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 posted in RealMYST on Jan 31, 14 1:20 PM
Quote from WeeSophie]: I have managed to sort the save and load problem on my Windows 7 pc.
Had to alter the access permission on the SAV folder which is where RealMYST wants to save it's files.
You need to look for the SAV folder, I found it at . . .
C:\Program Files \RealMYST\SAV
Right click this folder, choose Properties, then click the Security tab.
Highlight your own username and edit it to read Full control (I think it originally said Read & execute only).
 posted in RealMYST on Jan 31, 14 1:13 PM
My thanks as well to WeeSophie. I just installed RealMyst today and very quickly discovered that I couldn't save the game in progress. I made the changes to the Sav directory as per WeeSophie and am now successfully saving the game and enjoying it.
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