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 posted in Wanderland on Oct 23, 15 10:44 AM
This game would be much more fun if there were more rewards and more ways to buy what you need with the coins instead of rubies all the time. I also noticed you get very little money each time you play an HOS or anything that matter. I don't mind buying sometimes but I'm already paying Big Fish to be a member. It would be nicer if the game makers would the HOS a bit easier to get the things you want without playing them several and I mean several times. I've already played one HOS scene more times I can count on hands and toes just to get a wooden plank. I have only gotten most from other players. Awakenings and Found, Hidden object gives much more from their scenes and much more diamonds and coins than this one as well as many different ways you can get items you need to level up. The other thing I'm disappointed about is at one point I wanted to start over but couldn't even when I uninstalled my game and reinstalled. I had gotten way behind because of a busy schedule. Please give more money and allow to buy items, potions etc with coins instead of only rubies. If not at least make it easier to get more rubies beside having to buy with real money. Game makers have plenty of complaints from players to change some things by now.
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