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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 24, 18 1:09 PM
WTG #1 on Delphi

Congrats Jen
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 18 1:42 PM
Invite sent
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 22, 18 2:08 PM
__TJ__ wrote:Yay I did it Lobster for Life now

Kudos to you TJ congrats you made it
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 21, 18 12:59 PM
Happy B-Day to Trina

We must not forget that also paid tribute to the passing of our very dear friend Robyn in the same area where Trina resides as well as Apollo & Shadow.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 20, 18 4:51 AM
Jakeybubby here on BF

Jakeybuddy on Delphi

Get mixed up with lower case “ b “ and “ d “ sometimes
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 20, 18 4:37 AM
Gen_1236 wrote:Tripped!!!

Accidentally bumped something.


Was it a pickle you tripped over
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 5, 18 3:06 PM
I as well cannot connect on either of my PC games but on my iPad and my android phone I have no problem.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 26, 18 2:03 PM
Please don’t stress over axing me for a month We have been friends for 2 plus years. Do what you need to do Tia to make the most enjoyable SE for you and you can always add me back. If you need anything to help out for a day here or there just PM me with what you need and we will take it day by day.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 26, 18 11:36 AM
Hey there my friend

Sorry to hear about you troubles. It is fine if you want to delete Kloee til after the event, but please take me back when it is over as I owe you a few.

Hope all works out for you and enjoy the SE.

Take care


 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 7, 18 11:34 AM
sbaker2318 wrote:Oh I know the feeling...........what helped me.........I quit clicking on ANYTHING flying by for one after I got what I needed.

I had every intention of following your suggestions today sbaker but unfortunately I have no self control. I had put wandhelppls after my game name and decided to only catch the stocking with wands gifted. I received 5 from friends and was out to catch 5 only. First try yet again the stocking in the bottom row far right of which I have 86. I was ready to throw my phone lol. Next sock come flying and Shazam the one I was missing top row middle one. It was a total of 275 stockings and I now am proudly displaying my Scandinavian Warrioress.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 6, 18 2:51 PM
I have been playing this game since the beginning. I am one with a 4 digit code #.

I absolutely love this game.

I have 4 games that I play daily 2 on PC 1 on I-pad and my recent on Android.

When it comes to the events I totally understand it is random when or if you get what you are searching for.

With all that being said here is my issue.

When collecting the stockings these are my totals

PC game 1. 66 stockings to complete achievement level 82

PC game 2. 69 stockings to complete achievement level 82

I-pad. 81 stockings to complete achievement level 82

Now to my Android game Level 47

This is where the issue lies. Not only do I consistently lose progress if I do not exit the game every 20 or 30 minutes which makes it not so enjoyable to play but I have collected 273 STOCKINGS and still have not completed the achievement for this.

I can now understand why a lot of lower level players want to throw in the towel and Android players just stop playing.

Thank you all for listening to my rant
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 30, 17 6:14 AM
Have received and accepted new request. Hope all works out quickly for you.

Your friend in the Castle Jake
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 29, 17 5:13 PM
Thank you all for your thoughts but both ARE DISPLAYING the clever monkey and are at a higher level then I on my Android game (level 43) I have 3 other games 2 on PC 1 on I-Pad all level 82. As stated I have played MC from the start and understand how it works. My feeling was that if you invite me you should at least reciprocate once after 3 gifts from me and keep your Christmas room 2 open in order for all your friends to access
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 29, 17 12:55 PM
I accepted a couple of new friends on my Android game right after the WE started. Mind you I did not post my number they friended me (how don’t know) which I gladly accepted. They had their Christmas room2 open so that was awesome. We all reap the benefits of 3 HOS . With that being said I have given both gifts 3 times and have received nothing in return which is fine. What REALLY bothers me is that they keep switching their room back to the old one. It is hit or miss when I play the Christmas Room. I really don’t understand why they keep doing this but am astounded by their selfish act.

FYI : I played the beta version of MC before it was even released and know firsthand how amazing most friends can be, but this is beyond my comprehension.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 22, 17 8:02 AM
Just curious if anyone has ever seen this before. I accepted a friend today on my Android Phone and while playing the Christmas rooms when I came to hers the cushion is empty no pet. She is at level 26 so I know she at least has the snow griffin. It it even possible to not even have a pet set ???
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 10, 17 1:40 PM
Hufflepuff wrote:I am so sorry, just made a mistaken click!

No problem Hufflepuff all in fun. No need to apologize.We are all just so excited to get this WE underway.
This will be my 3rd I believe and hopefully it will be just as exciting and fun as my 1st. I so enjoy all that MC has to offer .

Good luck with your WE.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 10, 17 11:59 AM
silver_hawk wrote:
Hufflepuff wrote:I really hope so, too!
Perhaps it is a good sign Just John opened his Christmas Room?

Ha ha... very funny. I read your post then just had to go and look. JJ still has his tribal room displayed. No Christmas room (PC)... yet.


I did the same thing on PC then I checked I-Pad and my Android phone nothing.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 4, 17 12:08 PM
Happy Birthday gtminer

Have a fantastic day
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 29, 17 9:35 AM
Happy Birthday Chris, Cookie, and Maggie

Have a fantastic day
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 28, 17 7:26 AM
Happy Birthday Mamarose 1900

Have a fantastic day
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