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 posted in Crossroad Mysteries: The Broken Deal on Apr 15, 18 12:01 PM

Chemistry spoiler: 3 pink, I orange, 1 yellow, 2 green, 1 beige/tan.

Played on Nightmare level so don't know if that makes a difference. )
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Queen of Hearts Collector's Edition on Aug 20, 17 9:40 AM
To work out the disappearances of items and other problems, must start game as a new player rather than continue from the demo version. Worked for me. Enjoy!
Yay, Elephant Games Developers!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Queen of Hearts Collector's Edition on Aug 18, 17 4:46 PM
Same issue with me as Judy at the Base. No way to place toggle switch and fan. Re-installed game with no solution. In the past, sometimes there's issues when demo is started and purchased game is continued. May have to use a new user name rather than pick up where the demo stopped. I will re-start game and get back to the forum if issue is resolved using a new user name. If not, I guess the loss is mine since I'm just now playing the game.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: Order Zero Collector's Edition on Aug 7, 17 6:36 PM
A big zero for this game. Another EIPIX travesty. No story but lots of bells and whistles to smoke screen that the game is again seriously lacking. Now we have the old Wizard of Oz characters. Devs are so bankrupt in their story writing that including the much loved Dorothy and gang is an obvious desperate reach rather than come up with something original. Along with the terrible game, why do reviewers have to write a gazillion paragraphs exclaiming the wonders of every terrible game? It's kinda like the game--all noise with little substance. Less is more.
 posted in Shadowplay: Whispers of the Past Collector's Edition on Jul 28, 17 6:43 AM
Boring and uneventful. Gun violence, yes, but not a thriller by any stretch of the imagination.

Another overly used plot of evil rises from the dark depths to attain unlimited power and then chasing whoever or whatever throughout the game. Disappointed but not surprised.

Do try the older Echoes of the Past sequels by ORNEON if looking for true gaming excellence as it once was and never will be again obviously. Enjoy!
 posted in Glass Masquerade on Jul 3, 17 6:31 PM
A beautiful, relaxing and different game which everyone has been begging for! No need to insult the developers for their hard work here. Let's show some BFG love all.
 posted in Nevertales: Forgotten Pages Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 17 6:28 PM
I never realized Beta Testers only reviewed a portion of the game which, to me, is not a true test since the demo version many times does not and I repeat does not indicate the true game with all of it's quirks. Once in a while, there's a really good game out there that doesn't look so promising in the demo but fleshes out great. Herein, Forgotten Pages has totally upset me because doesn't anybody care any more and we just get what we get?

I don't understand, also, is that many players seem oblivious OR hey, they really didn't play the game through before reviewing. What a shock! Possibly, may not be interested in any kind of a plot either. For me, the plot makes the game worthy.
I totally stopped playing the game after the botched character introduction.

This could have been good had developers stayed on track with one focus rather than going haywire. Guessing devs confused themselves as well which is totally hilarious. So, your post gave me a big smile. Thanks!
 posted in Nevertales: Forgotten Pages Collector's Edition on Jul 1, 17 5:48 PM
Could have been a good game had Mad Head stayed on course rather than go into the Twilight Zone of nowhere. Had they fleshed out a couple very good ideas, game would have been great rather than a convoluted mess. BTW, who's Eric? He popped up more than halfway through with no prior introduction and that's where I quit.

Ah, Mad Head should have thrown Adam Wolfe into the mix! He would have straightened out that whole disappointment--Eric, Taylor, Wrath, whoever!
 posted in Nevertales: Forgotten Pages Collector's Edition on Jul 1, 17 5:36 PM
Mad Head definitely forgot some pages! Eric? Don't you remember Eric? He's the nephew of the neighbor's 2nd cousin once removed from the 2nd world.

Thanks so much. Thought I missed something too! Who's Eric? Who's Wrath?Who's Taylor? Who's anybody? Most ridiculous waste of time and money and that's saying a lot with so many substandard games offered. I am requesting a refund! For Mad Head, the makers of Adam Wolfe, BFG and players who supposedly beta-tested to make such a blunder, is inexcusable. A safe & happy July 4th, y'all.
 posted in Lost Island: Mahjong Adventure on Jan 29, 17 11:24 AM
First, thank you 5-BN Games! This is the same as Lost Island Eternal Storm HOG, yet there are subtle differences. Developers have also tweaked the mahjong adventure in a positive way. Luckily, I took pics of many chest solutions in the HOG. I am a fan of mahjong games and an even bigger fan of 5-BN Games. Enjoying the Game!

With that said, I cannot acquire the Ritual Scythe in the Magic Collection. The scythe is obtained by banishing a Falagar with a Desert Serpent cost 1400 coins.
Okay, almost broke the bank purchasing--that didn't help. Explored sites--that didn't help. Decided maybe have to go up another Level to 21--that didn't do it.

Not getting any more quests to fulfill so am wondering if I'm stuck and if anyone else is having the same experience? Moving forward to explore. Thanks!

