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It seems counter intuitive, but don't upgrade the blacksmith immediately. Get two workers as soon as possible (clear from the house and to the food cart until you have enough wood). Then clear to the sawmill, and get that upgraded to max as soon as possible. Clear up towards the farm and goldmine and as soon as you can get three workers. Don't waste resources getting to four workers.

You need to really pay attention to the renewable resources (especially stone and gold) and grab those. If you don't have a lot of work, don't use the work faster bonus, but be patient and get the run faster (only use that when you have a lot of resources to pick up).

Also, don't worry about the magician until you've started gathering the blue potion. You can't do anything without all the blue potion and both magicians.

I got all my buildings to max before maxing out the blacksmith.

At the very end use the work faster bonus once you're at the last ogre and the catapult thingie.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jan 25, 17 6:42 PM
Thank you!! I keep forgetting about those > things. Maybe a good update would be page numbers....
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Is there some way to convert cursed Amber to usable Amber? I have 61 of these and could really benefit from usable Amber!
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Jan 15, 16 3:19 PM
You have to have 2 workers both in the camp. To do this, you have to go down and around to get to the sawmill so that you can upgrade the camp to two workers.
Whew! I finally, finally finished this with gold. I followed trish999's advice but still wasn't getting there - missing by just a bit. So I modified, and did the following:

Build chalet
Repair mine
Dig treasure
Hire worker
Clear Debris
Hire Worker
Send 4 to the mine
Clear debris
Build greenhouse and factory
Make 200 supplies (this gives you enough to build chalet #2)
Upgrade greenhouse
Build chalet 2
Upgrade factory
Make supplies and seeds, concentrating on supplies. You want to get to 2000 supplies to build the playground
Add workers as you're able - you need 10 total
Build the playground and man continuously
Get another 2000 supplies and build the bridge (remember to be growing seeds - as you get 2000 build the fruit trees)
Once the bridge is built, build a tent with a garden
Once you have enough supplies to build two more tents salvage the factory.
Build a tent on the factory site with a garden
As soon as you have enough seeds to build the final tree salvage the green house and build a tent there.
Remember to keep that playgound manned all the time - it's worth an extra 2000 gold each day which pays off.
I just finished this level, with three stars and time to spare. I got there with 4 cabins with gardens, fully upgraded and three dovecotes. The free wood and trees give you enough to do this if you don't waste resources on a bank or decorations. It's also important to make sure your workers that are chopping wood or picking berries don't leave their spots until all the wood or food is gathered.

Here is how I did it:
1. Gather all the free wood. If you don't get every piece (275 wood) start again.
2. Start clearing the rock pile. As soon as that's cleared, keep one worker chopping down trees.
3. Summon two workers to each farm
4. Pick the berries from the three bushes closest to the castle. When you end up with a spare worker, send him to the last bush to pick those berries.
5. As soon as you have food start building cabins (4 total)
6. Build a dovecote
7. Start buying birds at the first dovecote while you build a second dovecote.
8. Keep an eye on the guy chopping the trees - as soon as you can, send two workers through the rabbit hole.
9. Add gardens to all 4 cabins
10. Buy birds at the second dovecote. This should give you 600 happiness.
11. Cheer up the leprechaun
12. Buy two more birds at the island dovecote
13. Upgrade all the cabins and collect gold.
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