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 posted in Around the World in 80 Days on May 12, 17 6:11 PM
SynthpopAddict -- Thanks so much for the advice, I'll give it a try!
 posted in 4 Elements II on May 6, 17 12:27 AM
Can anyone tell me what, if any, other games are out there (preferably here on BFG, but I'll take any suggestions) that are like this game? I love it and would really like some other options to play. I read a Forum where people asked this question, but when I checked all of their suggestions, none resemble 4 Elements II. They are pretty standard Match 3 games. Help??!!
 posted in Around the World in 80 Days on May 6, 17 12:16 AM
SynthPopAddict: Thanks for the advice. I understand the premise of moving the tiles to the left or right to get away from the locked wall at the bottom, but I find it EXTREMELY difficult to get them all moved before I run out of time and lose a life. Am I just old and dense (you don't really have to answer that, lol), because I'm finding it frustrating instead of fun. Any tips for moving them fast enough to complete the level (duh!)?
 posted in Around the World in 80 Days on May 4, 17 9:19 PM
How do you get the pieces away from the blocked center column? Every time I get a few moved over, I run out of time and lose my lives. Tired of starting this same level over and over and over and over , , . HELP!!! PLEASE!!!
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