"One shouldn't make fun of black magic. It could be fatal."
 posted in Adam Wolfe: Flames of Time on Nov 29, 16 1:30 PM
Played entire game start to finish at one sitting as the story and main guy, Adam Wolfe was so interesting and creative! The actor, his voice and the artistic Adam Wolfe drawing were all perfect. Had swearing and violence? Yes, but we hear much worse on television, the movies and the school bus so give me a break.

Adam never explains WHY he's now a detective for the supernatural rather than a police officer. Maybe we'll hear more later. He is very funny and has appropriate responses to certain situations which is something way lacking in most pc games. Mad Head brought everything together that ticks like a Swiss watch. Will replay and also look forward to the next Mad Head Games Adam Wolfe installment.
Keep then coming! Enjoy!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Nov 24, 16 1:31 PM
Thanks for the list! Originally purchased and played the older MCF on a separate site and then they were only available on BFG. I was advised by other gamers to contact BFG who presented me FREE GAME COUPONS to get these games back purchased on the other Site (****). I was immediately hooked with BFG and have been a loyal gamer ever since. That's good business and I've purchased hundreds of BFG games. I am still loyal, however, pick and choose more carefully and don't purchase just because another developer is using the MCF trademark.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Nov 24, 16 1:22 PM
Ha! Fell off my chair laughing while reading your comment. You're not old, you're wise! I totally agree!
 posted in Lost Island: Eternal Storm on Nov 24, 16 1:19 PM
Thank you so much Trixie! Haven't reached the highest level as yet and that may be the issue. Funny that I missed this game entirely when it 1st came out although I did purchase. Mistakenly thought it was a time management.

Found a glitch as well. When I alt tab out and come back in, I can gather all my resources and money over and over again. Of course, found that out after completion. Have hundreds of mage boxes to open yet.

Also looking forward to another sequel. Sure has been a while but with all the so-called free to play games, BFG may squash this one as they can't make the Big Fish Bucks!
 posted in Lost Island: Eternal Storm on Oct 30, 16 3:09 PM
Finished most but not all collections. Doesn't show where I can explore to gather.
Clicked on all the monsters to see if banishing any of them could possibly earn and that's not available. Playing through puzzles in the chests as well and nothing.

Here's what is needed:
Mushroom Pickers Basket - all 5 mushrooms
Mechanical Inventions - Typewriter + Crossbow
Amazing Nest - Have Griffin Egg only and need 4 more eggs
Deadmen's Cave - Carnivorous Flower
Fairy Glade - Fairy Wing + Fairy Wreath

Last but not least --Elven Ruler - Kings' Armor

Took me a while to get around to playing the game. I mistakenly thought Lost Island Eternal Storm was a time management game. Really enjoyed playing!
Hope FIVE-BN GAMES has a sequel in the near future.

Appreciate any help! Thank you!
dakini wrote:Got all the way to finding the owlman's house and suddenly the screen for the game is black. The map and strategy guide are there but the last of the 4 map drawings has gone black so I can't get to the next scene. I can even go to the game map and get out of the scene but the minute I try to use the drawings I'm in the dark.

I'm running Yosemite 10.10.2 on my desktop.

Having same problem and was wondering how to resolve. Do I have to delete and download game again which means I must start anew? Thanks!

A funny side note is that I could go back and collect again all the gold coins so I have (or had) about 50 with all but one figurines purchased.
 posted in Demon Hunter 2: A New Chapter on Sep 1, 15 12:22 PM
Hi Boris - thanks for your post. Wanted to reach out and applaud your first Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond as well as Demon Hunter 2: A New Chapter. Played the 1st game three times already start to finish as I enjoyed so much the artwork, hidden object scenes, puzzles, story line, collectibles and bonus play! Outstanding!

When the sequel was released here on BFG, I purchased that immediately. Demon Hunter 2 maintained it's original integrity while upgrading. Some games lose a bit of quality while undergoing a transition, however, Demo Hunter 2 came forward with added clarity, a fast-paced, well written story line and some very interesting twists and turns for our heroine, Dawn.

I see that you write the stories. Bravo! A good story is difficult to find especially one that brings together as much talent and genius as your artists and entire team at Brave Giant Games. A big thanks to you and everyone there whose hard work and commitment brought quality gaming to many avid BFG fans. Hope to see more in the near future. -Patricia- USA
 posted in Beyond: Light Advent Collector's Edition on Aug 10, 15 7:05 PM
Appreciate both question and answer. Beginning to think there was a glitch as I clicked the twine and everything else many times. Back to brilliant and enjoyable gameplay. Thanks!
 posted in Magnificent Seal on Apr 6, 15 12:48 PM
SPOILER ALERT--small golden key is at the top of the stairs leaning diagonally against the bottom of the couch leg. There were no sparkles and no hint.

Enjoyed the game immensely especially creative puzzles. Hidden objects not too tiring. Was glad there was some repetitive HO scenes to help me along. )

Would like a sequel to delve more into story. Enjoy BFG Gamers!
 posted in The Cursed Island: Mask of Baragus on Nov 21, 14 3:38 PM
Didn't find any particular order but I did start in the center and then do the four diagonal lights working my way around. I think it's important to reset after a couple unsuccessful tries. Just work your way around and you'll get all the lights lit. I'm horrible with those types of puzzles and got it after a couple tries. Good luck!
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