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How long is it going to take BF to fix this game it is a RUNTIME error. It is happening at the horse and the tree. Most people have windows 10 but it seems to be happening on any windows. It has never taken this long and this many people to complain to get a game fixed. I'm very disappointed in BF. It seems the quality of games is going down hill. I too am having the same problem as the other people in this form.

I usually don't post problems but I too have tried everything you say to try and fix it. Seems the people that made the game should get to fixing this game. I have really slowed down in purchasing games from BF because the lack of quality.

Thank you
 posted in The Emptiness on Feb 4, 15 8:57 AM
Thank you so much. I knew it was in those branches some where. I will give it a try. Thank you so much again. Ruth
 posted in The Emptiness on Feb 3, 15 4:23 PM
Hay there all, need some help, I cant find the wire to fix the lights in the basement, to even find the letters to the door out in the room with the coat rack with the coat an purse in the chair could some one help me, this game is hard but you do get hints but only four an if you cant figure out the riddles then you have to go around the areas open an just keep clicking. so now im stuck cant move forward an have clicked everywhere I think was possible, thank you so much
 posted in Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret on Jan 27, 15 3:30 PM
it seems that it downs fine on my laptop running win 8.1, when I click to play the bf logo an the rest of the start just flashes. it gets to the play screen not too much flashing but when I hit play it goes crazy flashing an flickering. I have a list of several games I have from BF that will not work. not quite sure how to felix them.
 posted in Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation on Sep 28, 14 8:22 AM
my problem is this game lock"s up my computer with the game not responding. I have removed it twice an still same problem. I have up dated everything have windows 8.1 lets fix the problem or give me my money back please. will do a Dr. felix
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Somber Song Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 14 1:30 PM
I'm in the girls room, at the book on the floor, put out flames can't pull the tab to get the fire thing to go to the desk an do that part. cant do anything else in game. is there a fix for this??? has anyone else gotten stuck here?????? Please help if you can. Thank you
 posted in Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition on Mar 12, 14 12:34 PM
I went back in to the game, when I got to the play screen a pop-up said my profile had been corrupted an it started me from the beginning. Not sure I want to Start over. I'm glad of the self-fix. Not sure what It all means can I get back where I was at some point with out starting over???
 posted in Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt Collector's Edition on Mar 12, 14 12:21 PM
I skipped the puzzle putting the pic of the two brothers togather an it froze. I don't see this problem anywhere else. will try to go back in an see it this changes anything. good game
 posted in Cruel Collections: The Any Wish Hotel on Jan 11, 14 4:46 AM
nyterae58, I took this game off the custom curser, it worked for awhile then when I got to the box with the bugs and the crystal It froze and had a violation error. I have tried to re start game several times. This is also the second game this has happened too. I want to keep the game but how long will it take to fix this???
I have another game like this also. I went back and repurchased the game with the same problem when Everything I read said it was Fixed. So now I have two games that freeze with violation problems.
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