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 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 24, 14 5:44 PM
i now totaly aggree and strongly sugest u add this item finder thing cuz example same quest reach rank 4 in vaults to get to option to then find reliq in it is apsurd especialy cuz u gave us no other quests for that aria and it is at rank one ..aka energy cheap and that quest beside spending enormes amount of energy to reach rank 4 is just to make vault energy bigger at rank 4 and then ull start giving us quest for that aria with some rare item in there,probably that horn thingy,which will make waiting for to play that aria longer and make us spend even more energy on 15 or so times trying to find that item on that aria max energy am frustrate but that is what u guys did in past and i realy hope u wont do it again
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 6, 14 5:08 PM
that is stupid..(no insult ment)cuz u still have to FIND them for quests...aka if u buy them they dont count
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 5, 14 11:03 AM
wow what i run....this sale was what i needed..7lv+ almost 4h play and sweet 75k gold is gone now tho had to upgread almost half buildings to lv 4 and had to give 2x12k gold to those grede bas**** so im back to 5k but i have stored food worth at list 3k energy haha that will be 10 min yura quest when it hits me again cuz only thing i will need for it is some 17k gold and that will be easy....thx guys
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 1, 14 3:53 AM
i dont think that it would be too hard...u might say this reply is for auction bulies but it good here too every time i say something about those guys (we all know who they are) that buy and re-sell items i get answers like:its strategy,they are bored cuz of no quests wait for updeat it will get to normal but it never does cuz updeat is never "broad" it does not satisfy these players cuz they dont have time to add huge amount of quests and those people finish thse we get in a day or soo and they are at auction again sooo i realy hope for some limits like in how many items u can bid and how many items u can post
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 1, 14 3:45 AM
ok thats great idea that way we know how many cash we have in biding department... hmm interesting idea to see how many people are playing but what i wish more is some indicator for friends..hmm something like on fb chat so i know who of them is on at same time as i am....and also i wish for clock on msg..when i enter game i see msg from a friend but i have no idea when he\she send it to me(useful cuz as we lv up we are more and more rarely in game)and( for me some thing are time related)
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 31, 14 5:33 AM
its at the head of this tread (list of resorces)
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 31, 14 5:26 AM
hmm.. it isnt level related as it is quest related....aka depends of quests u finished...u should have got quest to upgread gildenhall hmm around 15-16lv and then next quest from him should have been to do gildenhall mini game lv1 and lv2...anyway thats when they appeard for me the 1st time...ill let u know soon cuz i had to start over and will be lv 15-16 in next 2 days or sooo (lost my saved data after updeat )
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 31, 14 5:04 AM
ok i forgot to say thx for 12 and 13 Daisy...and Banji i can see pictures now and..they are awsome....i think we missed 11 somewhere..good that i started this tread..cuz i lost my saved data..hmm im now lv10 maybe, and will need to do all these again...frustrating as it is it will still be less boring then waiting for hint button to be awable soo again thx to all u guys...
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 30, 14 3:25 AM
we have just one big hope for when it does get unlocked tho..we hope that we can pick items we send and that for example we can send at list 5 gifts a day (like friend req) (hope for them to make it unlimited gift sending would be dreaming)
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 28, 14 4:54 AM
haha..realy... i had A TIE isnt finished we needed new quest areas,and what not to be abble to play...b4 this updeat i was geting tired soo i waited for it updeat that was supposed to be cure..(dissapointed understatment)..miracles do come for those that wait but...u also must belive in miracles...( again joke on me)...i didnt get the cure with this updeat i got illness,disease that: didnt want to get past it started for some (eventualy) so after 3-4 launchings that didnt get thruu i left it at connecting and went for walk,came back 20 min later and my game was of....i started it again and got msg : we couldn't get your saved game back soo make new profile and then came to connecting and stoped again.....hmm..hoping every time updeat wont scru me like this would draw me insane so this time i didnt care i was sick and tired of the game so sead to my self: this updeat will tip the play on or not..soo this is-end of the road for was fun while it lasted but going on is just....not worth it.... i wish all of u best of luck and lots off fun (untill they scru u too) goodbye....
