, long, long time, cuz I love this game.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Apr 24, 14 3:16 PM
Correction, sadly... Oh bummer! Just an hour after making the amazing discovery concerning the island slider in the market, it is now going all the way to the end at Shugabush. No enormous gap anymore. Never even suspected this was too good to be true. I triple checked it, too, before posting. Dang. Sorry for the false hope. But we do still have a new Ethereal, don't we? I didn't imagine it did I?
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Apr 24, 14 3:10 PM
Visited the market today from Ethereal, clicked on "Islands" and discovered that on the slider which measures where you are in regards to the number of items you have, our existing islands only take up a SMALL portion!! Check it out. If we are going to have enough islands to fill the slider up entirely, I'd guess there must be MANY more in the works! Great news. Much anticipation. PLUS we have a new Ethereal monster today. Somebody up there likes us, fellow fishies! Thanks for all the exciting suggestions...which ones will we get? Can't wait!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Apr 22, 14 3:54 AM
Spokane, Washington, USA here! Love this game. Talk about addictive! It's great to see how global this game is. Happy gaming to you all.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Apr 19, 14 8:12 AM
Unfortunately you may need to purchase diamonds, coins and food in order to get far enough in the game to get a Blabbit this season. Everything costs a lot and takes time, and the wherewithall is slow in coming. could wait till next Easter. Sad. I missed Punkleton and can't wait for Halloween!
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Apr 19, 14 8:01 AM
You know MSM is addictive when you are wandering the grocery store aisles absent-mindedly humming and a stranger stops you to say "That's the Spunge's song from Water Island." Then you spend 45 minutes comparing your progress and decor on each island! I have a new friend.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Apr 9, 14 8:25 AM
Dear Calfman: The solution for your frustration over the PC version not being as current as the android version is simple, I think. Play BOTH versions! As you say, a Kindle is relatively inexpensive, and the screen is almost big enough to enjoy as much as the PC. As a last ditch effort to end disappointed feelings, I have done this. I have tried to decorate and arrange my islands on Kindle exactly like my islands on PC to see if I have any better luck getting likes. (It has been months since the number of likes on all but 1 of my islands has changed. I never see them in the random rotation, either. Maybe my islands just suck?) Good luck with the game. It really is the best one available, from any source! It's addictive, too, and one of the few "free" games that really is free, unless you have no patience. (Like me.)
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Dec 15, 13 8:29 AM
This is my first post! It is great to be a small fish in the big MSM pond. I am officially addicted to this game. All I want for Christmas is to have every family member join it and like my islands. It is 10 days till Christmas! My question is: Does anybody else playing on a PC have a Yool available for purchase in the market on Cold Island? If you do, I am more concerned than ever. He has been available on my Kindle since Thanksgiving. And, do you have a Shugabush Island? It has been on my Kindle for over a week. As it gets further into the Christmas season, every day I expect it to be the day these are obtainable in the PC version, but so far, I have neither. How disappointing to have spent so much time, and yes, I admit, MONEY playing this game only to see, day after day, no Yool & no Shugabush Island. I know the Yool's time to visit with us is limited and I am getting more and more concerned that I may never see him on my PC because he'll be gone before I can successfully breed him. I am even willing to purchase and spend more diamonds to get him, and to level up all the critters needed on Shugabush Island. Does BigFish pass on our suggestions and/or complaints to Big Blue Bubble? If so, here is my message to them: Hello, developers! People who play on PC also have money to spend and many of us are foolishly willing to throw some of it your way. Don't ignore us!
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