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 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 18 12:00 AM
Thank you so much. Tried over and over to get 3 stars and your advice worked like a charm - easy 3 stars when only using freeze time bonus.
Finally got it - but it was so very close. Got all the buildings up to the levels suggested by the strat guide before clearing other roads.
Please suggest some ideas on how to get three stars on this level. I have followed the strategy guide and still cannot beat it.
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Jan 26, 15 9:17 AM
Wonderful. At least I know it's not me ! Can the developers also make level 17 "3-starrable" too ?
 posted in Myths of the World: Black Rose Collector's Edition on Nov 19, 14 9:36 AM
Can anyone tell me what the morphing object is in the last HOP of the bonus chapter ? Its the one with three views.

 posted in Rescue Team 4 on Nov 1, 14 9:25 PM
Thank you MammawJo ! That helped a lot - finally got 3 stars with your advice. Ended up having all the money I needed to heal all the patients by the time I got through the bridge.
 posted in Rescue Team 4 on Oct 31, 14 9:05 PM
Thank you hyperbole!
 posted in Rescue Team 4 on Oct 31, 14 12:37 PM
What am I missing, I just cannot get 3 stars on this level. Any suggestions ?
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules on Nov 10, 13 2:37 AM
thanks so much rjsmith53! you saved my sanity. finally got all the achievements !
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Dec 19, 12 6:10 AM
I'm having the same problem! Help anyone ?
 posted in Arevan: The Bitter Truth on Jun 27, 12 4:13 PM
i dont know how to get the wisdom blessing. HELP!!!
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Dec 29, 11 9:36 PM
Thank you zahnprod, the walkthrough guide is awesome !! I think it is way better than the first one, mostly because you have put the "trick" at the top, so I don't always have to read the whole thing to get me over being stuck..
 posted in Tricks and Treats on Oct 31, 11 10:36 PM
Thank you !!! The update worked and I completed the level that I have done 300 times !!! YAY to BFG !!!
 posted in Tricks and Treats on Oct 30, 11 5:38 AM
I have the same problem. Have tried every power up. Frustrating.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Sep 1, 11 10:34 PM
Thank you Jawfish !!! I followed your instructions and BEAT THE DEVELOPERS RECORD
I ended up with lots of time left and a score of 31325.
I am loving this game ...
 posted in Arevan: The Bitter Truth on Apr 29, 11 12:55 PM
Hey guys, i'm having this problem when i finish talking to the god of wisdom this thing comes up and stops my game, it says, "name error", i just want to know if anyone has the problem and how i can fix it. thanx to anyone who finds it
 posted in Aveyond 2 on Apr 12, 11 9:04 AM
Hey, sup, the level goodie cave is in green weed plains by the chest at the bottom right of the area. Hope u find it
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Aug 28, 10 11:30 AM
Great tip guys ! I have been getting my husband to do those whack-type levels, so I can continue with the fun stuff ! Loving this game, muuuch harder than the first one, just right as a step up.
 posted in Green Moon on Jan 24, 10 8:54 AM
I am loving this game ! I have been baffled, confounded, confused and frustrated, and loving every minute. It has been a long play so far, which is great. If only I could sink those !#$%!#$%# ships! I take breaks and get aha moments and then rush back to try out my ideas. This is a really addictive game. Must admit, I have taken a few quick peaks at the walk through, but have promised myself not to do it again
Fantastic !
 posted in The Dark Hills of Cherai on Dec 10, 09 8:38 AM
just saw in one of the other threads, that the suggested fix is to deselect the "custom cursor" setting - I'm off to try this as I am loving the game otherwise.
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