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 posted in Wanderland on Feb 5, 18 10:03 AM
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 posted in Wanderland on Jan 22, 18 8:35 AM
Again Big Fish wants to pay back any moneys I have paid, but again I will have to start the game over. Nobody seems to know how to repair their mistakes in this game and it sounds like Big Fish hasn't got a grip on any of it's games! I am told that because Big Fish KNOCKS out a game a day, it doesn't make sure that each and every game actually works!! Thus, if it doesn't work how can you collect money to play games (rubys, coins, ect) I'm sure that could be considered illegal. If you can't repair the games you already have online then you should stop making new games!

 posted in Wanderland on Jan 9, 18 9:10 AM
Again I am getting no help from BIG FISH. I have spent a lot of money buying RUBYs , but I still am not able to move forward .
I will try to put the problem to you as simple as I can.
If you go to GRIM FOREST click and go to RIGHT ARCH and click, next go to CAVE ON RIGHT (next to face in tree) and that is the quest that has me blocked!!! I was in this QUEST and got to the PUZZLE, but couldn't figure it out , so I paid in RUBYS to bypass it. In turn instead of opening the next step in that Quest it Locked me out. I can't even enter CAVE. This started a ripple effect and there are about 10 different quests I can't get because they Cave has been locked!!!!
I will put this info up on in the chat room but, I think BIG FISH should fix the problem, because I am not high tech enough to understand any major tech issues.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 7, 17 9:07 AM
the challenge says get 5 silver chests, What The Hell is the silver chest??????? ( In Midnight Castle)
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