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 24, 14 5:01 PM
yeah they "eat" a lot pink moonflower even with your heads up rowan i couldnt get more then 10 of them...and most mean thing is..that many who read this (all honor to exceptions) when see u need something and they have it (a lot) they start hmm i call it price fixing aka post 10-15 object with higher price which then depopulate lower price and sets that price as begin price realy mean... only mu hope in good harted people lets me do that.. post something that i need and hope others wont take advantage of it....
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 23, 14 5:22 PM
thanks and yu are most welcome...for some this mini game is fun(those that get it) for others frustrating (those like me that dont get it) but for all-it is time consuming game for solving ...eather way this is just little help for those that dont want to spend much time on it..anything to help and make this game plesent...have fun u all
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 18, 14 5:59 PM
played over 15 times and i got only one ...cuz i needed 3 for yura quest.. but now when i dont need them when i only need to lv up vaults to lv 4 played5 times and got 2 of them... like some prank or bad joke
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 18, 14 5:08 AM
maybe..but then again i never saw them below 5 000 gold coins to begin with in 15 or soo enterings i found just 1 and bought rest for that 10th quest cuz i was runing out of time
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 17, 14 6:26 PM
hmm didnt quite get the meaning...1 player had luck (it is probably some glich) that after his time expired,for festival, he got new time but started it from same quest he was on in it....i finished yura quest....but i guess botom line of not finishing it on time is that u lost all items that u put in it for nothing...and ofc all energy that u put in it by playing to find all those anoyingly rare things..also dont know can u ignore it as in just dont play it at all..cuz it isnt worth it..but it is up to u..(especialy if u are alredy in it)
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 17, 14 8:15 AM
hah..good luck with that...i sugested they replace auction or add market in it where u can post more numbers of 1 item witch then wont make it too crowded and price of items would be set.aka u wont bid for them just buy them....but....u see how much luck i had with that
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 17, 14 8:11 AM
ouch realy want to but cant help more there sorry i waited for hint to be awable every game thats how i got number for puzzles...anyway all i can tell u is:listen to Daisy sugestion if u want to figure out the game mehanics or....give email adress to Thayenna- she sead she have screenshots of solutions...on the other subject : thanks Mpendo for your addition i will try them out when i have resources and time cuz im busy with yura festival at the moment....woow all pictures nice i was to bored to make them
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 16, 14 4:21 AM
hmm...hmmmm.. i will try to make this simpler(extrim hard cuz we even made pict for 1st 3 puzzles but ill try).....couple puzzles are 5x5 blocks(1st 5 puzzles they get bigger from 6th) ...soo when u enter puzzle tap in it numbers i wrote.. loking horizontaly (from left to right) that is explanation..of numbers..explanation of picture .. ill take 2nd puzzle as example: x-will mark one u need to tap o- will be emty ones

xxoxx this is 1st row 1245 -these are numbers u need to tap in this row
oxxxo 2nd row 234- these are for this row
ooxoo 3rd row 3 - this is for this row
ooxoo 4th row 3 -this is for this row
oxxxo 5th row 234-these are for this row

without picture :row1,row2,row3,row4,row5
:1245,234, 3 , 3 , 234
hmm.. ok this was my hardest simplifier (aka-i cant make it more simple)
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 15, 14 3:41 AM
aww hope they will fix it soon for u guys...
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Mar 14, 14 5:37 AM
hehe ofc it would be u daisy...hmm that is wierd..or maybe one of us made mixup with 2nd and 3rd puzzle cuz (as u can see) i have "wine glass" numbers for 3rd puzzle... (probably i made mix up..cuz now im not sure will have to check that and will updeat thx again Daisy...(god i must add her as friend somehow)
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